Stray Dog Strut - Recap

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Three armed scientists enter a restroom and point their weapons at a stall. They yell for Abdul Hakim to come out or they will shoot. Abdul knocks down the stall door and dispatches all three.

Spike is watching “The Big Shot” show for bounty hunters on television and they announce Abdul Hakim is worth 8 million woolongs. Jet walks in holding a broken machine, proclaiming that it is done for, and a doctor appears on the monitor. Spike talks the doctor into giving him Abdul’s post surgery pictures for the right price.

Hakim makes plans to meet someone in six hours.

Spike looks at the photos the doctor uploaded him, and then tells him that Hakim also had a suitcase with him. The doctor told him that the suitcase was large enough to hold a small woman inside.

Hakim enters a tea shop, ordering a cup of tea. An old Chinese man bumps into him, spilling his tea. Hakim, in anger, crushes a cockroach and puts it in the man’s drink. He forces the tea down the man’s throat and the old guy vomits. A young Chinese guy steals Hakim’s suitcase and gets away with it.

Spike takes off to go after Hakim. Also three scientists in a van talk about how to get to Hakim. Spike walks into a weapon shop to ask if the clerk knows where to find a shady pet store. The clerk tells him to check out a place called Animal Treasure.

Spike enters the pet store to find a man holding a suitcase. Assuming that it is Hakim, when it is actually the young man that stole his suitcase, Spike puts a gun to his head and tells him to open the suitcase. The store owner tells them that it’s a welsh corgi, and that it’s only worth about 200 woolongs. Spike pulls his gun away and walks off. He gets sludge on his shoe outside and as he wipes it off Hakim walks by. The young man is bartering with the owner while Hakim puts a gun to his head, demanding his suitcase and dog back. The corgi leaps at Hakim and he fires a stray shot. The shot scares the animals and they run escape the store with the owner chasing after them.

The corgi runs out into the street. Hakim chases the corgi. The scientists see the dog as well and chase after it in the van. Spike notices Hakim and the others and follows suit. The scientists get cut off by some spectators and Hakim and Spike face each other on a bridge. Hakim asks if he is a bounty hunter or an animal rights activist. Spike tells Hakim that he is a bounty hunter and laughs that the dog is only worth 200 woolongs. Spike and Hakim fight and the dog jumps off the bridge onto a boat. Hakim jumps after the dog and Spike jumps after Hakim. However, the dog intercepts Spike and the two fall into the water while Hakim lands on the boat.

Spike takes the corgi back to the Bebop. He tells Jet the dog is completely worthless and it bites Spike’s finger.

Two kids fishing on the river pull up Hakim on their line. Hakim asks the kids the time, and they reply that it is 4 pm. Hakim mutters he has 2 more hours and shoves the kids to the ground.

Two scientists in the van talk to each other wondering who Spike was. They assume that he was Hakim’s accomplice and then they reveal that the dog was a laboratory experiment of theirs that they can’t let the police find.

Spike parks the Swordfish II beside a playground and emerges with the dog on a leash. He argues with Jet on a monitor about why he has to do it, and shows the kids away.

Hakim tries to postpone his meeting on the phone but the person on the other line doesn’t seem to be willing to wait. Spike is shown walking the dog into town, while Hakim is stopped by a fortuneteller who tells him that he can help him find what he is looking for. Jet talks aloud to himself telling the plan that Hakim will find the dog.

The two scientists in the van try to decide whether or not to blow the dog whistle. They are afraid it’ll cause a scene, but blow it anyway. The dog stops walking. Hakim is still talking to the fortuneteller.

At the Animal Treasure pet shop, the dogs go crazy. The corgi gets away from Spike and runs off. Spike tells Jet and chases after it. The dog runs past Hakim and he follows, without paying the fortuneteller. Hakim steals a car from some newlyweds. The scientists open the back of the van door and fire a net, capturing all of the dogs but the corgi. Hakim pulls up beside the animal and sprays something in its face, making it pass out.

Spike drops the Swordfish II down on the top of Hakim’s car. The dog comes too, and the scientists open fire from behind Hakim. The animal hits some buttons on Hakim’s steering wheel. The door flies open and it jumps out. The dog hits the side of the bridge and is knocked out as it plummets. Spike catches the mutt with the Swordfish II and curses under his breath. Hakim and the scientists crash into the police station.

Spike and Jet watch the Big Shot and they reveal that Hakim is behind bars and that the dog is still missing. They tell everyone it’s a special data dog that was the test subject of many experiments. They say the dog is priceless among collectors. The Animal Treasure pet store owner ponders on whether or not it was the same dog. The dog jumps out of the bath and soaks Spike as he shakes clean. Spike tells Jet that that is the reason he hates animals.