The Music Awards (1) - Recap

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The Starlight girls gather around for Lin-Z show where they talk about the upcoming music award shows. Pizzazz begs her father to buy a music company so The Misfits can start making new music. Jerrica takes the Starlight girls shopping for new school clothes. Later, Jerrica is at Starlight Music when she sees a billboard go up for Misfits Music. Jerrica heads over and recognizes the secretary as Eric's old one from Starlight Music. Jerrica arrives home and gathers up the Holograms. Deirdre tries to play some music for Jerrica but Jerrica waves her off. Eric meets with his new secret weapon, a man named Techrat and The Misfits horn in. Techrat has created a jammer that will wreck havoc on Jem and the Holograms music. Techrat points the jammer at Starlight house and all the household appliances start going out of control and making loud noises. Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana are with Synergy trying new outfits and the jammer causes Synergy to shoot lasers nearly hitting Jerrica. Pizzazz and Techrat fight over the jammer when Pizzazz drops it and everything stops. Deirdre tries to talk to Jerrica again but she rushes out to meet up with a friend of Video's who can help them add some dance moves to their performance. Deirdre tells the others girls that Jerrica's doesn't care about them and the next time she sees Jem she will prove she cares more. They meet Danse who shows them around Haven House a home for teen runaways. Danse asks Jem and the Holograms to perform at a benefit to raise money for Haven House and they all agree. Back at the Starlight house, Jem and Rio are planning the benefit when Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie show up. Deirdre tries to get Jem's attention but Jem closes the door telling her this is private. Deirdre is upset and decides to runaway. Ba Nee insists on going with Deirdre and although Krissie doesn't think this is a good idea she goes to keep track of Ba Nee and leaves behind a note. Jerrica is having a benefit planning meeting with Lin-Z, Video and Danse. Jerrica leaves so Synergy can change her into Jem. When Jem returns, Lin-Z realizes the benefit is the same night as the awards. Lin-Z tells her it is important she is there is she wants to win. Danse tells Jem she understands that Jem and the Holograms cannot perform anymore. Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie head to Misfits music. Pizzazz calls Child Protective Services and alerts them to the runaways. Jerrica goes to Deirdre's room to finally hear her song. Ashlee shows Jerrica the note Krissie left. The Misfits put the girls to work cleaning. The Holograms and the Starlight girls search everywhere for Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie. Jerrica decides that they need to go see Danse and tell her they made a commitment to perform at the benefit. They also tell Danse about the girls running away. Deirdre, Krissie and Ba Nee see a boy climbing a scaffolding to see the concert. The boy has been thrown out of his phone and stole the ticket to get into the concert. Krissie realizes it isn't safe on scaffolding and tries to leave when she loses her footing and falls.