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Joan of Arcadia: Drive, He Said

Each of the Girardis deal with crises of varying seriousness, the worst of which puts Will at the mercy of a crazed gunman. The day also finds Helen reacting with mixed emotions after getting a positive result on a home-pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Joan dreads having to take her driver's exam, and Luke is presented with a major distraction just before he's supposed to compete in a high-stakes competition.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x10
Production Number: 109
Airdate: Friday December 05th, 2003

Director: Ron Lagomarsino
Writer: Tom Garrigus

Guest Stars
Aaron HimelsteinAaron Himelstein
As Friedman
April GraceApril Grace
As Lt. Det. Toni Williams
Becky WahlstromBecky Wahlstrom
As Grace Polk
Chris MarquetteChris Marquette
As Adam Rove
Sydney Tamiia PoitierSydney Tamiia Poitier
As Rebecca Askew
Evan JonesEvan Jones
As Robert Morrison
Ivonne CollIvonne Coll
As Marlene
Karen GordonKaren Gordon
As Flag Woman
Maurice SherbaneeMaurice Sherbanee
As Driving Tester
Oliver MuirheadOliver Muirhead
As Proctor (God)
Sherri ShepherdSherri Shepherd
As DMV Clerk (God)
Steven Cole CraggSteven Cole Cragg
As Plumber (God)
Main Cast
Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
As Will Girardi
Mary SteenburgenMary Steenburgen
As Helen Girardi
Amber TamblynAmber Tamblyn
As Joan Girardi
Jason RitterJason Ritter
As Kevin Girardi
Michael WelchMichael Welch
As Luke Girardi
Episode Notes
Despite the amorous feelings that Friedman (Aaron Himelstein) had for Joan (Amber Tamblyn) throughout the first season, this is the only episode in which he openly flirts with her. However, this is largely due to his close friendship with her brother, Luke (Michael Welch).

Although he first appeared in "Bringeth It On", Aaron Himelstein (Friedman) begins his recurring role on the series with this episode. He would continue to appear regularly until the series finale, "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

According to Joan's licence, this episode takes place on December 8, 2003, three days after it initially aired.

This episode reveals that Joan's date of birth is November 24, 1987 and her middle name is Agnes.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Cadence GraceWaiting For The Buzz 
Doo - Paul PalgensWhoopi 
Gran TorinoMoments of You 
Jonathan GrossmanRealativity 
Jonathan GrossmanAll Alone Tonight 
Jonathan GrossmanStarlight 
Jonathan GrossmanGot It Going On 
Richard JulianRestless Sea 
Ryan AdamsIn My Time of Need 

Episode Quotes
Kevin: Okay, Joan, here's the thing: it's the face you were born with. There's only so much you can do!

Joan: Does my hair look funny?
Grace: Your hair always looks funny. (laughs) Sometimes it just pops into my head and I just laugh.

Friedman: You comin' to watch the tri-math-a-lon?
Joan: (chuckles) Yeah, right.
Friedman: I intend to walk away with the gold in trigonometry.
(He moves closer to her)
Joan: Good for you.
Friedman: Trig is, uh...triple-X-treme math.
Joan: I guess that makes you Tony Hawk then.
(She chuckles)
Friedman: If you give me your digits, I'll reduce them to an imaginary number.
Joan: You're Luke's friend. You know my number.
Friedman: That's not the same as you giving it to me.
(He leans in even closer. She seems a little freaked out. Luke walks into the hall and sees his friend hitting on Joan)
Luke: What are you doing?! Are you hitting on my sister?
Friedman: It's just a conversation between a man and a woman.
Luke: (splutters; very quickly) More like between a woman and a boy with aspirations to manhood. Aspirations which sprung from a very private and extremely sensitive conversation. (to Joan) Is he hitting on you?
(Friedman backs away. He gives Joan the "call me" gesture and mouths the words at the same time. Before he leaves, he gives Luke a look of annoyance)
Joan: Luke, why are you talking so fast?

DMV clerk (God): You're apprehensive, just like you were when you got a training bra...And that's good.

Joan: (referring to Adam) He's never going to forgive me.
Grace: The dude has a photographic memory. Every time he thinks he might forgive you, the image of you smashing his artwork just pops into his head.
(She starts to walk off)
Grace: Not that I've discussed it with him.

Joan: When...when do you plan on having sex?
Luke: Oh, at my first opportunity.

Joan: What are you, some kind of Peeping Tom?
Luke: It's not my fault I have a...naturally quiet tread.

Helen: Are you sexually active?
Joan: Why would you think that?
Helen: Well, Luke thinks that, and evidentally he's a genius...
Joan: Not at everything.

Rebecca: How was breakfast this morning?
Kevin: Tasty.
Rebecca: I meant with your father.
Kevin: Testy.

Joan: I'm not...pregnant.
Luke: Then why was there a pregnancy kit in the bathroom? Because I'm not pregnant and I'm pretty sure Kevin's not pregnant, which leaves...
Joan: Mom.
Luke: Okay, I'm an expert on probability, and given factors such as Mom's and Dad's ages, birth control, and the average frequency of sex after twenty-three...
Joan: (covering ears) Ewwww!

Kevin: And then I woke up in the hospital, I saw Dad's face, and I wondered..."Why does Mom think this man is so good-looking?"

Plumber (God): Well, I'm God. My needs come first.

Joan: I'm never going to get a boyfriend.
Helen: Yeah, I'm okay with that.

Friedman: I'll rule Trig the way Britney rules Justin.

Helen: (on the phone to a student trying to get out of school) First of all Eminem's birthday does not count as a religious holiday.

Luke: Wait, Adam's not the father?
Joan: (yelling) I'm not pregnant!

Friedman: Why are you talking so fast?
Luke: Why are you listening so fast?!
Friedman: You're a nervous wreck!
Luke: It's-it's not about the tri-math-a-lon.
Friedman: You're going to choke, man. You gotta find that cerebral--
Luke: (very quickly) My sister had sex with Adam Rove.
Friedman: What?
Luke: What?
Friedman: Your sister did the big bang with Rove?
Luke: Shut up! How do you know?
Friedman: Does Rove even have all the necessary equipment?
Luke: Quit talkin' about it!
Friedman: You brought it up!
Luke: I-I didn't mean to! And you should hear what I'm not telling you, okay? So shut up!
Friedman: Dude, let the caffeine just flow through you. Don't fight it.
Luke: Mm-hmm.
(Friedman places his hand on his best friend's left shoulder to reassure him)

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