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Final: 3x11 -- Riot's Hope (Feb/22/1988)

Samantha NewarkSamantha Newark
voiced Jem/Jerrica Benton
Cathianne BloreCathianne Blore
voiced Kimber Benton, Aja Leith, Ashley
Cindy McGeeCindy McGee
voiced Shana Elmsford, Krissie
Linda DangcilLinda Dangcil
voiced Raya Carmen Alonso (S03)
Patricia Alice AlbrechtPatricia Alice Albrecht
voiced Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor, Anne
Patricia Alice AlbrechtPatricia Alice Albrecht
voiced Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor, Anne
Bobbie BlockBobbie Block
voiced Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini
Susan BluSusan Blu
voiced Mary "Stormer" Phillips, Lindsey Pierce
Susan BluSusan Blu
voiced Mary "Stormer" Phillips, Lindsey Pierce
Louise DorseyLouise Dorsey
voiced Sheila "Jetta" Burns (S03)

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1x15: The Rock Fashion Book recap: Robert Arlington asks Jem and the Hologram’s to appear in his rock fashion book. The Misfits hear about the fashion book on Lin-Z show and Pizzazz sends Clash to spy on the shoot. Jem and the Hologram’s are taking pictures where they feed fish to a whale when Kimber pushes to the front and she slips and falls taking Shana with her. Jem goes to grab Shana and the two fall into the pool. Aja tries to help Kimber up but all of the Holograms end up in the pool. Rio jumps in and saves Kimber and Aja. Rio and the photographer pull Shana to the surface. Rio doesn’t see Jem anywhere because Jem has turned back to Jerrica. A trainer hits a button releasing the dolphins and one of them saves Jerrica from the whale. Jerrica is able to change back to Jem before anyone notices. The Misfits are putting on their own fashion shoot with a photographer they hired. The photographer is annoyed with The Misfits and says something Pizzazz doesn’t like so she fires him. Pizzazz decides they will each take turn taking pictures. The Misfits try to sell their fashion book but each publisher refuses. Pizzazz decides they will just destroy the Hologram’s shoot. Clash is spying on the shoot again when a security guard sees them. Clash takes off and the security guard loses control of his golf cart and it runs into the scaffolding that the Holograms are taking pictures on. Luckily, all the Holograms are able to jump to safety and realize The Misfits must be behind this. The security guards tell them he only saw a stray tourist but Jem doesn’t buy it. The Misfits are in a cave so they can make a surprise guest appearance at the shoot. Jem and the Holograms are left on the cliff while Richard, Rio and the rest of the photo shoot staff head up in a helicopter to take long distance photos. The Misfits scare a bunch of bats into leaving the cave pushing the Holograms to the edge of the cliff. The helicopter returns and Rio is able to save the girl. Pizzazz is annoyed that the plan doesn’t go as she planned and begs her father to buy the fashion book rights. The Misfits show up at the Holograms latest shoot and announces that she is in creative control. Pizzazz demands Richard shoot the Holograms in shots where they are cleaning, carrying luggage and serving people. The Holograms want to quit but they are remind they have a control to deliver a fashion book. Richard shows up and shows them the proofs from their previous shoots and they head off to put together their fashion book. Richard gives Pizzazz the photos showing that The Misfits were responsible for the accidents at the shoots. Howard Sands shows up and tells Pizzazz’s father that Robert Arlington will buy back the fashion book rights at a lower price and Pizzazz’s father agrees. Jem and the Holograms celebrate the release of their fashion book... read more.

1x14: The Music Awards (2) recap: The boy that was also on the scaffolding is able to catch Krissie before she falls. He introduces himself as Danny. The guy Danny stole the ticket from shows up and demands his money. The girls decide to not leave Danny alone with Mitch and head back with him so Danny can pay Mitch back. The girls talk about Starlight House and Danny says they must of been stupid to runaway from such good conditions. The social worker shows up to investigate the complaint Pizzazz put in to him. Ashlee covers and says Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie are passing out flyers for the benefit concert. The social worker tells them he must see the girls by the end of the day of the benefit or he will have to relocate all the girls to new foster homes. The Misfits use hang gliders to spread flyers all over the place. Techrat tells Eric he gave Pizzazz a new laser gun to test out. Eric is irate the Techrat let Pizzazz has a dangerous piece of equipment. Pizzazz uses the gun to draw a mustache on Jem's billboard which causes the billboard to break and crashes into Jem's window. Jem has Synergy displays a hologram of a huge bird and Pizzazz loses control and ends up in pond. Techrat is upset that is laser is destroyed. Mitch and Ramon track down Danny and demand he steal to pay back for stealing the ticket. Deirdre and Ba Nee want to head back to Starlight house but Krissie refuses to let Danny stay alone because they will never find him again. A couple cops recognize Mitch and Ramon and chase them. A bunch of crates end up falling on one of the cops. The cop is okay and the other cop heads towards them after catching Ramon. The kids scatter off but the cops aren't worried about catching them since they have Ramon and Mitch. Krissie, Ba Nee and Deirdre hear about the benefit and end up at Haven house. Danny is getting ready to leave when Danse asks him to stay and he agrees. Danse surprises Jem by bring the girls to the benefit. The Misfits end up winning the Best New Rock Band Award and Pizzazz wants to go shove the award in Jem's face. Jem and the Holograms are taking the stage when Techrat sets off the jammer and Kimber gets Jem off stage before she is turned into Jerrica. Danny notices techrat the knocks the jammer out of his hand and they are able to perform. Pizzazz sees the concert went on and drops the award shattering it into a million pieces... read more.

1x13: The Music Awards (1) recap: The Starlight girls gather around for Lin-Z show where they talk about the upcoming music award shows. Pizzazz begs her father to buy a music company so The Misfits can start making new music. Jerrica takes the Starlight girls shopping for new school clothes. Later, Jerrica is at Starlight Music when she sees a billboard go up for Misfits Music. Jerrica heads over and recognizes the secretary as Eric's old one from Starlight Music. Jerrica arrives home and gathers up the Holograms. Deirdre tries to play some music for Jerrica but Jerrica waves her off. Eric meets with his new secret weapon, a man named Techrat and The Misfits horn in. Techrat has created a jammer that will wreck havoc on Jem and the Holograms music. Techrat points the jammer at Starlight house and all the household appliances start going out of control and making loud noises. Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana are with Synergy trying new outfits and the jammer causes Synergy to shoot lasers nearly hitting Jerrica. Pizzazz and Techrat fight over the jammer when Pizzazz drops it and everything stops. Deirdre tries to talk to Jerrica again but she rushes out to meet up with a friend of Video's who can help them add some dance moves to their performance. Deirdre tells the others girls that Jerrica's doesn't care about them and the next time she sees Jem she will prove she cares more. They meet Danse who shows them around Haven House a home for teen runaways. Danse asks Jem and the Holograms to perform at a benefit to raise money for Haven House and they all agree. Back at the Starlight house, Jem and Rio are planning the benefit when Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie show up. Deirdre tries to get Jem's attention but Jem closes the door telling her this is private. Deirdre is upset and decides to runaway. Ba Nee insists on going with Deirdre and although Krissie doesn't think this is a good idea she goes to keep track of Ba Nee and leaves behind a note. Jerrica is having a benefit planning meeting with Lin-Z, Video and Danse. Jerrica leaves so Synergy can change her into Jem. When Jem returns, Lin-Z realizes the benefit is the same night as the awards. Lin-Z tells her it is important she is there is she wants to win. Danse tells Jem she understands that Jem and the Holograms cannot perform anymore. Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie head to Misfits music. Pizzazz calls Child Protective Services and alerts them to the runaways. Jerrica goes to Deirdre's room to finally hear her song. Ashlee shows Jerrica the note Krissie left. The Misfits put the girls to work cleaning. The Holograms and the Starlight girls search everywhere for Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie. Jerrica decides that they need to go see Danse and tell her they made a commitment to perform at the benefit. They also tell Danse about the girls running away. Deirdre, Krissie and Ba Nee see a boy climbing a scaffolding to see the concert. The boy has been thrown out of his phone and stole the ticket to get into the concert. Krissie realizes it isn't safe on scaffolding and tries to leave when she loses her footing and falls... read more.

recap: Shana is showing Ashley how to draw fashion clothes when Kimber calls them to tell them Lindsay Pierce show is on. Tony Casnee is holding a fashion show to select the top three rock band fashions in a music video. Several countries are represented but Tony cannot pick between The Misfits and Jem and the Holograms to represent the US and chooses them both. Roxy calls and needles Shana about being the only amateur in the competition. Shana is nervous about being able to compete against the professional designers but the girls try to make her feel better about her abilities. Jem and the Holograms are on a plane heading to Venice when Jem uses the bathroom and ends up reverting back to Jerrica. Synergy tells her that there is a satellite glitch. Synergy is finally able to make Jerrica back into Jem just as the plane to preparing to land in Italy. Jem, Kimber and Aja all board one of the gondolas but Shana insists on riding with the luggage. Shana than realizes Zipper is the gondola driver and he steals Shana's designs and heads off as The Misfits boat pulls up to give him a ride. Zipper throws the designs into the boat and accidentally hits the gear shift sending the boat straight for Shana. Shana ends up in the water and is soaking wet. Jem and the Holograms arrive at the Countess mansion and their trunk shows up later. The man carrying it drops it and it is obvious there is someone in it. Jem opens it to find Ashley who has stowed away to attend the show. Ashley asks if they liked her designs and Shana are still in the trunk. Pizzazz can't believe Eric paid Zipper to steal these designs. Zipper breaks into the Countess mansion to steal the designs Shana has finished since The Misfits designer is unable to attend. Jem and the Holograms head for Eric's villa to get Shana's outfits back. Synergy projects an image of an elderly seamstress so Jem can get into the villa and steal the clothes back. Jem changes back to soon and Eric sees her. The Misfits chase after them and the clothes end up getting ripped apart. Jem points out that Synergy has the designs saved in her memory. The girls head to one of the gondola's to hurry to the contest. The gondola driver refuses to allow the girls on since they can't pay up front. The girls put on a quick show and the locals throw out money and the driver agrees to take them collecting the money but telling them the tip is on him. The Misfits show up in Shana's designs but in black colors. Ashley points out to the Countess that The Misfits are wearing Shana's designs. Jem tells Shana that she can come up with new designs and Synergy will put a hologram on them. It almost doesn't work when another satellite glitches put the girls in swimsuits. The results are announced and the band from Japan comes in third, The Misfits come in second and taunt Shana because they think there is no way two bands from America will both win but Tony announces the first place winner as Jem and Holograms. The Countess comes up and whispers something to Tony. Tony announces that Shana will receive two credits in the rock fashion video... read more.

1x10: Adventure in China recap: Jem and the Holograms and Rio arrive in China to perform at a concert at the Great Wall. Rio is disappointed Jerrica was unable to come along with the group. The Misfits and Eric Raymond are also on the same flight and plotting to find a way to perform instead of the Holograms. When the plane lands everyone goes through security where the Jem star earrings set off the metal detectors. The security guard demands Jem take off the earrings but Jem refuses. An ambassador shows up and tells the security guard that Jem is a guest of the Chinese government and there is nothing to worry about. Pizazz notices the whole thing and realizes that earrings must be very important if Jem wouldn't take them off for security. The Holograms are relaxing in the pool and Jem decides to take off her earrings in case the water where to cause them to short circuit. Roxy is lurking nearby and grabs the earrings and takes off. Jem gets out of the pool and suddenly turns into Jerrica. Jerrica realizes that the earrings are gone and if they don't find them soon they will have to cancel the concert. The Holograms tell the Chinese officials that Jem might not be able to perform and they are not to happy to hear the news. The Misfits offer to perform instead and Aja notices that they are wearing identical Jem star earrings. The Holograms chase down The Misfits and they end up on a train where The Misfits throw the earrings out different windows. The earrings end up in various people hands including a jewelry manufacture who has started making copies. The Holograms track down the manufacture and he agrees to give them the original copy he found but they turn out to be one of the fakes. The Holograms decide to do some site seeing before they give the bad news to the Chinese officials and they see the earrings in an exhibit for jewelry from the Ming Dynasty. Jerrica grabs the earrings and the alarms go off. A curator shows up and realizes the earrings where made in this century so they cannot be part of the Ming Dynasty and allows Jerrica to keep them. Once again the earrings turn out to be a fake and the Holograms have lost all hope. They show up at the concert venue to break the bad news when they see a young girl fighting off a guy who wants her earrings. Jerrica sees they are Jem star earrings but assumes they are one of the fake copies. The young girl introduces herself as Lin and a big Jem and the Holograms fan. Lin is upset to hear Jem won't be able to perform and gives her earrings to Jerrica to give to Jem for good luck. Suddenly, Jerrica hears Synergy and turns back into Jem and they are able to perform at the concert. Once on stage, Jem dedicates the song to Lin and after the concert Jem gives Lin a new pair of Jem star earrings... read more.

Executive Producer: Margaret Loesch, Tom Griffin (1), Joe Bacal
Model Designer: Dell Barras

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Recurring Guests

Neil Ross as Howard Sands (2 eps)

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Type: Animation
Genres: Animation General, Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 22 Minutes
Premiere: October 06, 1985
Ended: May 02, 1988
• Jem and The Holograms (Used In USA)
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