Season 6

101 :06x01 - Wedding Belle Blues

As a nervous bride to be, Allie has nightmares before meeting her new in-laws and a disastrous rehearsal.
Guest Stars: Scotty Bloch as Joan | Dick Butkus as Himself | Louis Zorich as Bill | Debra Mooney as Unknown | Ralph Bell as Unknown | Elizabeth Parrish as Evelyn (as Elizabeth Parish)
Director: Linda Day

102 :06x02 - Kate Gets Dumped

Kate is heartbroken when she is dumped by Ted while Allie is off on her honeymoon with Bob.
Guest Stars: Tom Urich as Don | Mary Gordon Murray as Liz | John G. Connolly as Herb
Director: Linda Day

103 :06x03 - Allie Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Kate interviews for a new roommate now that Allie has moved into a condo in the city.
Guest Stars: Maddie Corman as Haven Claven | Christa Miller Lawrence as Blair | Peter Onorati as Lou
Director: Linda Day

104 :06x04 - The Odd Couples

Kate's new roommate Haven is driving her crazy, so Bob suggests that she moves in with them.
Guest Stars: Maddie Corman as Haven Claven | Christa Miller Lawrence as Blair | Heather Coleman as Melissa Melonny | Philip Coccioletti as Tom (as Philip Coccioletti) | Eddie Castrodad as Pat Carello
Director: Linda Day

105 :06x05 - Anchor Away

A tape of Bob's sportscast shows that the anchor woman seems to be flirting with him.
Guest Stars: Siobhan McCafferty as Maggie Raparty (as Siobhan E. McCafferty) | Harsh Nayyar as Hakim | Kathryn Rossetter as Princess Fasud | Walter Charles as Unknown | John Bradley (1) as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

106 :06x06 - Better Never Than Late

Bob's mother asks Allie about having another child.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Parrish as Evelyn (as Elizabeth Parish) | Louise Williams as Eileen Barskey
Director: Linda Day

107 :06x07 - Moving On

When Emma decides to transfer to UCLA, a visibly shaken Kate decides to join the Peace Corps.
Guest Stars: Ronn Carroll as Ed Gordon | James Downey as Sam Phillips | Yvette Edelhart as Mrs. Gordon | Devon Michaels as Billy
Director: Linda Day

108 :06x08 - A Tree Grows on West 56th Street

Kate works hard on saving a park, but it's Allie who is elected president of the committee.
Guest Stars: James Downey as Sam Phillips | Geoff Pierson as Councilman Sloane (as Geoff Pierson) | Stuart Burney as Unknown | Eleanor Phelps as Unknown | Tony Todd as Unknown | Richard Whiting as Unknown
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Jim Geoghan

109 :06x09 - The Nearlyweds

Allie is furious when discovering that Jennie's dorm room mate is Jason. But that seems tame when they announce they are getting married.
Guest Stars: Kellie Overbey Shane as Cheril | Dylan Walsh as Ben (as Charles Walsh)
Director: Linda Day

110 :06x10 - Wanted: One Husband

A wealthy neighbor hires Kate and Allie to find her a man just like Bob.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Harris as Laurel Jordan | J.R. Horne as Jess Garfield | James Reno as Detective | Shirley Stoler as Unknown
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Jim Wells

111 :06x11 - What's Love Got to Do with It?

Love is all the rage as Allie fixes up Kate with a date, and Chip borrows Bob's cologne to impress a girl in the building.
Guest Stars: Jay O. Sanders as Tim Merr
Director: Linda Day

112 :06x12 - I've Got a Secret

Kate has trouble keeping secrets after revealing a job opportunity for Bob, and Allie's past romances.
Guest Stars: Larry Keith as Joe Gross | David Green (1) as Eddie | Skip Hinnant as Brian Keyes | David L. King as Mike (as Dave King) | Barry Lynch as Mark | Tom Poster as Party Guest
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Dana Persky

113 :06x13 - Chip's Notes

Chip is befriended by Mike, the cool kid in school, and soon finds himself involved in a shady business of writing reports for his school mates.
Guest Stars: Max Casella as Mike Sheridan | Tristine Skyler as Unknown | Peter Onorati as Lou
Director: Linda Day

114 :06x14 - Love Thy Neighbor

Kate helps out a neighbor who has just been dumped by pretending to be his lover. Unfortunately he believes this was not an act.
Guest Stars: James Downey as Sam Phillips | Shelley Rogers as Karen Butler | Nancy Youngblut as Michelle | Peter Onorati as Lou | Amy Alexandra Lloyd as Unknown (As Amy Lloyd)
Director: Linda Day

115 :06x15 - Trojan War

Allie finds a condom in Chip's pocket while preparing to wash his pants.
Guest Stars: Nada Rowand as Dr. Brown | Dylan Walsh as Ben (as Charles Hunter Walsh) | Lois Taylor as Unknown | Paul Krafin as Unknown | Steven Gilborn as Unknown | William Cain (2) as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

116 :06x16 - Loan-some Bob

A hefty tax bill has Kate and Allie in financial trouble. Bob agrees to loan them the money which they soon regret when he starts picking apart each financial move they make. But they exact revenge when they agree to cater Bob's football reunion dinner and use the substandard means he has suggested for their business.
Guest Stars: Jude Ciccolella as Unknown | Ken Prymus as Unknown | Sam Silver as Unknown | Billy Taylor (2) as Unknown
Director: Linda Day
Writer: John Albert

117 :06x17 - The Review

A bad review from a newspaper food critic leads Kate to beg for a second chance. When the critic dies from food poisoning, Kate fears it may have been Allie's meal that led to his demise.
Guest Stars: Marilyn Cooper as Agnes | Kevin John Gee as Hiro | Dylan Walsh as Ben (as Charles Hunter Walsh) | Bruce Jarchow as Unknown | June Gable as Unknown | Gwyllum Evans as David Dowling | Danny Dennis as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

118 :06x18 - The Wedding

Kate agrees to accompany Lou to his cousin's wedding and genuinely has a nice time.
Guest Stars: Jessica Di Cicco as Unknown | Mordecai Lawner as Unknown | Anna Berger as Unknown | Louis Cantarini as Unknown | Mildred Clinton as Unknown | Gina Gallagher as Unknown | Irma St. Paule as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

119 :06x19 - The Last Temptation of Allie

Allie enters the Cousin Cabot's Country Cookbook contest, while Kate helps Lou with his illiteracy.
Guest Stars: Stephen Yates as Kevin Cross | Joyce Reehling as "Pig in a Puff" Lady | Tracy Martin as Unknown | Paul Borrillo as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

120 :06x20 - Hockey Team

Bob gives Chip permission to join a hockey team without consulting Allie first. Meanwhile, Kate begins selling jewelry on consignment and promptly loses an expensive earring.
Guest Stars: Adam LeFevre as Unknown | Susie Essman as Unknown | Jeanne Lehman as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

121 :06x21 - My Boyfriend's Back

An actor returns to NY and performs in an Off-Broadway play based on a romance he once had with Allie.
Guest Stars: Franc Luz as Malcolm Carter
Director: Maureen Thorp

122 :06x22 - What a Wonderful Episode (a.k.a. It's a Wonderful Episode a.k.a. Kate and Allie Go to Hell)

A mysterious man name Gabriel offers Kate and Allie $2,000 and a job for an account of their lives.
Guest Stars: Christopher Murney as Mr. Gabriel | J.D. Daniels as Lou Jr. | Fiona Gallagher as 'Dream' Emma | Paul Hecht as Charles Lowell | Wendie Malick as Claire
Director: Linda Day
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 19, 1984
Ended: May 22, 1989
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