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Episode number: 1x12
Production Number: 111
Airdate: Friday January 09th, 2004

Director: Timothy Busfield
Writer: Hart Hanson

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Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x12
Production Number: 111
Airdate: Friday January 09th, 2004

Director: Timothy Busfield
Writer: Hart Hanson

Guest Stars
Mitch LongleyMitch Longley
As Barry "The Bear" Caldwell
Aaron HimelsteinAaron Himelstein
As Friedman
Andrew AbelsonAndrew Abelson
As Andy
Becky WahlstromBecky Wahlstrom
As Grace Polk
Chris MarquetteChris Marquette
As Adam Rove
Sydney Tamiia PoitierSydney Tamiia Poitier
As Rebecca Askew
Derek MorganDerek Morgan
As Undersheriff Roy Roebuck
Mageina TovahMageina Tovah
As Glynis Figliola
David DorfmanDavid Dorfman
As Rocky Tardio
David GrammerDavid Grammer
As Carl Rove
Gabriel CordellGabriel Cordell
As Wheelchair Athlete
Kevin SymonsKevin Symons
As TV News Reporter
Dinah LenneyDinah Lenney
As Shannon Hodgins
Heather Avery ClydeHeather Avery Clyde
As Nurse (God)
Mary GillisMary Gillis
As Waitress
Thomas KopacheThomas Kopache
As Creepy Guy (God)
David PurdhamDavid Purdham
As Doctor at Vending Machine
Main Cast
Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
As Will Girardi
Mary SteenburgenMary Steenburgen
As Helen Girardi
Amber TamblynAmber Tamblyn
As Joan Girardi
Jason RitterJason Ritter
As Kevin Girardi
Michael WelchMichael Welch
As Luke Girardi
Episode Notes
This episode reveals that Adam (Christopher Marquette) and Grace (Becky Wahlstrom) have been friends since they were three. They first met in preschool.

Although their characters have seemingly met before, this is the first episode in which Jason Ritter (Kevin) appears in a scene with Christopher Marquette (Adam) or Becky Wahlstrom (Grace).

As with numerous other episodes, this episode most likely takes places on the same day as it initially aired as both Friedman (Aaron Himelstein) and Glynis (Mageina Tovah) claimed that it was scheduled to take place on "first Friday in January". While January 9, 2004 was actually the second Friday of the month, they presumably meant the first after the Christmas holidays had ended.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Chantal KreviazukTime 
Fiona AppleAcross The Universe 
Gran TorinoAre You Livin' 
Jeff LingleSleepy Sunday 
Jude CrossenPerfect World 
Simeon RossI Need More Time 
Squad 5-OMake You Dance 
Trevor HowardDeep City Dusk 

Episode Quotes
Kevin: (to the Bear) There's a list of women a mile long who have no complaints about Kevin Girardi between the sheets!
(His family are standing in the doorway, staring at him)
Kevin: I'm on painkillers.

Luke: When Grace gets here, we have to knuckle down with the science fair, so if you people could just keep it down...
Kevin: Then you can make out with her?

Luke: Oh, Grace. Uh, I was afarid your father wouldn't give you the message.
Grace: Yeah, thanks for leaving a message with my father, The Rabbi...saying you wanted to spend the night with me building a gun.

Joan: (about the letter Adam's mother left him) The ripples were good.

Will: Morning, Adam. Eat soom breakfast, make my wife happy.

Joan: (talking to Creepy Guy (God)) How soon will I know, exactly? Feburary 15, 2066? Wait -- don't tell me! Like you would even tell me.

Joan: I had this dream...
Grace: Koala bears in hats?

Helen: Whatcha doing?
Will: I'm making a list of demands.
Helen: Ohh. Who are we taking hostage?

Joan: Are you thinking about killing yourself?
Adam: (stunned) I thought you were going to apologize to me, yo.
Joan: Oh, Adam, I've apologized a hundred times. We're both bored with that.

Will: So, what were you dreaming about?
Joan: Boys and mirrors.
Will: Maybe this is one of those dreams you shouldn't tell your father.
Joan: Like Orlando Bloom in a Speedo?
Will: Now I'm going to have a nightmare.

Joan: I had kind of a weird dream.
Will: Koala bears?
Joan: No, Dad, I haven't had the koala dream since I was five. (shuddering) Evil koala bears in hats.

Kevin: (to Luke) Quit talking like the Queen of England!

Kevin: (referring to Rebecca) It's complicated.
Bear: No, it's not. You're an idiot.

Priest: (after Joan's eulogy) Anyone else? No? (under his breath) Thank God.

Kevin: Dad, I remember when you loved your job. You'd come home at night, I'd ask you what you did. You'd tell me great stories, running through dark alleys, looking for clues, using your siren...
Will: Kids are pretty easy to impress.
Kevin: The stories changed, Dad, not me.

Luke: Do you remember when you kissed me at the semiformal?
Grace: (as she leaves) Yeah. Forget it.
Luke: Can't unring a bell, baby.

Roy: This is my office.
Will: You're the boss.
Roy: I don't need you to keep reminding me. I know who is the boss.

Joan: Do you believe in ghosts?
Helen: Walking through a cemetery after burying a child – you bet I do.

Creepy Guy (God): I leave hints all over the place. I'm all about hints.

Kevin: He should be treated as a hero, not a pariah.
Joan: One of those Amazonian flesh-eating fish?
Luke: "Piranha." "Pariah" is an outcast, one of the unclean.

Adam: (to Joan) Rocky died? Wow. Life sincerely sucks.

Joan: (to Helen) I don't care what you say, I'm not eating bran. It makes me gassy.

Adam: (in Joan's dream) So long, Jane.

Grace: (to Joan) Before his mother died, Rove was different. He was funny and...aware of his surroundings.

Adam: (about his mother's note) I tried all night, Jane. I couldn't do it. I can't go out into the cold... I need some kind of warning.

Luke: (after the FBI takes his computer) Any naked ladies are because of my friend Friedman!
Joan: Narc.

Joan: (to Creepy Guy (God)) This is a mad, creepy look.

Luke: Look, I've really enjoyed our collaboration. I...I feel our intellects and approaches really compliment each other, and I was, you know, hoping you felt the same way.
Grace: (sarcastically) Stop, stop, you're embarrassing me with your dirty talk.

Luke: Not here to spy. I'm not even in the science fair anymore.
Friedman: Why not?
Luke: FBI confiscated my project.
(Friedman laughs)
Luke: I'm not joking.
Glynis: I always knew you had what it takes to contravene national security.

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