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Joan of Arcadia: The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi

After saving a girl's life Joan suddenly becomes famous but she soon learns fame is fleeting and can even turn against you; Adam has a job interview that doesn't quite go the way he wants; tension builds between Lucy and Will; as Luke prepares to get his drivers license Grace tries to educate him on the harmful impact vehicles have on the enviroment.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x14
Production Number: 214
Airdate: Friday January 28th, 2005

Guest Stars
Aaron HimelsteinAaron Himelstein
As Friedman
Annie PottsAnnie Potts
As Lieutenant Lucy Preston
Gina St. JohnGina St. John
As Professional Reporter #2
Jared HillmanJared Hillman
As Brian Beaumont
Juliette GogliaJuliette Goglia
As Little Girl (God)
Mark TottyMark Totty
As Detective Carlisle
Micah WilliamsMicah Williams
As Nerdy Kid
Patrick FabianPatrick Fabian
As Gavin Price
Cheselka LeighCheselka Leigh
As Make-Up Lady (God)
Hilary DuffHilary Duff
As Dylan Samuels
Keith BogartKeith Bogart
As Storm Summers
Kim FifieldKim Fifield
As Indignant Girl
Mark HamesMark Hames
As Professional Reporter #1
Ron MichaelsonRon Michaelson
As Stage Manager
Tyler KainTyler Kain
As Gabby
Veanne CoxVeanne Cox
As Personable Woman (God)
Main Cast
Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
As Will Girardi
Mary SteenburgenMary Steenburgen
As Helen Girardi
Amber TamblynAmber Tamblyn
As Joan Girardi
Jason RitterJason Ritter
As Kevin Girardi
Michael WelchMichael Welch
As Luke Girardi
Chris MarquetteChris Marquette
As Adam Rove
Becky WahlstromBecky Wahlstrom
As Grace Polk
Episode Notes
Friedman (Aaron Himelstein) is not yet sixteen years old as of this episode. As Luke's birthday was in November, this means Friedman is at least three months younger than him.

Hilary Duff (Dylan Samuels) is the younger sister of Haylie Duff who played Stevie Marx in "Romancing the Joan", "Independence Day" and "Shadows and Light".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Finley QuayeOvercome 
Jaylene JohnsonWonder 
Lelia BroussardShould Have Known 
Marc CohnWalk Through The World 
Mary Arden CollinsFree 
Mary Arden CollinsOne More Day 
Nick NolanEveryone Stares 
Stargazer LilyHome 

Episode Quotes
Luke: I just want to drive a really big machine.
Grace: Is that all men are about?
Joan: Apparently...

Personable Woman (God): I just thought I'd ask. Show I care...because I do.

Helen: Honey, what you did was incredible. I'm so proud of you. And if you ever do it again, I'll kill you.

Joan: The other stalls are free. How about giving me a little peace in here?
Little Girl (God): I'm all about giving you peace, Joan.

Joan: Who names their kid Storm? Was his dad in the X-Men?

Grace: I'm just a simple anarchist trying to get through my day.

Adam: So it's stoke-o-rama for the Rove-ster.
Joan: Who?
Adam: I have no idea.

Adam: If we were married I would be Mr. Joan Girardi.

Adam: My girlfriend is the Wonder Woman of Arcadia High.

Grace: Dude, you're contributing to global warming -- and you're handing over vital information to the CIA. When they take that picture? That's really a retinal scan.
Luke: I'm getting my license, Grace. I'm not starting a covert war.
Joan: Is this, like, pillow talk for you two?

Personable Woman (God): They should really put benches at all the bus stops. Make the world a better place, one tush at a time. What do you think, Joan?
Joan: God says "tush?"

Joan: It doesn't make any sense.
Personable Woman (God): It's a paradox. You're a hero. And you're not perfect. You were horrible to Dylan because you cared. Another paradox. If you accept that they both can exist simultaneously, then you can find peace in the contradictions, which is where you'll find me.

Luke: I'm getting my driver's license, Grace, and there's nothing you can do or say to stop it. The missile has been armed, the launch codes have been keyed in, and that sucker's gonna fly. You hear me?
Grace: Fine.
Luke: Look, I love the planet, Grace, but I also love the spirit of discovery that has brought us precision engineering and automotive excellence. I mean, the automobile has been the cornerstone of economic advancement throughout the past one hundred years, and I am not gonna be the one to plunge our global economy into chaos and ruin.
Grace: Fine.
(Grace leaves)
Luke: (sighs) If she wants to break up over this, fine.
Friedman: That was manly, dude. I think I'm tingling a little.

(Friedman is quizzing Luke for his upcoming driving test)
Friedman: "If the solid line is on the outside and the dotted line is on the inside"-
Luke: (a little annoyed) Please stop quizzing me.
Friedman: If I were sixteen, I'd want you to do it for me. There's a lot riding on this, man. Us on the open road, wind in our hair, two gorgeous babes in the backseat.
Luke: Me driving my mom's station wagon. There's paint cans in the backseat.
Friedman: Okay, it's a fantasy. Don't kill my buzz.
Luke: Grace was right. There are ecological ramifications.
Friedman: Are you seriously considering not getting your driver's license because of her? Because you cannot let her put your you-know-what's in a you-know-what.
Luke: You know? I'm at once confused and disturbed by what you just said.
Friedman: This is it, man. This is the driver's license. This is every male child's dream. This is our gateway to freedom, our talisman of virility. This is it. This is...
(They see a hot read car in the parking lot)
Luke: V-10 engine.
Friedman: Ha ha ha.
Luke: 500 horses. Zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds.
Friedman: I'm gonna pass out.
Luke: Quiz me.
Friedman: Okay, road rage...

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