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Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Ape That Would Be King

The Cubs discover that Louie will grow up to be their king someday. Bagheera worries that Louie might not be fit to be king, while Khan wants to be king himself.
Guest Stars: April Winchell as 1st Old Monkey Lady | Vanessa Williams as Trech | Gretchen Palmer as 2nd Old Monkey Lady

15 :02x02 - Kasaba Ball / Trunks For The Memories

Kasaba Ball: Khan forms a team and challenges the other cubs to a game of kasababall. Then Baloo and his friends form his group to beat Khan in order to prove who's the best.

Trunk For The Memories: Hathi's best friend may have to part ways with him when the elephant herd breaks in two so that everyone can have enough food.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Johar's Father
Director: Kenny Thompkins

16 :02x03 - Curse Of The Magnificent Melon / Hathi's Makeover

Curse Of The Magnificent Melon: Baloo steals Hathi's prized giant melon all because of Too-Sherra medling in there busness. But this theft seems to bring down a plague of frogs on him.

Hathi's Makeover: Ashamed of being an elephant, Hathi asks the others if they can teach him to be a different kind of animal instead.
Director: Kenny Thompkins

17 :02x04 - Birthday Snake / The Five Bananas

Birthday Snake: Kaa hopes that the other Cubs will remember that today is his birthday. So in order to do that he tries to hypnotize them, when the cubs already knew it was his birthday so they go along with his hypnotize and decide to set it up for him.

The Five Banana's: The Cubs spontaneously form a band for the Jungle talent show, but break up by curtain time. Then Baloo and his friends realize that there better off being in groups and once again formed themselves "The Five Banana's".
Director: Kenny Thompkins
Writer: Scott Gray

18 :02x05 - Old Green Teeth / The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No

Old Green Teeth: Louie loses his confidence when the Five Bananas get to front his scat idol at the Lost Temple. So he looses his nerves and get's in-patient with himself untill the cubs decide to have a meeting and control Louie.

The Elephant Who Wouldn't Say No: Hathi's inability to say "no" to anybody gets him stuck with a basketful of woodpeckers.
Guest Stars: Bebe Neuwirth as La La | Frank Welker as Crane | Jim Cummings as Primo | Tino Insana as Fat Cat | Kath Soucie as Mountain sheep
Director: Kenny Thompkins

19 :02x06 - A Tale Of Two Tails / Hair Ball

Hair Ball: Bagheera runs away after coughing up a hair ball right in front of everyone else, but then stumbles upon the Embarrassment Colony. Baloo and Louie feel real sorry for embarrasing Bagheera after the hair ball and decide to find him to appologize.

A Tale Of Two Tails: Louie waits on Khan and Kaa hand and foot when they inadvertantly save his life but bust their tails in the process. But then they take advantage of Louie.
Guest Stars: Kath Soucie as Ostrich
Director: Kenny Thompkins

20 :02x07 - Tree For Two / Waiting For Baloo

Waiting for Baloo: Prince Louie gives Baloo a bunch of bananas that Baloo MUST deliver to the baboons in time or the jungle will turn into self-distruction. Baloo then takes the banana's and goes out when he starts to fool around and then realizes that the jungle will turn into self-distruction, so then he get's new banana's to replace the dead ones. But he was too late. The jungle was left with self distruction untill Baloo wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

Tree for Two: Bagheera and Louie try to live together in one tree after a storm destroys their old trees. But there friendship becomes very annoying when the two have problems with living with each other.
Director: Kenny Thompkins

21 :02x08 - Nice Tiger / Sleepless In The Jungle

Nice Tiger: Plans are in the end as the series "Jungle Cubs" end when Khan tries to prove to the others that there's absolutely nothing about him that's nice. But the cubs think there is something that is nice about him. While other animals treat him with respect and decent.

Sleepless In The Jungle: And with this final last episode, Baloo can't sleep because he's too worried about melon rinds filling up the jungle, and if there'll be snow in the mountains to provide water for the jungle. Baloo still can't sleep that much because he still worries alot that the jungle will defidently be snowing and he won't be able to eat that much like he used to. The later it starts to snow, the cubs try to get there foods when it is froozen. Baloo later tries to find the cubs to explain how he feels about the snow coming into the jungle. The cubs agree witht he situations and stuff and Bageera tries to make the bigger difference by explaining the truth about snow and hail coming into the jungles and so on....
Guest Stars: Kath Soucie as Mother mouse | Cree Summer as Sheep
Director: Kenny Thompkins
Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons | Action | Adventure | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1996
Ended: January, 1998
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