Astroid Blues - Recap

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Spike and Jet float through space in Jet’s ship, the Bebop. Spike is irritated that Jet told him that they were having bell peppers in beef, and to Spike’s dismay, there is no beef. He asks Jet how it is bell peppers and beef, if there isn’t beef. Jet responds that it is when you’re broke. Spike asks about the money they made off their last bounty, and Jet angrily lists all the accidents that Spike caused catching the bounties.

Jet tells Spike about the next bounty, a man named Asimov Solensan. It appears that Asimov stole a large supply of the Red Dragon Syndicate’s Bloody Eye, a powerful drug, and is on the asteroid Tijuana with a 2.5 million woolong bounty on his head. Spike doesn’t seem interested in the bounty, calling Asimov a small fry. Jet then tells Spike that Tijuana has some tasty beef.

As Spike is getting ready to take off in his spacecraft, the Swordfish II, Jet tells him he’ll catch up after hitting the police up for information. Spike tells him that while he is doing that, he will pay a visit to Running Bull.

Inside a bar called “El Rey”, three senile old men, Antonio, Carlos, and Jobin, are playing cards, and Antonio is shouting angrily because he is losing. Asimov and his girlfriend, Katerina, who is apparently pregnant, take a seat at the bar. Asimov asks for a beer, while Katerina asks for a Bloody Mary. The bartender replies that he has vodka, but he is afraid he is fresh out of tomato juice. Asimov flashes the bar tender a glimpse of a vial of bloody eye, proclaiming that he is sure there is one can left in the back. The bartender tells him that he will check, and the two men walk into the back room.

The bartender doubts that it is real bloody eye and asks for a demonstration. Asimov sprays the bloody eye into his eyes and everything goes into slow motion. Asimov shouts, “Keep those eyes open”, and everything goes into slow motion for him.

Outside of El Rey, a group of men gather outside of the building and open fire. Katerina opens fire and the old men hide under the table as all of the bottles in the bar break. Asimov, under the influence of the bloody eye, kills all of the men.

Spike enters Laughing Bull’s tepee and the old Indian tells him that the “red eyed coyote will appear at the zona norte at the far end of town.” Laughing Bull also makes the prophecy, “You, ‘Swimming Bird’, you shall meet a woman. You shall be targeted by that woman... and then...death.” Spike shrugs it off saying he died once already, to a woman. Laughing Bull tells him he takes woman far too lightly.

Jet arrives at El Rey and helps himself to a drink when two syndicate men come in to clean up the mess. Jet knocks one out cold and forces the other to tell him what he knows about Asimov.

Spike is running low on fuel and lands at a restroom. Asimov also enters. As Spike washes his hands, Asimov reaches for a gun in his jacket when Spike tells him “It’s better to leave the water running, so you don’t clog the drain.” Outside, Katerina is buying food from a vending machine.

Spike bumps into Katerina, spilling all of her groceries to the floor. Spike helps return the items to her bag, but not before commandeering a hotdog in his mouth, that Katerina doesn’t want back. As Spike refuels the Swordfish II, he talks with Katerina telling her he has had the ship for a little over 10 years, and that he is actually a traveling performer. Katerina tells him that she can tell when he is joking and when he is serious, and Spike tells her he gets that a lot. She asks if he has ever been to Mars, and Spike tells her he was born on Mars. He said it’s a great place, if you’re rich. She proclaims that she will be very happy then.

The conversation spirals downhill as Spike asks how far she expects to get as she flees. She demands to know who he is and he replies an old fashion cowboy. Katerina realizes Spike is a bounty hunter, and asks “You’re not going to catch us?” Spike tells her that Asimov is sick and that there is no thrill in the small fries. She tells him that it’s a wise decision as Asimov sneaks up behind Spike, strangling him. Asimov asks him who the small fry is now as Katerina begs him to let Spike go. Asimov lets Spike go, and as Spike falls to the ground, he subtly reaches into Asimov’s pocket inside his jacket. Asimov and Katerina race away.

As Asimov and Katerina get away, Asimov questions her motives for begging for Spike’s life. Katerina tells him that she is just tired, and she can finally be happy on Mars.

Jet looms over Spike telling him that they are giving up on Asimov because the man is too jacked up on the bloody eye and they are out of leads. Spike tells him that the two are planning to escape to Mars, but first, they need to sell off the bloody eye. Spike reveals the vial that he stole from Asimov. Jet laughs saying that Asimov got the better of him. Spike jumps off reciting Laughing Bull’s line, “The red eyed coyote will appear in the zona norte at the far end of town.”

Police ships float around the asteroid, and a cop cruiser drives by Asimov and Katerina’s parked car. They exit and go right outside of “Denis Bar” where the three old men are playing cards again, and like before Antonio is gripping about how much money he is losing.

Asimov takes a seat next to Spike, who is disguised in a poncho and sombrero. Asimov asks him if he has any bloody marys and Spike tells him he only has beer. Asimov says he has tomato juice. Spike asks how much and Asimov tells him 300,000 woolongs for 50 packs. Spike seems disgusted at the price of 15 million woolongs and Asimov gets up to leave. Spike tells him to show him, and as Asimov reaches into his pocket, Spike reveals the vial.

Spike asks Asimov if he is looking for the vial and asks him if he knows he is worth only 2.5 million woolongs. Spike laughs telling him that there is no thrill in the cheap ones. Asimov demands to get his vial back, and Spike tells him he owes him one, tossing the vial in the air and shooting it with his gun. Spike tells Asimov he trusts his eyes too much as he beats him. A black fighter shoots at them from the air and the two run for cover. Asimov and Katerina race off in their car as a car full of mobsters chase after them.

Katerina and Asimov steal a man’s ship at the refueling station and Katerina’s stomach is hit by gunfire from above. Vials of bloody eye fall out everywhere from Katerina’s hole in her dress. She scrambles to grab as many as she can and jumps in the ship with Asimov who is screaming at her to be careful because the vials are their ticket out.

A couple of cars pull up shooting at Spike, as Jet’s ship, the Hammerhead, picks them up. Spike hitches a ride from Jet getting back to the Swordfish II.

Spike guns down the black ships and chases down Asimov. Asimov uses more bloody eye as Katerina begs him to stop telling him that doing anymore could kill him. As the chase continues into space, Katerina sees all of the Police ships and knows they will never reach Mars. Katerina shoots Asimov in the head, looks over at Spike’s ship beside her, and says adios as the police ships open fire and destroy the stolen ship.

Spike and Jet are back on the Bebop and Jet yells out that the food is ready. Spike asks what is cooking and Jet tells him that it is bell peppers and beef.