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Season 2

27 :02x01 - In a Puff of Smoke

Judd and Ben defend a lawyer who refused to report for duty after being drafted into the service.
Guest Stars: Katharine Houghton as Suzy Thurston | Robert Forster as Ray Elliott | Zalman King as Barry Thurston | Jack Ging as Alec Slater
Director: Richard Colla

28 :02x02 - Transplant

Judd argues a heart transplant case where a doctor is ready to testify that a heart was removed from a donor who was not yet dead.
Guest Stars: Norman Burton as Roger Helmsman | Ivor Barry as Dr. Werther | Phyllis Hill as Iris Overbaugh | Richard Bull as Drayton | Teru Shimada as Judge Hara | Dillon Evans as Dr. Wetzel | John Vernon as Dr. Christopher Bellew | Gilbert Green as Dr. Sloat | Julie Sommars as Trish Overbaugh | Lloyd Bochner as Dr. Stalling | Milt Kogan as Dr. March | Cecile Ozorio as Manulele
Director: Walter Grauman

29 :02x03 - The Ends of Justice

Judd handles the appeal of an Afro-American man falsely convicted of murder.
Guest Stars: Georg Stanford Brown as Harry Crews | Dabney Coleman as Walter Sims | Bernie Hamilton as Jody Crews | Paul Lambert as Belknap | Tom Palmer (1) as Borden

30 :02x04 - Punishment, Cruel and Unusual

While defending a woman on a hit-and-run charge, Judd clashes with an alcoholic judge.
Guest Stars: Jim Boles as Motley | Fred Sadoff as Professor Stone | James Daly as Judge John Lockhart | Walter Mathews as Foley | Jessica Tandy as Helen Wister | Linden Chiles as Lew Hopkins | David Sheiner as D. A. Harry Reed | Cloris Leachman as Louise Lockhart | Charles McGraw as Jim Larkin | Meg Wyllie as Midi Brown

31 :02x05 - The Name of This Game is Acquittal

Judd falls for his client, an attractive female attorney charged with attempted murder.
Guest Stars: Joe Higgins as Judge Christie | Don Hanmer as Dr. Manilus | Oliver McGowan as Judge Danbury | Pat Crowley as Sharon McNary | Clarke Gordon as Gaylord Flanders | Virginia Capers as Millie Enfield | Jackie Searl as Gibson Grant | Ralph Montgomery as Sgt. Hugo

32 :02x06 - The Sound of the Plastic Axe

This time Judd defends a music impresario who's charged with murder.
Guest Stars: Peter Haskell as Adam McKee | Norman Fell as Harry Green | Robert F. Lyons as Archie Frye | Dennis Oliveri as Potato
Director: Richard Colla

33 :02x07 - The Death Farm

Judd and Ben investigate an escaped convict's grisly tale about conditions inside a Southern penal farm.
Guest Stars: Bonnie Bedelia as Ellie | James Gregory as Orville Guthrie | Arch Johnson as Wirt Jessup | Wright King as J. W. Roe | Woodrow Parfrey as Dan Grimes | Bob Johnson (1) as Workman | Robert Sorrells as Ron Bishop | Thom Carney as Prison Guard | Sara Taft as Mary Washburn | Bobby Johnson as Workman
Writer: Robert Lewin

34 :02x08 - Weep the Hunter Home

Judd defends a young man and his friend who are charged with the attempted murder of the young man's father.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Lawrence Corning | Peter Jason as Don David | Dana Elcar as Champion | Priscilla Morrill as Miriam Corning | Richard Dreyfuss as Larry Corning

35 :02x09 - The Gates of Cerberus

Judd and Ben fight for the release of a controversial documentary film that was made inside a mental hospital by a patient there.
Guest Stars: Lee Grant as Kay Gould | Russell Thorson as Judge | Len Lesser as Rex | Maidie Norman as Charlene Muller | Jack Donner as Forster | Stuart Margolin as Dr. Heyman | Virginia Vincent as Mrs. Morosco | Martin E. Brooks as Art Barrows | Philip Bruns as Al Morosco | Sam Wanamaker as Shelly Gould | Christine Burke (1) as Dr. Vera Kern
Director: Leo Penn

36 :02x10 - My Client, the Fool

Ben Caldwell finds himself the defendant in a morals charge brought against him by a disturbed young woman.
Guest Stars: Donna Baccala as Clare Cooper | Arthur Hill as Jim Davis | Dan Ferrone as Mickey Goldsmith | Jacques Aubuchon as John Morgan | Gregory Morton as Judge Barlock
Director: Walter Doniger

37 :02x11 - Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

Judd and Ben defend a businessman accused of assaulting a self-proclaimed witch.
Guest Stars: Patricia Smith (1) as Rita Hopkins | Kenneth Tobey as Dr. Yale Udall | Richard Hale as Dr. Victor Thornton | John Lasell as D.A. Pound | Charles Irving as Judge
Writer: Robert Lewin

38 :02x12 - A Swim With Sharks

Judd's defense of a longshoreman charged with murder is hampered by racketeers and corrupt union officials.
Guest Stars: Hagan Beggs as Alex Grier | Pamela Dunlap as Patty Hume | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Jimmy Kelp | Douglas Henderson as Judge Martin | Sydney Smith as Judge Marks | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Ernie Jenkins | Simon Oakland as Lawrence McNamara | Val Avery as John Rowan | Fleurette Carter as Evie | William Wintersole as Matthews
Director: Jud Taylor

39 :02x13 - The Crystal Maze

Judd must decide what's best for a baby: an institution or a home full of unstable close relatives.
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Lebow | Barry Russo as Lt. Day | Bill Quinn (1) as Dr. McClay | Doreen McLean as Nurse | Brian Bedford as Eric Wright | Carrie Snodgress as Eileen | Mary Gregory as Dr. Pat Swain | Margaret Leighton as Mary Wright
Director: John Erman

40 :02x14 - Borderline Girl

Judd and Ben fight to free a mentally challenged young woman who pleaded guilty to a murder charge.
Guest Stars: Geraldine Brooks as Cassie Gordon | Brooke Bundy as Eileen Kane | Michael Larrain as Ronald Stillman | Jay C. Flippen as Judge Kramer | Sandy Kenyon as Sgt. Shanley
Director: Boris Sagal

41 :02x15 - Epitaph on a Computer Card

Judd files a lawsuit on behalf of a man who lost his job and reputation because of a computer error.
Guest Stars: Peter Donat as Sid Degraft | Jacqueline Scott as Beth Stratton | William Daniels as Harvey Stratton | Don Porter as Frank Vinton
Director: Leo Penn

42 :02x16 - The Poisoned Tree

Judd and Ben defend a millionaire's kleptomaniac daughter who's on trial for grand theft.
Guest Stars: Michael Strong (1) as Dr. Crane | Wayne Heffley as Psychologist | Jan Burrell as Security Woman | Steve Gravers as Store Detective | Dick Anders as Detective | Marcelle Fortier as Salesgirl | Nancy Wickwire as Agnes Peel | Dennis Patrick as Robert Peel | Melissa Murphy as Pamela Peel | Lonny Chapman as D.A. Martin | Stephen Roberts as Judge Hammill | Sid Conrad as Gray | Bruce Kirby as Arthur Kelly | Nellie Burt as Witness
Director: Leo Penn

43 :02x17 - The Law and Order Blues

Judd's defense of an African diplomat on a murder charge involves taking apart honest cop Sam Stone on the witness stand.
Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Sgt. Sam Stone | Ben Alexander as Sgt. Dan Briggs | Hal Frederick as Ray Hendrix | Brock Peters as Marcel Nburo | George Ives as Dr. Kornbluth | Dennis Cole as Det. Jim Briggs | Morgan Sterne as Charles Fennerman
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Harold Gast

44 :02x18 - Between the Dark and the Daylight

It's Judd for the defense when a young police informant gets charged with rape.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Steve Duer | Brad David as Lee Rose | Ron Howard as Phil Beeton | Louise Latham as Claire Beeton | Lane Bradbury as Penny Hale | Clive Clerk as Roy Duer | Kevin Coughlin as Matt Guinn | Ford Rainey as Ed Samuelsen | Harry Townes as Dr. Frank Beeton | William Sargent as Sgt. Pope
Director: John Erman

45 :02x19 - Runaway

A teenage girl is the only witness to her father's death which might not have been an accident as claimed.
Guest Stars: James Broderick as Howard Dawes | Susan Anspach as Nan Dawes | Jeff Pomerantz as Burt Shelby | Jacqueline Scott as Leigh Dawes | Frank Maxwell as Sheriff York | Laurence Haddon as Fumas | George Sperdakos as Cozad
Director: Leo Penn

46 :02x20 - Visitation

Ben Caldwell represents Don Townsend, a divorced man, in a custody fight to keep his ex-wife from taking their young son to Europe.
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Jack Matcha | John McMartin as Don Townsend | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Judge Waylan | J. Edward McKinley as Judge Stanley | Jay Robinson as Roberts | Gavin MacLeod as Ken Miles | Joanna Moore as Barbara Townsend | Elizabeth MacRae as Helen Barrett | Billy McMickle as Jerry Townsend

47 :02x21 - The Holy Ground (1) - the Killing

Judd defends a religious guru who's charged with murdering the husband of his lover.
Guest Stars: Richard Kiley as Barnaby Cutler | Joanne Linville as Paula Miles | John Dehner as Byron Shellenbach | Edward Binns as Ambrose Liston | John Zaremba as Judge Pritchard | Gerald Hiken as Dr. LaSalle | Ronald Feinberg as Liam Beale
Director: Leo Penn

48 :02x22 - The Holy Ground (2) - the Killers

The sensational tactics of a co-defense counsel complicate Judd's defense of a religious guru charged with murder.
Guest Stars: Joanne Linville as Paula Miles | John Dehner as Byron Shellenbach | Edward Binns as Ambrose Liston | Richard Kiley as Barnaby Cutler | John Zaremba as Judge Pritchard | Gerald Hiken as Dr. LaSalle | Ronald Feinberg as Liam Beale
Director: Leo Penn

49 :02x23 - An Elephant in a Cigar Box

Judd defends an accused smuggler.
Guest Stars: Charles Grodin as D.A. Tom Durant | Paul Henreid as Emile Grooteman | Hanna Landy as Beatrice Grooteman | Patricia Stich as Ethel | Gerald York as Raitt
Writer: Robert Lewin

50 :02x24 - The View From the Ivory Tower

Judd brings suit on behalf of a college professor who lost his position after hiring a black militant lecturer.
Guest Stars: Tyne Daly as Sandy | Ivor Francis as Macauley | Al Freeman, Jr. as Jones | Lisabeth Hush as Betty | Dennis Weaver as Robert Beardsley | Simon Scott as Chancery | Les Tremayne as University President
Director: Leo Penn
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1967
Ended: September 19, 1969
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