Season 2

211 :02x01 - A ‘Katie’ Exclusive: Lil Wayne

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216 :02x06 - Child-Free By Choice

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225 :02x15 - Julianna Margulies

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235 :02x25 - TGIF!

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245 :02x35 - Jamie Foxx

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246 :02x36 - De-Clutter Your Life!

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291 :02x81 - Money Myths Busted

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295 :02x85 - The Knockout Game

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301 :02x91 - Childfree By Choice

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306 :02x96 - The Brave Among Us

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310 :02x100 - 21-Day Challenge

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315 :02x105 - Overcoming The Odds

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321 :02x111 - Is Your Medicine Counterfeit?

Ken Burns talks about his latest movie. Theirs a investigation into counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Plus five quick fixes to improve health in no time.
Guest Stars: Ken Burns as Himself

322 :02x112 - Protecting Young Models

Coca Rocha and Sara Ziff talk about how important it is to protect young models. Plus Dulé Hill talked about his latest projects. Also apps guaranteed to get rid of the Winter blues.
Guest Stars: Coca Rocha as Herself | Sara Ziff as Herself | Dulé Hill as Himself

323 :02x113 - A “Katie” Exclusive with Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates discuss myths about the poor. A look at people opening their homes up as restaurants and tips on honeymoon planning.

324 :02x114 - Breadwinning Moms

A look at women who are the primary breadwinners in their homes. June Shannon and Alana Thompson discuss the new season of 'Honey Boo Boo'. Plus the latest gossip from People magazine.
Guest Stars: Alana Thompson as Herself | June Shannon as Herself

325 :02x115 - Female Inventors Competition

Three female inventors of everyday items compete for a prize. A look at the social media responses to the latest shows and author Oliver North discussed his new book.
Guest Stars: Oliver North as Himself

326 :02x116 - Tattoo Artistry

Stars of 'Ink Master' look at people who have had tattoos removed. Terry Fator from 'America's Got Talent' shows off his skills. Plus tips on making baking easy and quick meals.
Guest Stars: Dave Navarro as Himself | Chris Nunez as Himself | Terry Fator as Himself

327 :02x117 - Talking Hormones

Randi Zuckerberg talks photo apps and gives tips on taking the perfect selfie. Their was also tips on preparing for the menopause and a look at the symptoms.
Guest Stars: Randi Zuckerberg as Herself

328 :02x118 - Roma Downey & Mark Burnett

Producers of 'Son of God', Roma Downey and Mark Burnett discuss their show. Plus star of 'Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa. Duff Goldman helps brides to be decide on their wedding cake.
Guest Stars: Roma Downey as Herself | Mark Burnett as Himself | Jason Momoa as Himself | Duff Goldman as Himself

329 :02x119 - Parents & Kids in Competitive Sports

Jaclyn Smith discusses her latest projects. Plus parenting tips on realistic expectations with children and sports.
Guest Stars: Jaclyn Smith as Herself

330 :02x120 - Winning the Gold

Bill Nye discusses the latest trending topics. Plus ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White discuss their time at the Sochi Olympics.
Guest Stars: Meryl Davis as Herself | Charlie White as Himself | Bill Nye as Himself

331 :02x121 - Men and Breast Cancer

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334 :02x124 - Breadwinning Moms

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340 :02x130 - Sarah Jessica Parker

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341 :02x131 - Game Changing Moms

Katie learns how moms around the country are using social networking to help try and change the world. Anita Hill talks about her historic testimony.
Interviewees: Anita Hill as Herself

342 :02x132 - Getting Happier

Dan Harris talks about his recent on-air panic attack, his illegal drug use and how meditation helped to make him a much happier person. Katherine Schwarzenegger shares some essential advice for college graduates to help them get their careers moving.
Guest Stars: Katherine Schwarzenegger as Herself | Dan Harris (1) as Himself

343 :02x133 - Redefining Success

Katie is joined on the show by Arianna Huffington who talks about redefining success, living a more balanced life and making room for what matters. Cobie Smulders chats to Katie about her new film “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”
Guest Stars: Cobie Smulders as Herself | Arianna Huffington as Herself

344 :02x134 - Escaping Depression

Tanya Brown talks to Katie about dealing with depression, her relationship with O.J. Simpson and about visiting Nicole’s house just a few days after her murder. Kyle MacLachlan chats about about his career in movies.
Guest Stars: Tanya Brown as Herself

345 :02x135 - Morgan Spurlock & Richard Marx

Morgan Spurlock chats to Katie about his career and the new season of “The Inside Man”. Richard Marx performs live and also talks to Katie about his new album.
Guest Stars: Richard Marx as Himself

346 :02x136 - Dangerous Teen Trends

Katie takes a look at the latest dangerous trends children don’t want you to know to know about. Mayim Bialik talks to Katie about being a child star and shares her favorite vegan recipes.
Guest Stars: Mayim Bialik as Herself

347 :02x137 - Morgan Freeman, Bob Saget

Katie Couric was joined by Morgan Freeman and Bob Saget.
Guest Stars: Morgan Freeman as Himself | Bob Saget as Himself

348 :02x138 - Hope For Paralysis Patients

The show features some patients suffering with paralysis who are receiving life-changing implants to restore movement in their limbs. Alan Thicke talks to Katie about his TV and music career.
Guest Stars: Alan Thicke as Himself

349 :02x139 - Morgan Freeman & Forgiving The Unforgivable

Morgan Freeman talks to Katie about his career and new film “Transcendence.” The show also features the story of a grandmother’s journey from heartache to peace after having lost her grandchildren in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Guest Stars: Morgan Freeman as Himself

350 :02x140 - Colin Firth & Boston Marathon One-Year Later

Katie talks to the people whose lives were affected by the tragic event of the Boston marathon bombings a year ago. Colin Firth and Jeremy Irvine talk about their new film “The Railway Man.”
Guest Stars: Colin Firth as Himself

351 :02x141 - Surviving A Natural Disaster

A survivor from the Washington mudslide shares her story of how she made it out alive. Judy Joo creates some quick and easy Korean recipes.
Guest Stars: Judy Joo as Herself

352 :02x142 - Earth Day With Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall chats to Katie about her passion for animals and Disneynature’s new movie “Bears.” Laurie David talks about the importance of family meals.
Guest Stars: Jane Goodall as Herself | Laurie David as Herself

354 :02x144 - Jewel

Katie talks to Jewel about her career and family life. Ted Allen and Alex Guarnaschelli talk about working together on “America’s Best Cook.”
Guest Stars: Jewel as Herself

355 :02x145 - The Virginity Movement

Katie talks to some women about how keeping their virginity until marriage is impacting their dating lives. Benjamin Stockham talks to Katie about his career-making role.
Guest Stars: Benjamin Stockham as Himself

356 :02x146 - Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara talks to Katie about her latest projects and beating thyroid cancer. Laura Jansen chats about her career and performs live.
Guest Stars: Laura Jansen as Herself | Sofía Vergara as Herself

357 :02x147 - Health, Wellness & A Better You

Katie finds out how integrative medicine is on the rise and how you can benefit from using it. Ramin Karimloo chats to Katie.
Guest Stars: Ramin Karimloo as Himself

358 :02x148 - The College Sexual Assault Epidemic

Valerie Jarrett chats to Katie about the White House’s landmark task force initiative about the college sexual assault epidemic. Tori Amos chats to Katie about her new album and also performs live.
Guest Stars: Tori Amos as Herself | Valerie Jarrett as Herself

359 :02x149 - Katie’s Surprise Kick-Off & Jane Seymour

Katie chats to Jennifer Esposito about her personal journey with Celiac disease. Jane Seymour also talks about her life career.
Guest Stars: Jane Seymour as Herself | Jennifer Esposito as Herself

360 :02x150 - Distracted Driving

Katie finds out about the life shocking dangers of texting while driving.

361 :02x151 - New Research About Postpartum Depression

Katie shares some new research regarding postpartum depression. Anne Geddes talks to Katie about her photos and new gift book.
Guest Stars: Anne Geddes as Herself

363 :02x153 - Ben’s Bucket List

Katie helps Ben Pierce, a 9-year-old boy who is losing his eyesight by assisting him in achieving some of his dreams.

364 :02x154 - Fed Up

Katie attempts to deal with obesity in America and discusses what we should be doing to live healthier and longer.

365 :02x155 - Exclusive with “Mom’s Night Out” Cast

Katie has some Mother’s Day surprises and also talks to Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin and Sarah Drew.
Guest Stars: Sarah Drew as Herself | Sean Astin as Himself | Patricia Heaton as Herself

366 :02x156 - The Confidence Gap

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Guest Stars: Mark Bittman as Himself

367 :02x157 - Spring Clean Your Closet!

Jeffrey Phillip offers tips on the best ways to clean up and organize your closet. Clark Gregg talks to Katie about “Marvel’s Agents of Shields”.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Phillip as Himself

368 :02x158 - AIDS: Then & Now

Jeanne White-Ginder, talks to Katie about being on the frontlines of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Joel Gamoran shares some grilling tricks and entertaining time savers.
Guest Stars: Jeanne White Ginder as Herself | Joel Gamoran as Himself

369 :02x159 - Women in Politics

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Marsha Blackburn chat to Katie about women leaders in politics and how they are changing America.
Guest Stars: Marsha Blackburn as Herself | Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Herself

370 :02x160 - Claire Danes/Afghan Hands

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Guest Stars: Claire Danes as Herself | Matin Maulawizada as Himself

371 :02x161 - The Bionic Chef

Eduardo Garcia talks to Katie about how he managed to loose his arm in a tragic accident and how it did not stop him from cooking again.

372 :02x162 - Losing Your Mom In Youth

Katie talks to women who lost their mothers during their childhood as they reflect on how the tragedy affected their lives.

373 :02x163 - A Joyous Summer!

The show features the latest fashion trends from Katie also chats to Olympic swimmer Dara Torres.
Guest Stars: Dara Torres as Herself

375 :02x165 - Winning a Scholarship!

With Adam Braun and Dr. Irving Fradkin.
Guest Stars: Adam Braun as Himself | Dr. Irving Fradkin as Himself

376 :02x166 - Toxic Hot Seat

A selfless maths teacher is given a surprise.

377 :02x167 - Unstoppable Women

Supercharged foods that can revitalize your metabolism.

378 :02x168 - Foster Care Parents

With Lisa Ling and a performance from Peter Cincotti.
Musical Guests: Peter Cincotti as Himself

380 :02x170 - Marlo Thomas & The Power of “No”

Katie chats to Marlo Thomas about her career and life with Phil Donahue.

381 :02x171 - A ‘Katie’ Exclusive with Hillary Holt

Katie talks to Hillary Holt with her attorney Gloria Allred, about the alleged college hazing incident that saw her being admitted to the hospital.

382 :02x172 - When Children Leave The Nest

Katie talks to Wendy Aronsson about how parents can get ready for when their youngest child decides to leave home.

383 :02x173 - The “Ivory Tower”

Katie takes a look at a documentary that asks the question if going to college is really worth it.

384 :02x174 - Crime Solving Crusaders

Katie talks to some women who work on the front lines of homicide investigations.

385 :02x175 - Gay In The Military

Katie finds out more about life in the military for gay and lesbian service members.

386 :02x176 - Laverne Cox, Then Nelly Performs!

Katie chats to Laverne Cox about her Time Magazine cover story and the new series of “Orange Is The New Black.”
Guest Stars: Laverne Cox as Herself | Nelly as Himself

387 :02x177 - The Search For My Egg Donor

Katie talks to a teenager who is looking for the woman who donated the egg that helped create her life.
Guest Stars: Mo Rocca as Himself

388 :02x178 - Meet The “Rectify” Cast

Katie meets the cast of “Rectify” including Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, Clayne Crawford and J. Smith-Cameron.
Guest Stars: Gordon Lightfoot as Himself | J. Smith Cameron as Herself | Clayne Crawford as Himself | Abigail Spencer as Herself | Aden Young as Himself

390 :02x180 - Alive Inside

Katie finds out how the power of music awakens deeply locked memories for people suffering with Alzheimer's.

391 :02x181 - Divorced and Living Together

Katie talks to a divorced couple who live together in modified home to try and make children's lives better. Laura Wasser has tips on how best to divorce and save on money.

392 :02x182 - Your Brain on Porn

Katie hots a debate on whether or not porn is addictive as she hears personal stories and offers tips how to block it from your home computers and televisions. Doc Shaw talks about his dramatic weight loss and how he is educating kids about obesity.

393 :02x183 - The Plight of the Honey Bee

Katie learns how honey bees help feed America and are dying off at alarming rate. The show offer tips on how to transform your garden.

394 :02x184 - Addicted To Painkillers

The show offer a glimpse into people's lives that have spun out of control after the have become addicted to painkillers. Lynda Carter talks to Katie about “Wonder Woman” and her love of singing.
Guest Stars: Lynda Carter as Herself

395 :02x185 - The Mindful Life Project & Bret Baier

Katie talks to a teacher who brought mindfulness to inner-city schools and changed students’ lives along the way. Bret Baier talks to Katie about his career and his family’s journey through his son’s congenital heart disease.
Guest Stars: Bret Baier as Himself

396 :02x186 - Are We Overprotecting Our Kids?

Katie takes a look at if the nation's obsession with safety is protecting our kids or keeping them from learning life’s valuable lessons. Katie Armiger performs whilst Jeffrey Phillip offers tips on how to pack a suitcase.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Phillip as Himself | Katie Armiger as Herself

397 :02x187 - Meet Exceptional Kids

Katie talks to three exceptional children, an 11-year-old marathon runner, an 8-year-old who speaks eight languages and a 13-year-old fashion designer. Apollo Robbins shows Katie his deception pick-pocket tricks.
Guest Stars: Apollo Robbins as Himself

398 :02x188 - Men & Fertility

The show has everything that men need to know about freezing their sperm and features experts talking about the reality of the male biological clock. Jerry Bruckheimer talks to Katie about his four decades of making films.
Guest Stars: Jerry Bruckheimer as Himself

399 :02x189 - Dangerous Teen Diet Trends

Signs to look out for suggesting your teen may be eating a dangerous diet.

400 :02x190 - Medical Mysteries

Dolvett Quince and Tavi Gevinson look at medical mysteries with Katie.
Guest Stars: Dolvett Quince as Himself | Tavi Gevinson as Herself

402 :02x192 - It Could Happen To You

Katie talks to a women whose life changed in an instant aftwer she became paralyzed at her own bachelorette party. Tig Notero is also on the show.
Guest Stars: Tig Notaro as Herself

404 :02x194 - Living With Adult ADHD

Katie talks to adults living who are with ADHD and learn how it affects their lives and their families.

405 :02x195 - Changing Careers At Any Age

Katie finds out more about taking your career in a whole new direction.

406 :02x196 - Dressing For Success

Katie learns out how “Dress for Success” is helping women get ready to get and keep much needed jobs.

407 :02x197 - How To Live To Be 100

Katie learns the he secrets to living to one hundred and finds out what you can do to affect your longevity.

408 :02x198 - The DIY Revolution

Katie chats to different DIY entrepreneurs who have been turning their passions into successful businesses that emphasize quality and community.

410 :02x200 - Love Found on Death Row

Katie continues to look back on some of her favorite past guests as well as hearing from the couple who've fallen in love on death row.

411 :02x201 - Farewell to Katie

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Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Talk Shows
Genres: Current Events, Interview
Status: Canceled
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 03:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 2012
Ended: July 30, 2014
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