The Beginning (1) - Recap

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Jerrica and the rest of the gang are trying to fix up the Starlight House for Girls but they need more money. Jerrica visits Eric Raymond at Starlight Music to receive more money for the house. Eric doesn't have any interest in the foster house and introduces Jerrica to his new band, The Misfits. They reveal that Eric has set up a battle of the bands but has rigged it so The Misfits are guaranteed to win. Jerrica realizes she needs to find a way to get control of Starlight Music before Eric takes over completely. Later, Jerrica receives a gift of earrings but doesn't know who they are from. Suddenly, a hologram appears and tells the girls to meet her at the old Starlight Drive-In. When they get there they learn Jerrica's father had been working on a hologram machine. Jerrica realizes that they can use this to win the battle of the bands. Jem and the Holograms show up at the end of the battle just before Eric can announce The Misfits as the winner. Eric proposes to Jerrica that after six months they have another battle and the winner will have complete control of Starlight Music. Howard Sands, a movie produce, approaches and announces that the winner will also win his mansion and a movie contract. The Misfits steal the Holograms musical instruments and take-off. Jerrica and the girls follow close behind by take a wrong turn and nearly drive off a cliff. Jerrica uses her earring to produce a hologram of Jem to flag down Rio and he rescues the girls. The event makes the newspaper and Eric tells The Misfits to let him take care of Jem and the Holograms. Back at the Starlight House, Jerrica catches Ashley stealing money from the honor jar. Jerrica let's the other girls decide her punishment and they tell her she will need to come up with $30 for the jar. Eric hires a man named Zipper to break into Starlight house and scare the girls away. Zipper ends up getting caught and knocks into Kimber who is holding a lantern which falls and sets the house of fire.