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Katie (2012)

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Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
211 2x01 09/Sep/2013 A ‘Katie’ Exclusive: Lil Wayne N/A
212 2x02 10/Sep/2013 Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer & CeeLo Green N/A
213 2x03 11/Sep/2013 The Cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ & Eve N/A
214 2x04 12/Sep/2013 Aimee Copeland & Julianne Moore N/A
215 2x05 13/Sep/2013 Billy Crystal, Emeli Sandé & Valerie Harper N/A
216 2x06 16/Sep/2013 Child-Free By Choice N/A
217 2x07 17/Sep/2013 Never-Before-Told Stories About Kate Middleton N/A
218 2x08 18/Sep/2013 Alexa Ray Joel Performs & Pint-Size Putters N/A
219 2x09 19/Sep/2013 Exclusive: The Cast of “Prisoners” N/A
220 2x10 20/Sep/2013 Meet The Sharks: The Cast of “Shark Tank” Season Five N/A
221 2x11 23/Sep/2013 Mariska Hargitay & Domestic Violence N/A
222 2x12 24/Sep/2013 Reincarnation & Suzanne Somers N/A
223 2x13 25/Sep/2013 Kate Gosselin & Julianne Moore N/A
224 2x14 26/Sep/2013 Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bill Hader N/A
225 2x15 27/Sep/2013 Julianna Margulies N/A
226 2x16 30/Sep/2013 “Snowflake” Babies & Gina Gershon N/A
227 2x17 01/Oct/2013 Race in America N/A
228 2x18 02/Oct/2013 The Latest Divorce Trends & “Drop Dead Diva” Star Brooke Elliott N/A
229 2x19 03/Oct/2013 David Arquette & Padma Lakshmi N/A
230 2x20 04/Oct/2013 Judge Judy & a “Master Chef Junior” Cook-Off N/A
231 2x21 07/Oct/2013 Amish Schoolhouse Shooter’s Former Wife Speaks Out N/A
232 2x22 08/Oct/2013 LL Cool J & Criss Angel N/A
233 2x23 09/Oct/2013 Daniel Radcliffe & Lyme Disease N/A
234 2x24 10/Oct/2013 Medical Miracles & Scott Baio N/A
235 2x25 11/Oct/2013 TGIF! N/A
236 2x26 14/Oct/2013 Bullied to Death & Workouts for 2 N/A
237 2x27 15/Oct/2013 Life According to Sam” & Lauren Conrad’s Hot Fall Trends N/A
238 2x28 16/Oct/2013 Spied On Through A Webcam N/A
239 2x29 17/Oct/2013 Molly: The Deadly Drug Your Kids May Be Doing N/A
240 2x30 18/Oct/2013 ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast & Dylan McDermott N/A
241 2x31 21/Oct/2013 Former Plus-Size Women Seek Revenge N/A
242 2x32 22/Oct/2013 Regis Philbin & Hidden World of Counterfeit Purses N/A
243 2x33 23/Oct/2013 Sole Survivor of a Plane Crash N/A
244 2x34 24/Oct/2013 “Food Porn” with Today’s Top Chefs N/A
245 2x35 25/Oct/2013 Jamie Foxx N/A
246 2x36 28/Oct/2013 De-Clutter Your Life! N/A
247 2x37 29/Oct/2013 Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later N/A
248 2x38 30/Oct/2013 ill O’Reilly on “Killing Jesus” & Unbelievable Moments Caught on Tape N/A
249 2x39 31/Oct/2013 Trick or Treat with Bette Midler N/A
250 2x40 01/Nov/2013 Orlando Bloom & Beauty Secrets with Michelle Phan N/A
251 2x41 04/Nov/2013 Aziz Ansari & Mothers of Invention N/A
252 2x42 05/Nov/2013 Lindsey Vonn & Win Katie’s Swag Bag N/A
253 2x43 06/Nov/2013 Treasures In Your Trash & Guinness World Records Broken N/A
254 2x44 07/Nov/2013 Innocent But Sentenced to Death & Inside the CMAs N/A
255 2x45 08/Nov/2013 Avril Lavigne & Katie’s “Chopped” Challenge with Joy Behar N/A
256 2x46 11/Nov/2013 Katie Helps Women Get Jobs & Taye Diggs N/A
257 2x47 12/Nov/2013 Glamour Women of the Year, Young Men Killing & Shirley MacLaine N/A
258 2x48 13/Nov/2013 Revolutionary Face Transplants & Jessica Lange N/A
259 2x49 14/Nov/2013 Real Husbands of Hollywood” Exclusive & Nelly Performs N/A
260 2x50 15/Nov/2013 Katie’s Classified, Lady Antebellum & Christie Brinkley N/A
261 2x51 18/Nov/2013 Katie’s Challenge for Change & Julian Lennon N/A
262 2x52 19/Nov/2013 Demi Lovato & Men with Eating Disorders Share Their Stories N/A
263 2x53 20/Nov/2013 Katie’s Fantasy Job & Shirley MacLaine N/A
264 2x54 21/Nov/2013 Sexual Assault In the Military & People’s Sexiest Man Alive N/A
265 2x55 22/Nov/2013 Vince Vaughn & Katie Helps Fill A Food Bank N/A
266 2x56 25/Nov/2013 Katie’s Fantasy Job, Holiday Shopping Tips & Angela Bassett N/A
267 2x57 26/Nov/2013 Katie & Bryant Gumbel Reunite – Plus, Mike Tyson N/A
268 2x58 27/Nov/2013 Mom Inventors Win Money & Amy Grant N/A
269 2x59 02/Dec/2013 How Will 3D Printers Change Your Life? N/A
270 2x60 03/Dec/2013 The “Kirstie” Cast & Gluten-Free Myths Busted N/A
271 2x61 04/Dec/2013 The HPV Vaccine Controversy & Rosie Perez N/A
272 2x62 05/Dec/2013 Sheryl Crow + The “Bonnie & Clyde” Stars N/A
273 2x63 06/Dec/2013 Anxiety & Your Family – Plus, Jack Osbourne & Susan Boyle N/A
274 2x64 09/Dec/2013 Surviving An Unthinkable Childhood N/A
275 2x65 10/Dec/2013 Could A Medical Mystery Land You in Jail? N/A
276 2x66 11/Dec/2013 Ryan Ferguson Living in Freedom – Plus, Mel B N/A
277 2x67 12/Dec/2013 The “Murphy Brown” Cast Reunion N/A
278 2x68 13/Dec/2013 Sandy Hook One Year Later & Emma Thompson N/A
279 2x69 16/Dec/2013 Secret Lives of Sex Addicts N/A
280 2x70 17/Dec/2013 Is Someone Watching You? N/A
281 2x71 18/Dec/2013 An Inside Look At Katie’s Holiday Home Decorations N/A
282 2x72 19/Dec/2013 Modern Religion In America N/A
283 2x73 20/Dec/2013 Love Your Body & Mary J. Blige N/A
284 2x74 23/Dec/2013 Will Ferrell & Real-Life Legendary News Anchors N/A
285 2x75 24/Dec/2013 Selfless Gifts, Ralph Fiennes, & Lady Antebellum Performs N/A
286 2x76 25/Dec/2013 Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal N/A
287 2x77 27/Dec/2013 Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Tips & “Life According to Sam” N/A
288 2x78 30/Dec/2013 Mariska Hargitay: No More to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence N/A
289 2x79 31/Dec/2013 Are You Just Forgetful … Or At Risk for Alzheimer’s? N/A
290 2x80 02/Jan/2014 Regis Philbin & Inside the World of Counterfeit Purses N/A
291 2x81 06/Jan/2014 Money Myths Busted N/A
292 2x82 07/Jan/2014 Life After Loss: Laci Peterson’s and Natalee Holloway’s Families N/A
293 2x83 08/Jan/2014 New Year, New Life Calling! N/A
294 2x84 09/Jan/2014 Beat Your Sugar Addiction Now N/A
295 2x85 10/Jan/2014 The Knockout Game N/A
296 2x86 13/Jan/2014 Are We Becoming a Marijuana Nation? N/A
297 2x87 14/Jan/2014 The Ladies of “Law and Order” N/A
298 2x88 15/Jan/2014 Honey Boo Boo and Mama June N/A
299 2x89 16/Jan/2014 Katie Gets Wedding Fever N/A
300 2x90 17/Jan/2014 Teens Battling with Alcohol N/A
301 2x91 20/Jan/2014 Childfree By Choice N/A
302 2x92 21/Jan/2014 Life-Changing Drones & Ghost Hunters N/A
303 2x93 22/Jan/2014 Secret Lives of the Paparazzi N/A
304 2x94 23/Jan/2014 Things They Don't Want You To Know N/A
305 2x95 24/Jan/2014 Kick Your Sugar Habit N/A
306 2x96 27/Jan/2014 The Brave Among Us N/A
307 2x97 28/Jan/2014 Connect Your Mind & Body N/A
308 2x98 29/Jan/2014 Wrongly Convicted & Drew Brees N/A
309 2x99 30/Jan/2014 Sex Trafficking and Sporting Events N/A
310 2x100 31/Jan/2014 21-Day Challenge N/A
311 2x101 03/Feb/2014 Modern Love & Angie Everhart N/A
312 2x102 04/Feb/2014 Does Your Background Make You Successful? N/A
313 2x103 05/Feb/2014 Padma Lakshmi, Wrongly Accused & Wedding Wednesday N/A
314 2x104 06/Feb/2014 Have You Been Scammed? N/A
315 2x105 07/Feb/2014 Overcoming The Odds N/A
316 2x106 10/Feb/2014 Sexual Assault Claim Goes Viral N/A
317 2x107 11/Feb/2014 The Dark Side of Obsession N/A
318 2x108 12/Feb/2014 Keeping Your Children Safe N/A
319 2x109 13/Feb/2014 The New Marriage Challenge N/A
320 2x110 14/Feb/2014 Finding Love on Valentine’s Day N/A
321 2x111 17/Feb/2014 Is Your Medicine Counterfeit? N/A
322 2x112 18/Feb/2014 Protecting Young Models N/A
323 2x113 19/Feb/2014 A “Katie” Exclusive with Melinda Gates N/A
324 2x114 20/Feb/2014 Breadwinning Moms N/A
325 2x115 21/Feb/2014 Female Inventors Competition N/A
326 2x116 24/Feb/2014 Tattoo Artistry N/A
327 2x117 25/Feb/2014 Talking Hormones N/A
328 2x118 26/Feb/2014 Roma Downey & Mark Burnett N/A
329 2x119 27/Feb/2014 Parents & Kids in Competitive Sports N/A
330 2x120 28/Feb/2014 Winning the Gold N/A
331 2x121 03/Mar/2014 Men and Breast Cancer N/A
332 2x122 04/Mar/2014 One Man’s Fight to Prove His Innocence N/A
333 2x123 05/Mar/2014 Are You Losing Your Hair? N/A
334 2x124 06/Mar/2014 Breadwinning Moms N/A
335 2x125 07/Mar/2014 Grown Kids Living At Home N/A
336 2x126 10/Mar/2014 Surviving The Unthinkable N/A
337 2x127 11/Mar/2014 Insider Industry Secrets N/A
338 2x128 12/Mar/2014 How To Invest Money Without Risk N/A
339 2x129 13/Mar/2014 Colon Cancer Awareness N/A
340 2x130 14/Mar/2014 Sarah Jessica Parker N/A
341 2x131 31/Mar/2014 Game Changing Moms N/A
342 2x132 01/Apr/2014 Getting Happier N/A
343 2x133 02/Apr/2014 Redefining Success N/A
344 2x134 03/Apr/2014 Escaping Depression N/A
345 2x135 04/Apr/2014 Morgan Spurlock & Richard Marx N/A
346 2x136 14/Apr/2014 Dangerous Teen Trends N/A
347 2x137 15/Apr/2014 Morgan Freeman, Bob Saget N/A
348 2x138 16/Apr/2014 Hope For Paralysis Patients N/A
349 2x139 17/Apr/2014 Morgan Freeman & Forgiving The Unforgivable N/A
350 2x140 18/Apr/2014 Colin Firth & Boston Marathon One-Year Later N/A
351 2x141 21/Apr/2014 Surviving A Natural Disaster N/A
352 2x142 22/Apr/2014 Earth Day With Jane Goodall N/A
353 2x143 23/Apr/2014 Smart Money, Smart Kids N/A
354 2x144 24/Apr/2014 Jewel N/A
355 2x145 25/Apr/2014 The Virginity Movement N/A
356 2x146 28/Apr/2014 Sofia Vergara N/A
357 2x147 29/Apr/2014 Health, Wellness & A Better You N/A
358 2x148 30/Apr/2014 The College Sexual Assault Epidemic N/A
359 2x149 01/May/2014 Katie’s Surprise Kick-Off & Jane Seymour N/A
360 2x150 02/May/2014 Distracted Driving N/A
361 2x151 05/May/2014 New Research About Postpartum Depression N/A
362 2x152 06/May/2014 From Stuttering To Success N/A
363 2x153 07/May/2014 Ben’s Bucket List N/A
364 2x154 08/May/2014 Fed Up N/A
365 2x155 09/May/2014 Exclusive with “Mom’s Night Out” Cast N/A
366 2x156 12/May/2014 The Confidence Gap N/A
367 2x157 13/May/2014 Spring Clean Your Closet! N/A
368 2x158 14/May/2014 AIDS: Then & Now N/A
369 2x159 15/May/2014 Women in Politics N/A
370 2x160 16/May/2014 Claire Danes/Afghan Hands N/A
371 2x161 19/May/2014 The Bionic Chef N/A
372 2x162 20/May/2014 Losing Your Mom In Youth N/A
373 2x163 21/May/2014 A Joyous Summer! N/A
374 2x164 22/May/2014 Road Trip & Wynonna Judd N/A
375 2x165 23/May/2014 Winning a Scholarship! N/A
376 2x166 27/May/2014 Toxic Hot Seat N/A
377 2x167 28/May/2014 Unstoppable Women N/A
378 2x168 29/May/2014 Foster Care Parents N/A
379 2x169 30/May/2014 What Would You Do?/Debi Mazar N/A
380 2x170 02/Jun/2014 Marlo Thomas & The Power of “No” N/A
381 2x171 03/Jun/2014 A ‘Katie’ Exclusive with Hillary Holt N/A
382 2x172 04/Jun/2014 When Children Leave The Nest N/A
383 2x173 05/Jun/2014 The “Ivory Tower” N/A
384 2x174 06/Jun/2014 Crime Solving Crusaders N/A
385 2x175 09/Jun/2014 Gay In The Military N/A
386 2x176 10/Jun/2014 Laverne Cox, Then Nelly Performs! N/A
387 2x177 11/Jun/2014 The Search For My Egg Donor N/A
388 2x178 12/Jun/2014 Meet The “Rectify” Cast N/A
389 2x179 13/Jun/2014 Are You Overwhelmed? N/A
390 2x180 30/Jun/2014 Alive Inside N/A
391 2x181 01/Jul/2014 Divorced and Living Together N/A
392 2x182 02/Jul/2014 Your Brain on Porn N/A
393 2x183 03/Jul/2014 The Plight of the Honey Bee N/A
394 2x184 07/Jul/2014 Addicted To Painkillers N/A
395 2x185 08/Jul/2014 The Mindful Life Project & Bret Baier N/A
396 2x186 09/Jul/2014 Are We Overprotecting Our Kids? N/A
397 2x187 10/Jul/2014 Meet Exceptional Kids N/A
398 2x188 11/Jul/2014 Men & Fertility N/A
399 2x189 14/Jul/2014 Dangerous Teen Diet Trends N/A
400 2x190 15/Jul/2014 Medical Mysteries N/A
401 2x191 16/Jul/2014 Celebrating Nurses N/A
402 2x192 17/Jul/2014 It Could Happen To You N/A
403 2x193 18/Jul/2014 Internet Stars N/A
404 2x194 21/Jul/2014 Living With Adult ADHD N/A
405 2x195 22/Jul/2014 Changing Careers At Any Age N/A
406 2x196 23/Jul/2014 Dressing For Success N/A
407 2x197 24/Jul/2014 How To Live To Be 100 N/A
408 2x198 25/Jul/2014 The DIY Revolution N/A
409 2x199 28/Jul/2014 Katie's Memorable Guests N/A
410 2x200 29/Jul/2014 Love Found on Death Row N/A
411 2x201 30/Jul/2014 Farewell to Katie N/A

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