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Season 1

1 :01x01 - X Equals Murder

Johnny is hired by a woman to tail her hubby because she thinks his life is in danger. Wifey happens to be correct. When Johnny meets the man's train he's already been murdered.
Guest Stars: Viveca Lindfors as Simone | Alan Caillou as Bassett | Jean Allison as Joanie | Tom Palmer (1) as Wallace
Director: Robert Stevens

2 :01x02 - Voice of the Dummy

Johnny's only clue to an unidentified drowning victim is a ventriloquist dummy pulled from the drink along with the body.
Guest Stars: Nancy Rennick as Gloria Rennick | Robert H. Harris as Cole | David Lewis (3) as Malone | Katherine Squire as Ethel

3 :01x03 - The Villain of the Piece

An aspiring wannabe actress is the leading suspect in the murder of a theatrical agent.
Guest Stars: Adam West as Hill | Kaye Elhardt as Paula | Joseph Mell as McCoy | John Hoyt as Shafto | Majel Barrett as Rosemary

4 :01x04 - Leading Lady

After her husband gets kidnapped, an actress comes to Johnny for help in retrieving him.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Green as Delta | Ann Robinson (1) as Sugar Kane | Mike Mazurki as Perry | Grant Richards as Carucci

5 :01x05 - Once Again

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6 :01x06 - A Taste of Curry

The police put out an APB for Johnny who prevented a shooting and went out in pursuit of the intended victim who is wanted by the police.
Guest Stars: William Swan as Miles Donovan | Joe Buskin as Joey | Pamela Duncan as Crystal Lodge | Carl Benton Reid as Arnold | Cindy Robbins as Roberta | Barney Phillips as Lt. Geller | Yuki Shimoda as Aki

7 :01x07 - Mother's Boy

A young theatrical producer drinks a boatload of booze at a wild party and wakes up next to the body of a dead actress.
Guest Stars: Doug McClure as Rice | Joe Bushkin as Marshall | Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Rice | James Flavin as Fisher | Ann McCrea as Eileen | Robert Cornthwaite as Kessler | Alan Caillou as Bassett

8 :01x08 - Award for Murder

A former producer gets his head bashed in with an award statuette and the leading suspect comes to Johnny for help in clearing himself.
Guest Stars: Connie Hines as Junior | Michael Hall (3) as Ted | John Gallaudet as Harmon | Lurene Tuttle as Marge

9 :01x09 - Magic at Midnight

While Johnny is performing in a play, an actor steps into the audience and attempts to stab a damsel.
Guest Stars: John Gallaudet as Harmon | Grace Field as Mrs. Pompius | Donald Rudolph as Pompius | Jennifer Holt as Marcia | Tom Palmer (1) as Leading Man

10 :01x10 - The Inner Eye

A man whose sight was restored with a donation from an eye bank hires Johnny to find out the name of the donor.
Guest Stars: DeForest Kelley as David Lawton | Irene Vernon as Julie | Bernard Fein as Sieger | William Keene as Karmin | Henry Hunter as Warden

11 :01x11 - The Impresario

After an actor gets murdered, Johnny comes to believe that it's linked with the smuggling of art works.
Guest Stars: Billy De Wolfe as Damon | Paul Sorenson as Torvald | Grant Richards as Carucci | Frances Fong as Mikito | Bob Jellison as Phil

12 :01x12 - Beyond Infamy

An actress approaches Johnny claiming that she is being blackmailed by the fiancee of her stepdaughter.
Guest Stars: Virginia Field as Nellie | Olive Sturgess as Ann | Bartlett Robinson as Rawlins | Mark Dana as Partridge

13 :01x13 - An Old-Fashioned Frame

A designer friend of Johnny's has apparently committed suicide but our hero believes she was a murder victim.
Guest Stars: Phillip Pine as Brooks | Frances Robinson as Alexis | Barney Phillips as Lt. Geller | Leslie Bradley as Harcourt | Wesley Lau as Connor | Jacqueline DeWit (1) as Mona

14 :01x14 - Slight Delay at Dimity

Johnny goes to visit an old friend in a small western town and finds himself having to solve the man's murder.
Guest Stars: Phillip Terry as Phil | Andrea King as Anne | Gordon Gebert as Fred | Carole Mathews as Elinor

15 :01x15 - The Ninth Doll

Murder results from the destruction of the doll collection of an actress.
Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Barrow | Lurene Tuttle as Helen | June Vincent as Maggie | Sandra Harrison as Angela | Viola Berwick as Ilsa | Arthur Batanides as Sgt. Olvera

16 :01x16 - Death Over My Shoulder

Shortly after agreeing to appear in a play, Johnny learns that he is the target of a hired killer.
Guest Stars: John Stephenson as Mallory | Jean Willes as Myra Mallory | Barney Phillips as Lt. Geller

17 :01x17 - Phantom Bribe

Johnny tries to prevent the father of a young robber from killing the policeman who shot his son.
Guest Stars: Joe Flynn (1) as guest star

18 :01x18 - The Tokyo Doll

Johnny tries to clear his manservant Aki, who's been accused of murdering a geisha.
Guest Stars: Reika Sato as Mitsu Kyoto | Tetsu Komai as Osawa | Philip Ahn as Muto | Yuki Shimoda as Aki | Barney Phillips as Lt. Geller

20 :01x20 - Registered Mail

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21 :01x21 - Somebody Loves You

An antique pistol provides Johnny with a clue to clear an actress of the murder of her press agent.
Guest Stars: Roxane Berard as Inga | Peter Leeds as Baldwin | Jeffrey Stone as Barnes | J. Pat O'Malley as Hughes | Frank Wilcox as Crane

22 :01x22 - The Emerald Star

An actress hires Johnny to track down her sister who just eloped with a mobster.

23 :01x23 - Return to Murder

When a man is arrested on suspicion of murdering his missing wife, his daughter hires Johnny to clear his name.
Guest Stars: Onslow Stevens as Henry | Stephen Ellsworth as Jim | Suzi Crandall as Vivienne

24 :01x24 - One Over Par

Johnny enters a golf tournament and ends up having to deal with murder on the links.
Guest Stars: Tol Avery as Jackson | Marlyn Mason as Joy | Scott Douglas as Travers | Murray Alper as Bunkey

25 :01x25 - Tender Loving Care

Johnny comes to the aid of a former addict who is trapped in a maze of circumstantial evidence for the murder of a drug dealer.
Guest Stars: Tommy Cook as Miguel | Stanley Clements as Gadge | Norma Calderon as Theresa

26 :01x26 - Token of Love

When a female scientist buys the farm, Johnny discovers that she had been giving information to the Ruskies.
Guest Stars: Carol Ohmart as Susan Danviers | Ray Daley as Oscar | Bern Hoffman as Bongo | Arthur Batanides as Sgt. Olvera

27 :01x27 - Schatzi

An actor who is a protege of Johnny's finds himself arrested by the Mexican police when a corpse is found in his car. Johnny then travels south of the border to aid his friend.
Guest Stars: Gale Robbins as Schatzi | Herbert Patterson as Dave Poland | Alex Montoya as Felipe | Carol Veazie as Frau Kruger | Eugene Martin as Kruger | Nestor Paiva as Torres | Kendrick Huxham as London

28 :01x28 - Sweet Tooth Murder

The jealous wife of a director is the leading suspect in the poisoning death of hubby's leading lady.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Janice | Peter Adams (2) as Barry | Jean Willes as Bess

29 :01x29 - Ring of Truth

Hubby discovers that wifey has been fooling around with another man and hires a hitman to kill her paramour.
Guest Stars: William Swan as Paul | Jacqueline Scott as Lynn | Howard Dayton as Gypper | Grace Raynor as Vera

30 :01x30 - Her Sister's Keeper

A woman's death was attributed to suicide but at her funeral there's an extra coffin reserved for her murderer.

31 :01x31 - The Single

This time Johnny is the leading suspect in the murder of an actor whom he rejected for a part in the new play our hero was producing.
Guest Stars: Frank Albertson as Slade | Robert F. Simon as Simon | Barney Phillips as Lt. Geller | Rita Lynn as Lydia | Don Oreck as Vern | Joe Bushkin as Marsh

32 :01x32 - Dark Trophy

Johnny's manservant Aki tries to keep a friend from killing someone.
Guest Stars: James Yagi as Pete Yamato | Bob Jellison as Banning | Larry J. Blake as Pollak | Arthur Batanides as Sgt. Olvera | Yuki Shimoda as Aki

33 :01x33 - Inside Man

A woman about to be married seeks Johnny's help after receiving an unusual wedding present--a butcher knife with a note attached advising her to slit her throat.
Guest Stars: Abigail Shelton as Kate Gordon

34 :01x34 - Ding-a-Ling

A reporter is shot to death while giving Johnny information about a kidnapping over the telephone.
Guest Stars: Paul Smith (1) as Link Hodger | Veda Ann Borg as Maxine | David Lewis (3) as Heller | Simon Scott as Fisher

35 :01x35 - The Switchback Murder

This time Johnny comes to the aid of Sgt. Olvera who's been accused of murder after a dispute over a card game.
Guest Stars: Perry Lopez as Sanchez | Robert Warwick as Warren | Maxine Cooper as Irene | Arthur Batanides as Sgt. Olvera

36 :01x36 - Day Off to Death

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37 :01x37 - Romeo and Julie

Johnny gets drawn into the investigation of the murder of a waterfront union organizer.
Guest Stars: Stanley Clements as Romeo | Ernest Sarracino as Luke | Bernard Fein as Ravioli | Tyler McVey as Howard | Jan Arvan as Pinto

38 :01x38 - How Tight a Web

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39 :01x39 - The Whammy

While in Hollywood, Johnny gets involved in the case of an actress accused of killing the son of a movie studio owner.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Green as Nina | Robert F. Simon as Hendrik Hyer | Jay Novello as Peters | Charlita as Kiki
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: 1960
Ended: 1961
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