Season 2

7 :02x01 - An Affair To Vaguely Remember

Jack finds he can't stand the heat in the kitchen when his new chefs stage a walkout just as Lucinda Tremayne, a restaurant critic, arrives. Jules, a recovering claustrophobic accidentally gets locked into one of the restaurant's back rooms. A pair of former childhood sweethearts meet in the restaurant after twenty years and fall in love.
Guest Stars: Walter Marsh as Al | Alvin Sanders as Harry | Bud Cort as Jules | Robin Strasser as Lucinda Tremayne | Clare Wren as Kathryn | Erich Anderson as George | Tony Di Benedetto as Manfred | Erica Yohn as Salina | Alex Bruhanski as Ernie | Lisa Bunting as Real Kathyrn
Director: Paul Lazarus

8 :02x02 - Watch Me Pull A Dream Out Of My Hat

There's magic in the air when Edward, a songwriter, visits the restaurant during a magicians' convention and meets the woman of his dreams; Jack seeks Gwen, a singer with a spectacular voice.
Guest Stars: Sheena Easton as Gwen | Anthony Zerbe as Edward Napier | Joel Brooks as Santoro the Great | Ann Hearn as Amanda | Lorry Goldman as Harvey
Director: Miles Watkins

9 :02x03 - The Seventh Meal

Jack's goddaughter shows up looking for a job; a carpenter tries to woo a novelist; and Chelsea introduces a photographer to an aging starlet, Isabel Lang.
Guest Stars: Greg Evigan as Mitch Adams | Eartha Kitt as Isabel Lang | Mitchell Anderson as Peter Halleran | Margot Rose as Hillary Morgan | Wendy Kilbourne as Samantha Tree
Director: Paul Lazarus

10 :02x04 - Who Knew?

Greg's father tries to hook up with his first wife, Becky Sherman, just as Greg fishes for affection from his new love, an ichthyologist; Chelsea finds a box of ashes and a poem in her garden.

Guest Stars: Peter Jurasik as Berg | Amanda Peterson as Elodie Rayburn | Ed Flanders as Marcus Toback | Barbara Babcock as Becky Sherman
Director: Charles Siebert

11 :02x05 - Forever And Ever

Maggie, a friend of Jack's tries to steal his heart; Chelsea and Greg catch two little thieves.
Guest Stars: Lynn Tufeld as Rebecca | Venus Terzo as Didi | Anthony Cistaro as Carmine | David Ogden Stiers as Flower Man | Tim Farrell as Tyler Moss | Vanessa Lee Evigan as Nicole Pierson | Carolyn Seymour as Maggie

12 :02x06 - Gypsies, Champs And Thieves (a.k.a. Gypsies, Champes & Keys)

Elodie gives Greg a key with a riddle attached; Chelsea brings together two people with much in common; and Kevin, a lawyer, represents a Gypsy named Kata.
Guest Stars: John Putch as Attorney Kevin Flynn | Salma Hayek as Gypsy Katrina 'Kata' Nicklos | Kate Fuglei as Marla Hawkes | Amanda Peterson as Elodie Rayburn | Kenny Ransom as Randy Craig
Director: Max Tash

13 :02x07 - Play It Again, Jack

Jack has trouble composing himself when Tommy, a former bandmate and Peg the singer, the two of them loved show up.
Guest Stars: Allen Garfield as Tommy | Sally Kirkland as Peg | Dedee Pfeiffer as Allison | Matthew Faison as Lewis
Director: Helaine Head

14 :02x08 - The Pipes Are Calling

Jack hosts an Irish wake for a deceased farmer, whose children, Kathleen and Daniel O'Brien, bicker over the family farm.
Guest Stars: Neal McDonough as Daniel O'Brien | Kate Hodge as Kathleen O'Brien | Billy Barty as Old Man | Lisa Pelikan as Lizzie | Stephen Furst as Kurt | Patrick T. O'Brien as Charlie | Frances Linden as Kurt's mother
Director: James Keach (1)

15 :02x09 - The Hands Of Time

Chelsea, Greg and Jack try to pull together a wedding after Dina, the stepmother of the bride tries to sabotage the marriage.
Guest Stars: Eileen Brennan as Dina | Scott Baio as Woody B King | Anne DeSalvo as Michelle Gibbs | Alan Berman as Cole | Nicholas Pryor as George Simpson
Director: James Hayman

16 :02x10 - Something Wonderful This Way Comes

A carnival appears behind the restaurant, bringing with it some odd characters, including Stacia the Queen of Hearts.
Guest Stars: Joel Brooks as Santoro the Great | Long John Baldry as The Tall Man | Bette Ford as Ethyl | Natalija Nogulich as Lola | Charles Hallahan as Frankie | Brianna Bowie as Stacia the Queen of Hearts

17 :02x11 - Faithful Henry

Chelsea receives an unusual heirloom: her grandfather's butler Henry; Greg has trouble getting his son to warm up to Elodie.
Guest Stars: Patrick Macnee as Henry | Amanda Peterson as Elodie Rayburn | Mary Gross as Rosemary | James Keane as Milt
Director: Todd Holland

18 :02x12 - True Love Ways

Jack becomes the traveling companion of Jennifer, a teenage runaway, while Greg and Chelsea become competitors in the restaurant's dance competition.
Guest Stars: Danielle Harris as Jennifer | Betsy Brantley as Claudia | Michael Harris (1) as Joshua | Amanda Peterson as Elodie Rayburn
Director: Larry Rapaport

19 :02x13 - Love Rescue Me

Chelsea tries to spark a romance between a friend (Tracy Griffith) and a country singer (Gary Morris); Jack helps a former hostess prepare for a blind date.
Guest Stars: Gary Morris (1) as Unknown | Tracy Griffith as Unknown | Kevin Fry as Duncan | Jim Bearden as Chet | Bud Cort as Jules | Nora Linden as Nora