It's Garry Shandling's Show

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 10/Sep/1986 The Day Garry Moved In
2 1x02 17/Sep/1986 Grant Gets Broken
3 1x03 24/Sep/1986 Garry Throws a Surprise Party
4 1x04 01/Oct/1986 Foul Ball
5 1x05 08/Oct/1986 The Graduate
6 1x06 15/Oct/1986 It's Garry's Problem, But it's JoJo's Show
7 1x07 23/Jan/1987 Garry Met a Girl Named Maria
8 1x08 30/Jan/1987 Grant's Date
9 1x09 06/Feb/1987 Pete Has an Affair
10 1x10 13/Feb/1987 Fate
11 1x11 20/Feb/1987 The Morning After
12 1x12 06/Mar/1987 Sarah
13 1x13 13/Mar/1987 Laffie
14 1x14 20/Mar/1987 Dial L for Laundry
15 1x15 03/Apr/1987 Dinner with Garry
16 1x16 10/Apr/1987 Force Boxman

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
17 2x01 25/Oct/1987 Who's Poppa?
18 2x02 06/Nov/1987 No Baby, No Show
19 2x03 13/Nov/1987 The Fugitive
20 2x04 20/Nov/1987 The Schumakers go to Hollywood
21 2x05 27/Nov/1987 Nancy Gets Amnesia
22 2x06 04/Dec/1987 Anjelica (1)
23 2x07 11/Dec/1987 Anjelica (2)
24 2x08 17/Dec/1987 It's Garry Shandling's Christmas Show
25 2x09 08/Jan/1988 Killer Routine
26 2x10 15/Jan/1988 Mr. Sparks
27 2x11 22/Jan/1988 The Soccer Show
28 2x12 29/Jan/1988 Our Town
29 2x13 05/Feb/1988 Save the Planet
30 2x14 12/Feb/1988 The Grant Shuffle
31 2x15 04/Mar/1988 Go Go Goldblum
32 2x16 11/Mar/1988 Garry Falls Down a Hole
33 2x17 18/Mar/1988 Mr. Smith Goes to Nam

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
34 3x01 21/Oct/1988 Goin' Places
35 3x02 28/Oct/1988 Pete's Got a Secret
36 3x03 04/Nov/1988 What's Happening to Me?
37 3x04 11/Nov/1988 Live Election Show
38 3x05 02/Dec/1988 The Natural
39 3x06 30/Dec/1988 Home Sweet Home
40 3x07 06/Jan/1989 Vegas (1)
41 3x08 13/Jan/1989 Vegas (2)
42 3x09 03/Feb/1989 Mr. Peck's (1)
43 3x10 10/Feb/1989 Mr. Peck's (2)
44 3x11 10/Feb/1989 Mr. Peck's (3)
45 3x12 17/Feb/1989 Ruth's Place
46 3x13 24/Feb/1989 Garry Acts Like a Moron
47 3x14 03/Mar/1989 Kramer vs. Grant
48 3x15 10/Mar/1989 Grant Goes to the Dogs
49 3x16 17/Mar/1989 Big Brother
50 3x17 31/Mar/1989 Going, Going, Gone
51 3x18 07/Apr/1989 Garry Goes Golfing
52 3x19 14/Apr/1989 Mum's the Word
53 3x20 21/Apr/1989 Worry Wart

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
54 4x01 10/Nov/1989 First Show of the Fourth Season
55 4x02 17/Nov/1989 Take My Wife, for Example
56 4x03 24/Dec/1989 Nathan's Sheer Madness
57 4x04 01/Dec/1989 SuperGrant
58 4x05 08/Dec/1989 Dinner at Eddy King's House
59 4x06 12/Jan/1990 The Proposal
60 4x07 19/Jan/1990 Firehose
61 4x08 26/Jan/1990 The Day Howard Moved In
62 4x09 09/Feb/1990 The Wedding Show
63 4x10 16/Feb/1990 The Honeymoon Show
64 4x11 09/Mar/1990 Shandling vs. Mull
65 4x12 23/Mar/1990 Leonard Gets Metaphysical
66 4x13 30/Mar/1990 Chester Gets a Show
67 4x14 06/Apr/1990 My Mother the Wife
68 4x15 13/Apr/1990 Family Man
69 4x16 04/May/1990 Mad at Brad
70 4x17 11/May/1990 The Last Show
71 4x18 18/May/1990 The Talent Show
72 4x19 25/May/1990 Driving Miss Garry

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