Season 2

27 :02x01 - The Butterfly Effect

Unusual natural disasters in San Campion are being caused by an erupting war between the Fire and Water civilizations. Ray and his friends, along with the Duel Masters, travel to the creature realm.

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28 :02x02 - Cease Fire

Ray and Bob are abducted and taken to a Volcano warship, so a rescue attempt gets underway while the warship is at risk of being attacked.

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29 :02x03 - Boiling Point

Alakshmi must be saved from the Volcano-ship; a Water Creature is investigated by Allie and Gabe.

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30 :02x04 - Boosted

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31 :02x05 - Caught in the Spotlight

A classmate threatens to expose Kaijudo by posting photos of Carny and a Fire Civilization creature on the Internet.

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32 :02x06 - The King's Speech

Cyber Lord Finbarr needs help explaining the king's bizarre actions and the Choten's culpability in things.

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33 :02x07 - Quest in Fire

The kids look for a mystic who might lead them to a cure for Ray's dad.

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34 :02x08 - Rising Son

Ray travels with his grandfather to Japan, where he learns details of his family history and meets a creature that grows enormously as it absorbs mana.

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35 :02x09 - Mixed Vegetables

Plant life grows unruly, so the gang head to the Nature Civilization, where they try to defeat the Wild Veggie creatures.

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36 :02x10 - Extracurricular Actvities

Ray gets a good job and moves into a new home with his family. Elsewhere, the Choten's henchmen start a new crime spree.

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37 :02x11 - Gargle, Gargle, Toil and Trouble

Gargle visits Gabe's house and encounters Gabe's brothers. Elsewhere, Ray heads to the chemical plant after something odd occurs there.

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38 :02x12 - Darkness on the Edge of Town

Empress Megaria wants Allie to be her apprentice. Elsewhere, a truck carrying evolution serum vanishes.

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39 :02x13 - Into the Void

Allie's loyalties are tested when she is influenced by the Cloak of Dark Illusion when she is unable to get it off her. Lucy teaches Ray about non-violent confrontation. And he uses his new knowledge when confronting Empress Megaria about Allie.

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40 :02x14 - The San Campion Triangle

The kids are in peril at sea as they search for the San Campion Triangle; after August questions Saguru's compassion, the two of them engage in a duel.

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41 :02x15 - Exchange Program

Humans get replaced by look-alike holographs, so Ray seeks help from his uncle; Allie performs a spell and accidentally casts the temple into darkness.

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43 :02x17 - Forest for the Trees

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44 :02x18 - Unmasked

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45 :02x19 - Dueling Partners

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46 :02x20 - Brainjacked

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47 :02x21 - Deluge

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48 :02x22 - Fallout

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49 :02x23 - Bargain

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50 :02x24 - Clash of the Monarchs

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51 :02x25 - Siege

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Action | Children | Family | Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Discovery Family ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 02, 2012
Ended: December 28, 2013
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