The Christening - Recap

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The Christening

The episode starts with Richard and Hyacinth getting ready in their bedroom. Richard is asking if his tie is OK, and Hyacinth remarks that any tie is OK, considering where they’re going. Richard tries to reason with Hyacinth that it’s a family time and a happy time, but she is appalled that there hasn’t been a wedding before the christening.

We then go over to Daisy, who is using the kitchen cloth to clean her shoes, and Rose, who is wondering where her boyfriend is. Daisy asks her to forget about men for the day, but Rose can’t fathom that notion. Rose then asks about Onslow and makes sure he’s up. He is indeed, and looking for his shirt.

Back to Hyacinth who is still complaining about the marital status of her niece, Stephanie. Then she starts complaining about the name of the child: Kylie. Richard, on the other hand, is trying to look on the bright side of things. Now they’re ready and go to set off, but wait. A word of warning to Richard, not to go into details about where they’re going. Yet, Richard doesn’t heed her advice and as soon as he sees Elizabeth, he divulges that they’re off to a christening, much to Hyacinth’s vexation.

Over to Rose who’s on the phone with her boyfriend Dennis, who is jealous that Rose is still seeing another man, Reg. Before we can hear anything more, we follow Onslow to the kitchen, where  he asks, then begs Daisy for a beer[/lanchor]. It’s not long, then Hyacinth turns up. Richard and her are both wondering if Daddy will be going along to the christening as well.

Once inside, Daisy is rummaging around for some sherry glasses. After finding a couple, she proceeds to give them a nice clean – using a pair of Onslow’s undies. Hyacinth is not bothered to have a drink, but Daisy insists, since Onslow bought some sherry especially for the occasion, they must have a drink. Hyacinth is taken aback that not only has he purchased sherry, but also he’s wearing a tie.

The conversation then turns to Daddy: will he go or won’t he? It seems to be affirmative, as there is a Mrs Midgely upstairs getting him ready. In the meantime, Rose is back on the phone to another boyfriend – this time Reg. Daisy is quite incensed that she is bringing her personal problems into the limelight on such a day and shoos her to the hallway. Yet, even from the hallway, everyone can hear her conversation, as she tells Reg that she will be going to the christening with Dennis, who means nothing to her. More intrusive sounds are entering the lounge, this time from upstairs as Mrs Midgely is warning Daddy not to try it on again.

Among all this commotion, Daisy tries to bring some sense of calm to the moment by proposing a toast to Stephanie and the baby. Onslow – being his usual self – prematurely gulps his down and needs a refill. When the final moment comes for them to all toast, however, only Onslow can handle the sherry, as Daisy, Richard and Hyacinth simultaneously choke on their drinks. Apparently Onslow spiked it.

Another cry of Daddy’s caretaker rings out through the house, prompting Hyacinth to drag her sisters to the foyer for an impromptu meeting. She isn’t sure Daddy is fit to go to the christening, but Daisy insists he should go. Hyacinth wants nothing to do with his going though, and decides she will drive Rose, not Daddy. They get the car ready and wait for Rose out front, and when she appears, with her short skirt and slender figure, Richard’s eyes and tongue nearly pop out of his head, striking jealousy in Hyacinth.

Finally at the church, and the vicar is mingling with the small crowd. Richard pulls up, gets out of the car, and makes his way to let Hyacinth out, but she gets out herself and hurries to help Rose out, all the while giving Richard an icy stare. When Hyacinth spies the vicar approaching, she tries her best to keep Rose in the car, since her skirt is deemed inappropriate. She manages to get out of the car anyway, despite Hyacinth’s best efforts, and just in time to see her two men of the moment simultaneously arriving. They then each grab an arm of Rose and claim her as their date.

Hyacinth now goes immediately into her usual boring self, dragging the vicar along to listen to her spew about Violet and all her many assets. The vicar, tiring fast, makes his excuses and dashes away. In the meantime, Reg and Dennis are still fighting over Rose. Moments later we are back with ‘the Bucket woman’ as she’s sniffing out the vicar to flaunt Violet yet again! This time he is lucky to have Onslow and Daisy finally arrive, and he makes haste to greet them. Hyacinth is immediately displeased by how chummy they seem to be with the vicar. Then Daddy is not wasting any time, and has a crack at Mrs Midgely.

Next we fast forward a while, and everyone is under cover since it’s pouring rain. Onslow wants to go across to the pub while they are waiting for Stephanie to arrive, but Hyacinth just glares at him and he backs down. Just then the vicar appears out of the rain and says that Stephanie has called and she’s broken down only a few miles from the church. At first Onslow says he’ll go, but then Hyacinth, of course, interjects and says that her reliable car is better suited, and so off they go.

After five miles they are wondering where they are. They should have found them by now. Finally they stop at a call box and it turns out that they already passed them . . . a caravan of hippies they passed along the way. When they arrive, the four – Stephanie, her baby, and her two lovers – all pile into their car, with their stuff, though it quickly becomes apparent that that arrangement won’t due. So they try to jump start the van. While waiting Hyacinth looks on, disgusted as the hippie men both ‘adjust themselves’ and reveal a little more than Hyacinth wanted to see. To make it all worse, they both seem to be Stephanie’s lover.

There is no immediate luck starting the van, and we see back at the church, everyone is kind of anxiously waiting. Unexpectedly, the anticipated Mercedes pulls up signalling Violet and Bruce’s arrival. Richard finally gets the van going only to discover that his battery has been drained dead.

Over to the church where the caravan pulls up, under the watchful eye of the video recorder. First the hippies emerge, then Richard and Hyacinth. The vicar enquires which man is the father, but Hyacinth avoids the question twice, and just drags the vicar into the church.