Jason King

Jason King

Jason King was a character from a successful series Department S He was a playboy author who dabbled in criminal investigations. He was forced into working for the government when he failed to pay some of his taxes. He dealt with all kind of crooks and enemy agents. This spinoff series was created by Dennis Spooner and Monty Berman for ITC Television.

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Final: 1x26 -- That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else (Apr/28/1972)

A man resembling Jason King sets out to kill a gang leader . . . A bogus Jason King sets a problem for the adventure loving author when he sets out to kill a gangland boss. But it saves the real Jason King from the danger of marriage!
Peter WyngardePeter Wyngarde
As Jason King

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1x26: That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else recap: Jason King accepts the invitation of a renown criminal, Bonislavi to visit him in Italy. Because this is hunted not only by the police, but also by the underworld, he lives in his villa like in a fortress. When a murderer's syndicate learns from Bonisalvis invitation to King, they sends a lookalike of King's to Italy with a mission: murdering the criminal. The bogus Jason King sets a problem for the adventure loving author when he sets out to kill the gangland boss. But it saves the real Jason King from the danger of marriage! Not many things scare Jason King, but the risk of being trapped into marriage is one danger that does frighten him. Prudence, he decides somewhat hurriedly, is now decreeing that he should make a discreet disappearance from the clutches of the undeniably lovely but potentially dangerous Martine. She has that altar bound look in her eyes!.. read more.

1x25: An Author in Search of Two Characters recap: Jason is offered a vast fee to rewrite a film script for which he will be paid in cash. Unfortunately for Jason, two heavily disguised individuals decide to relieve him of his money. While taking a night walk in the park Jason King observes how an astronaut shoots a man. Before he can react, he himself is attacked and knocked down by a grizzly bear. When King wakes the next morning with tantalizing headaches in his apartment by himself, nobody wants to believe his terrifying history. Has he maybe only dreamed everything?.. read more.

1x24: Zenia recap: When Jason recognizes a hired assassin on a plane, he deliberately walks into a trap to help rescue the kidnapped daughter of the president of the country he's visiting... read more.

1x22: Every Picture Tells a Story recap: Jason King finds that a cartoon strip based on his own Mark Caine characters has sinister implications when translated into Chinese. An enforced stop-over in Hong Kong provides Jason King with a mystery as strange as anything he has evolved for his detective creation Mark Caine to unravel. A Mark Caine strip cartoon, based on Jason's character is the center of the mystery. Why has it been changed from the original when translated into Chinese? The good fortune of meeting up with a lovely girl named Lucy Cameron who is the nurse to a wealthy industrialist Arthur Tsung, provides Jason with a companion to help him and it is through her that he finds that the editor of the paper publishing the strip is an American-Irishman, Sam Finnigin, whom Jason has met in the past... read more.

1x20: Stones of Venice recap: When arriving in Venice, Jason is bemused to discover that he is to be awarded a coveted prize for his novel 'The Stones of Venice' - a book he didn't write! He is even more surprised when two unknown assassins make an attempt on his life. King must intervene when two events occur: the robbery of precious jewels and the hijacking of Teresa Bonival who works in a business specialized on antique jewelery. Because both has recently occurred exactly as described, the police believes, King has to do something with the crime... read more.

Producer: Monty Berman
Editor: Derek Chambers
Casting: Anne Donne
First Assistant Director: Ken Baker (1)
Music: Laurie Johnson
Music Supervisor: Paul Olay
Costume Designer: Laura Nightingale
Hairstylist: Mibs Parker
Make-up: George Blackler
Camera Operator: Jack Lowin
Set Decorator: Roger Christian

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Recurring Guests

Ronald Lacey as Ryland (4 eps)
Lee Patterson as Frankie Luca (2 eps)
Clifford Evans as Cordoba (2 eps)
John Hallam as Chuck (2 eps)
Anton Rodgers as Phillipe De Brion (2 eps)
Paul Stassino as Capitano Rizio (2 eps)
Leslie French as Deshfield (2 eps)
Simon Lack as Inspector Maziol (2 eps)
Joanna Dunham as Martine (2 eps)
Richard Marner as Markovitch (2 eps)

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