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Joan of Arcadia: The Book of Questions

While helping Grace shop for a dress for the occasion, Joan is delighted to finally meet Grace's seemingly perfect mother, Sarah. However, when Sarah's drinking problem becomes evident, Joan begins to understand why Grace is so private – and why she's long been avoiding having her bat mitzvah. Meanwhile, Luke racks his brain to come up with a meaningful bat mitzvah gift for Grace. Additionally, Adam and Joan have different ways of coping with Judith's death. Will supports Lucy's less-than-legal means of trying to get one of Judith's friends to describe Judith's on-the-run killer, and Kevin's ex-girlfriend is deposed for the trial.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x10
Production Number: 210
Airdate: Friday November 26th, 2004

Director: Steve Gomer
Writer: Ellie Herman

Guest Stars
Aaron HimelsteinAaron Himelstein
As Friedman
Annie PottsAnnie Potts
As Lieutenant Lucy Preston
Charlie KoznickCharlie Koznick
As Ryan
Jack PlotnickJack Plotnick
As Sammy #2
Kimberly McCulloughKimberly McCullough
As Beth Reinhart
Mageina TovahMageina Tovah
As Glynis Figliola
Mike StarrMike Starr
As Big Tough Guy (God)
Paul SandPaul Sand
As Rabbi Polonsky
Christy RomanoChristy Romano
As Officious Hall Monitor (God)
Joanne BaronJoanne Baron
As Female Guest (God)
Mary MaraMary Mara
As Sarah Polonsky
Petrea  BurchardPetrea Burchard
As Catherine Lee
Main Cast
Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
As Will Girardi
Mary SteenburgenMary Steenburgen
As Helen Girardi
Amber TamblynAmber Tamblyn
As Joan Girardi
Jason RitterJason Ritter
As Kevin Girardi
Michael WelchMichael Welch
As Luke Girardi
Chris MarquetteChris Marquette
As Adam Rove
Becky WahlstromBecky Wahlstrom
As Grace Polk
Episode Notes
Although Luke displays little knowledge of Jewish culture in this episode, Michael Welch is actually Jewish in real life.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
2 Minutes HateAnd You Are 
2 Minutes HateGlide 
Charity VonThe Narrow 
Daniel IndartSambastico 
David LoringEverything 
David LoringOnce In A While 
FirstCom Music LibraryHava Nagila 
Goo Goo DollsGive A Little Bit 
Hush HushYou're Not My Man 
Nick NolanUpside Down 

Episode Quotes
Friedman: What'd you get her?
Luke: Well, she told me not to get her anything. I thought-I thought it was like a religious thing.
Friedman: Rabbi Friedman will guide the goyim.
(Friedman puts his arm around Luke's shoulders as if to guide him)

Grace: Me in a dress, it takes a village.

Rabbi Polonsky: My baby in high heels!
Grace: They become lethal weapons if you cry on the dress.

Grace: Oh God, whoever invented pantyhose should be shot.

Luke: People like these (kippah)?
Friedman: I got five.
Luke: And you like them?
Friedman: Like them? They're bar mitzvah presents. Nobody likes them. They simply exist, like Stonehenge.

Grace: Have you been listening at all?
Joan: Yeah - angry, angry, angry, society, angry, angry, politics, angry.

Joan: In ancient times, some tribes marked the coming of age ceremony by having the celebrant kill, cook and eat a large animal.
Adam: I don't think there's going to be any hunting at Grace's party.
Joan: Nah, she's having it catered.

Grace: The Jews have survived 5,000 years of persecution and I'm going to get finished off by the Girardis!

Joan: Can we focus?
Officious Hall Monitor (God): I'm always focused.

Joan: So what are you wearing?
Grace: (sighing) A dress.
Joan: You're...wearing...a dress?
Grace: Oh, nice smirk.
Joan: I wasn't smirking! I was...I...had to sneeze.

Friedman: (helping Luke find a present) Consider the candlestick - a popular Shabbat favorite.
(Luke seems puzzled)
Friedman: Shabbat...the lighting of the candles...Friday night...
Luke: She doesn't do that.
Friedman: Then she can use it to kill Colonel Mustard in the library.

Friedman: (reading from the Karma Sutra) “This is the very ecstasy of love.” This would have been perfect for Judith.
(Luke has found a page in a science book that interests him. It is information about a meteor shower)
Luke: Perfect. I found it. There's no-no admonitions, Friedman. I am committed.
Friedman: (not paying attention) You know best, buddy.
(Luke leaves. Friedman does not accompany him as he is engrossed in the Karma Sutra)

Officious Hall Monitor (God): I multi-task. Well, if I didn't...well, you wouldn't want to know.

Grace: If I hear the word "adorable," I will go postal.

Rabbi Polonsky: You wanna go over your Torah portion again?
Grace: It's under neural lockdown.

Grace: And just dealing with a lot of questions, that takes a lot of guts when there's no guarantee there'll be answers.

Joan: God shouldn't pinch cheeks. It never makes the world better.

Joan: Oh, that is so sweet! I wanna be Jewish!

Friedman (looking at Grace) Check out the muscle definition in her calves.
Glynis: Don't you have any respect?
Friedman: Respect? I'm in awe here.
Glynis: Shut it.

Episode Goofs
When Friedman promises to help Luke find a gift for Grace, he says "Rabbi Friedman will guide the goyim." This is a term used by Jewish people to refer to non-Jews. However, Friedman should have used the singular version, "goy".

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