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Collier Young     Creator193 Eps
Cy Chermak     Executive Producer141 Eps
Richard Colla     Executive Producer1 Eps
Collier Young     Executive Producer (1967)5 Eps
Frank Price     Executive Producer (1967-1968)24 Eps
Joel Rogosin     Executive Producer (1974-1975)17 Eps
Jeannot Szwarc     Producer3 Eps
Joel Rogosin     Producer10 Eps
John Choy     Producer5 Eps
Jay Benson     Producer1 Eps
Howie Horwitz     Producer1 Eps
Collier Young     Producer1 Eps
David Levinson     Producer1 Eps
Cy Chermak     Producer16 Eps
David J. O'Connell     Producer2 Eps
Paul Mason (1)     Producer13 Eps
James Duff McAdams (1)     Producer (1967-1968)6 Eps
Douglas Benton     Producer (1968-1972)42 Eps
Winston Miller     Producer (1969-1972)25 Eps
Albert Aley     Producer (1969-1975)35 Eps
Lou Morheim     Producer (1972-1974)11 Eps
Norman Jolley     Producer (1973-1975)15 Eps
Rita Dillon     Associate Producer1 Eps
Byron Bloch     Associate Producer1 Eps
Jeannot Szwarc     Associate Producer (1967-1969)48 Eps
Jay Benson     Associate Producer (1970-1971)41 Eps
Quincy Jones     Music12 Eps
Luchi De Jesus     Music1 Eps
David Shire     Music1 Eps
Carol Carmichael     Music (Vocals)2 Eps
Stanley Wilson     Music Supervisor (1967-1970)77 Eps
Hal Mooney     Music Supervisor (1972-1975)65 Eps
Grady Hunt     Costume Designer3 Eps
Larry Germain     Hairstylist98 Eps
Bud Westmore     Make-up97 Eps
Hal Gausman     Set Decorator1 Eps
Audrey A. Blasdel     Set Decorator1 Eps
Joseph J. Stone     Set Decorator41 Eps
Mickey S. Michaels     Set Decorator14 Eps
Claire P. Brown     Set Decorator1 Eps
James M. Walters, Sr.     Set Decorator62 Eps
John McCarthy, Jr.     Set Decorator79 Eps
Joseph Reith     Set Decorator67 Eps
Jacques R. Marquette     Director of Photography1 Eps
Enzo A. Martinelli     Director of Photography1 Eps
William Margulies     Director of Photography6 Eps
Ray Flin     Director of Photography3 Eps
Benjamin H. Kline     Director of Photography1 Eps
Lionel Lindon     Director of Photography14 Eps
Alric Edens     Director of Photography1 Eps
John F. Warren     Director of Photography2 Eps
Bud Thackery     Director of Photography (1968-1975)164 Eps
Albert Aley     Story Editor83 Eps
Norman Jolley     Story Editor38 Eps
Jesse Wayne     Stunts 
Dean Smith (1)     Stunts 
Hubie Kerns     Stunts 
Kim Kahana     Stunts 
Bob Herron     Stunts 
Russell C. Forrest     Art Director1 Eps
Robert Kinoshita     Art Director1 Eps
John E. Chilberg II     Art Director1 Eps
George Patrick     Art Director1 Eps
William D. Decinces     Art Director2 Eps
Howard E. Johnson     Art Director4 Eps
Lloyd S. Papez     Art Director182 Eps
Lawrence Gandy     Art Director1 Eps
Benny Carter     Score1 Eps
Robert Prince     Music Score6 Eps
Elliot Kaplan     Music Score2 Eps
Marty Paich     Music Score27 Eps
Benny Carter     Music Score2 Eps
Billy Goldenberg     Music Score2 Eps
Oliver Nelson     Music Score83 Eps
Ronald LaVine     Film Editor3 Eps
Robert L. Kimble     Film Editor4 Eps
Albert J.J. Zúñiga     Film Editor6 Eps
James E. Nownes     Film Editor1 Eps
Howard Terrill     Film Editor6 Eps
Robert F. Shugrue     Film Editor3 Eps
Sam Vitale     Film Editor1 Eps
J. Terry Williams     Film Editor1 Eps
Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.     Film Editor1 Eps
Arnold Baker     Film Editor3 Eps
Edward A. Biery     Film Editor1 Eps
Frederic L. Knudtson     Film Editor1 Eps
Chuck McClelland     Film Editor1 Eps
Howard Epstein     Film Editor7 Eps
Robert Watts     Film Editor1 Eps
Richard M. Sprague     Film Editor6 Eps
Jack Schoengarth     Film Editor3 Eps
Douglas Stewart     Film Editor12 Eps
Edward Haire     Film Editor7 Eps
Sam E. Waxman     Film Editor1 Eps
Richard Bracken     Film Editor5 Eps
John Baxter Rogers     Film Editor1 Eps
Jean-Jacques Berthelot     Film Editor2 Eps
Buddy Small     Film Editor6 Eps
Edward M. Abroms     Film Editor4 Eps
Tony Martinelli     Film Editor8 Eps
Larry Lester     Film Editor5 Eps
Edward W. Williams     Film Editor (1967-1974)73 Eps
John Elias     Film Editor (1970-1974)23 Eps
Lyle Cain     Sound1 Eps
Robert R. Bertrand     Sound1 Eps
Terry Kellum     Sound1 Eps
Earl Crain, Jr.     Sound24 Eps
David H. Moriarty     Sound28 Eps
Frank H. Wilkinson     Sound117 Eps
E. Darrell Hallenbeck     Assistant Director1 Eps
James A. Westman     Assistant Director17 Eps
Chuck Lowry     Assistant Director20 Eps
Christopher Christenberry     Assistant Director2 Eps
William J. Hole     Assistant Director1 Eps
David M. Dowell     Assistant Director1 Eps
Kurt Neumann     Assistant Director1 Eps
Brad Aronson     Assistant Director7 Eps
Tom Blank     Assistant Director17 Eps
Walt Gilmore     Assistant Director1 Eps
Gilbert Mandelik     Assistant Director1 Eps
Gary Grillo     Assistant Director1 Eps
Phil Bowles     Assistant Director1 Eps
Ralph Ferrin     Assistant Director1 Eps
James M. Walters Jr.     Assistant Director6 Eps
Joe Boston     Assistant Director21 Eps
Donald White     Assistant Director1 Eps
Ronald R. Rondell     Assistant Director2 Eps
Christian I. Nyby, II     Assistant Director41 Eps
Hilton A. Green     Assistant Director1 Eps
Jack Doran     Assistant Director2 Eps
Frank Losee     Assistant Director2 Eps
Joseph C. Cavalier     Assistant Director3 Eps
Burt Astor     Assistant Director1 Eps
George Bisk     Assistant Director1 Eps
Gene Law     Assistant Director33 Eps
Carl Beringer     Assistant Director (1967-1968)5 Eps
Robert Benevides     Production Executive (Harbour Productions Unlimited)139 Eps
Leonard H. White     Production Executive (Harbour Productions Unlimited)51 Eps
Wilbur E. Mosier     Unit Manager157 Eps
George Lollier     Unit Manager23 Eps
Henry Kline     Unit Manager10 Eps
Bud Brill     Unit Manager1 Eps
John Clarke Bowman     Unit Manager1 Eps
Carl Saxe     Stunt Double (Raymond Burr)1 Eps
Marvin Hime     Technical Advisor (Jewels)2 Eps
Richard Belding     Editorial Supervisor192 Eps
Burton Miller     Costumes1 Eps
Grady Hunt     Costumes186 Eps
Robert Brower     Color Coordinator82 Eps
Quincy Jones     Theme Music180 Eps
Albert Whitlock     Special Photographic Effects1 Eps
Bert Allen     Set Decorations3 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1967
Ended: January 16, 1975
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