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Joan of Arcadia: Independence Day

Incensed that Will and Helen have forbidden her to go to a concert with Adam and stay overnight with him in his father's camper, Joan goes anyway. After Joan has a conversation with God about free will, she decides to use it as a rationale for lying to her mother in order to go on the trip as she's convinced that Helen simply wants her to remain a dependent little girl. Meanwhile, Luke is shocked when the nerdy, girl-obsessed Friedman rebuffs the advances of the surprisingly infatuated Stevie.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x16
Production Number: 216
Airdate: Friday February 18th, 2005

Guest Stars
Aaron HimelsteinAaron Himelstein
As Friedman
Haylie DuffHaylie Duff
As Stevie Marx
Jeffrey LiconJeffrey Licon
As Goth Kid (God)
Kathryn JoostenKathryn Joosten
As Old Lady (God)
Mark TottyMark Totty
As Detective Carlisle
Riley SmithRiley Smith
As Andy Baker
James DuMontJames DuMont
As George Lane
Kevin ChapmanKevin Chapman
As Jim Lane
Sven HolmbergSven Holmberg
As T-Shirt Vendor (God)
As Three Card Monte Guy (God)
Main Cast
Joe MantegnaJoe Mantegna
As Will Girardi
Mary SteenburgenMary Steenburgen
As Helen Girardi
Amber TamblynAmber Tamblyn
As Joan Girardi
Jason RitterJason Ritter
As Kevin Girardi
Michael WelchMichael Welch
As Luke Girardi
Chris MarquetteChris Marquette
As Adam Rove
Becky WahlstromBecky Wahlstrom
As Grace Polk
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Black Eyed PeasThird Eye 
CrushDig This 
David LoringToo High 
David LoringHeading Out 
Jesus AlejandroSiempre Mi Dices 
LindyBeautifully Undone 
RyeIf It's True 
Traci LordsWhacha Gonna Do 
U2Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 

Episode Quotes
Stevie: Oh, God. There's Friedman. He is so hot.
(She messes with her hair)
Stevie: Work with me.
(Friedman walks over to them)
Friedman: Hola, amigos.
Luke: Hey.
Friedman: Hey.
Stevie: (to Friedman) Love your sweater.
(Friedman seems puzzled)
Stevie: I made friendship bracelets for everyone.
Grace: I am totally freaking out.
Stevie: They're each different characters from The Lord of the Rings.
Luke: Whoa! Gandalf!
Stevie: The wise one. (to Friedman) And you got Frodo, he who must carry the burden of the ring.
Friedman: (awkwardly) Thanks. Mmm. Uh...ahem! But I can never really tell the hobbits apart, so...
(He gives it back to her. She looks hurt)
Stevie: (hopefully) See you Sunday?
Friedman: Sunday?
Stevie: At Luke's. Study session for the Spanish quiz. El quiz espanol.
(He leaves without saying anything. Stevie walks off in the opposite direction)

Luke: Are you out of your mind?
Friedman: What?
Luke: This totally hot girl is doing everything but immolating herself for you. Friedman, the odds of that happening again can only be calculated by a mainframe.
Friedman: Hey, she's not my type.
Luke: You don't have a type. You have magazines. Look, you're freaking because you're so used to being the guy that goes chasing after the girl. You can't handle it being the other way around. You think she's either setting you up or there's something wrong with her.
Friedman: Thank you, Dr. Freud.
Luke: Please, please just consider the other possible explanation for her interest.
Friedman: What?
Luke: Dude, don't-don't make me go there.
Friedman: What? What?
Luke: You're in Junior Mensa. Think.
Friedman: I got nothin'.
(Luke rolls his eyes)
Luke: You're (whispering) you're a great guy. You have a lot more going on than people think. You're sensitive and caring and some might say (mumbling) appealing.
Friedman: Huh?
Luke: (yelling) Appealing, dude! You're very appealing!
(Everyone in the hall stops to look at them)
Luke: So, dude, let's go shoot some hoops.
(He punches Friedman in the shoulder)
Friedman: What?
(Friedman punches Luke's shoulder)
Luke: Hoops, dude! That's it. Let's go.
(Luke punches him again. Friedman grimaces and rubs his arm. He makes a "what gives?" gesture. They walk off)

Friedman: Stevie...the thing is...these guys, they don't want me to be alone. So they're trying to, uh...(laughs) You know, they're trying to get you and me here to...you're a really, really great girl. You're quite, you know, ahem, beautiful and--
Stevie: You say "you know" a lot.
Friedman: And observant. But the thing is, sometimes two organisms don't share enough common traits, so that superficially, a pairing can seem congruent yet still lack some very fundamental synchronicity--
(She kisses him)
Stevie: I just...love hearing you talk.
Grace: Okay. What's bean dip without cheese?
(She leaves, pushing Luke out of the room at the same time)
Friedman: Ahem. And, at other times, common traits can appear where none were thought to exist.
Stevie: Bueno.
(They lean back)
Friedman: Muy, muy...

Grace: (referring to Friedman) What's with Frodo? He'd date mud.

Stevie: Because moms always understand things like this.
Grace: Are you a Muppet?

Luke: Are they going to break plates?
Kevin: It's a chick fight, dude - just back away.
Helen: Quiet!
Joan: Shut up!

Joan: You said I could make my own decisions.
Three Card Monte Guy (God): You can. Free will - standard equipment.

Joan: Shouldn't God give me, like, a disciple's discount?
T-Shirt Vendor (God): I can throw in a sticker?

Joan: God feeds pigeons? Aren't there enough actual old people to do that?
Old Lady (God): You'd think, wouldn't you?

Joan: Why aren't you mad at me?
Helen: I will be.

Helen: Will, I said "Because I said so." What's next? "This is my house" or "Because I'm your mother?"

Joan: I'm seventeen years old. You know that's half of a...really old person.

Grace: Seriously dude, what is up with this music?

Joan: We're in a truck. I don't want my first time to be in a truck.
Adam: It's a camper.

Episode Goofs
According to Luke, the only reason that Friedman is rejecting Stevie's advances is that he "can't handle it being the other way around. You think she's either setting you up or there's something wrong with her." He never considers the possibility that it is because Friedman has not yet gotten over the death of Judith, for whom he had strong feelings, in "Friday Night".

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