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Season 4

Two Heads Are Better Than None

The Rockmores head off on a cross country trip, but Kenan and Kyra stow Kel away in the car. After the family makes camp for the night, the vacation quickly takes a turn for the spooky, when Kenan encounters a legendary ghost called the Headless Knight. When their car breaks down, Kenan and Kel go off in search of help, and end up at a sinister mansion that they may not leave alive.
Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Uncle Leo | Time Winters as Arthur | Bonnie Hellman as Shelly Wilson | Thomas Knickerbocker as Sheldon "Shelly" Wilson | Michael Berryman as Chives | Jonathan T. Floyd as Unknown | Terry Ray as Peppy Museum Employee | Sonje Fortag as Unknown | Sonya Leslie as Unknown | Martin Clark (1) as Unknown | Doreen Weese as Miss Quagmire | Joel McCrary as Steve

49 :04x01 - Corporate Kenan

One of "Crazy" Roger Rockmore's old friends is now a multi-millionaire with his own company. Kenan then uses the ploy of "quitting" to get a raise, but he ends up having to actually quit. When Kenan is looking for a new job at any large company, he finds one at Dim-Sum enterprises and goes for the interview, but when he switches resumes with another hopeful employee he ends up switching resumes with the soon-to-be executive vice president and must give a speech for his plans for the company.
Guest Stars: Bill Lee Brown as Mr. Malone | William G. Clark as Executive | Colin McClean as Reginald Van Buren | Brian Sostek as Wayne Connally | David Lance Thomas as Unknown

50 :04x02 - The Honeymoon's Over

When Kenan dances half-naked in his living room his mom's book club comes over. This prompts Kenan to try to get a bachelor pad for Kel and himself. While Kel is watching a version of the Newlywed Game called "The Honeymoon's Over", Kenan gets the idea of going on the show having Kel becoming Kellie Rockerferstien.
Guest Stars: Bob Eubanks as Himself | Elisha Choice as Unknown | Pat Dade as Unknown | Kurt Knudson as Unknown | Rebecca Patterson as Unknown | Corey Pepper as Husband | Susannah Todd as Unknown | Pheopatric Boone as Unknown | Philip Hart Briggs as Unknown | Lynn Burnett as Unknown | Mystro Clark as Eric | Tracey Metro as Unknown
Director: Kim Fields
Writer: Wayne Conley

51 :04x03 - Girl-Watchers

In a classic Kenan & Kel turn of events, the guys do a favor for Eric and pick up his girlfriend, Melissa from O' Hare Airport, only to pick up the wrong girl (named Melissa), knock her out cold, and give her amnesia. Now they must get Melissa to remember that she's Eric's girlfriend before he finds her gone - and before biker Mad Dog mauls the both of them for clobbering her with a suitcase.
Guest Stars: Scott Leet (1) as Mad Dog | Mystro Clark as Eric | Gerry Lock as Old Lady Melissa | Nona Niedert as Ink Parlor Owner | Jake McKinney as Marco | April Weeden as Wrong Melissa | Chef Anton as Unknown
Director: Kim Fields

52 :04x04 - Car Trouble

Kenan wants to get his Drivers License, but his parents forbid him to get it until hes 18, so with Kels so-called "help" and Marc Cram's dad's car, he tries to learn, but puts off his science project in the process, causing him to sleep on his exam day - during the exam!
Guest Stars: Biagio Messina as Marc Cram | Dee Freeman as DMV Clerk Heather | Vince Deadrick, Jr. as DMV Instructor Leonard

53 :04x05 - Three Girls, A Guy and a Cineplex

Kenan winds up with three dates for the same night, and tries to keep them from discovering each other.
Guest Stars: Alexis Fields as Sharla Morrison | Robin Yvette Allen as Yovanda | Mark Allan Staubach as Unknown | Cheryl Carter as Unknown | Roshawn Franklin as Unknown | Maya Elise Goodwin as Unknown
Writer: Amy Berg

54 :04x06 - Natural Born Kenan

Kenan gets the mistaken impression that he's adopted and sets out to the adoption agency to find out his truth because his parents own none of his baby pictures so he decides hes adopted. When at the agency, he finds out that another person was born on the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital, named Kevin Rockmore.
Guest Stars: Mariann Aalda as Fake Margaret Rockmore | Tim Kahle as Royal Page #1 | Wesley Leong as Real George Rockmore | Marji Martin as Unknown | Christopher May as Captain O'Wonderful | Dennis Neal (1) as Fake George Rockmore | Oanh Nguyen as Real Margaret Rockmore | Patrick J. Pieters as Royal Page #2 | Jason Tolliver as Kevin Rockmore | Sunni Boswell as Unknown | Paul Raehpour as Repairman
Director: Linda Mendoza

55 :04x07 - The Graduates

Kenan's senior prank on Principal Horn ends up getting him removed from the graduation exercises - and his parents and family best not know, or he's in deeper than usual!
Guest Stars: Johnny Brown as Uncle Lewie | Alexis Fields as Sharla Morrison | Kim Fields as Principal Horn | Biagio Messina as Marc Cram | Regina Randolph as Unknown | Angel Elliot as Unknown | Mike Ryan (2) as Unknown | Mike Schadel as Unknown | Mark Allan Staubach as Unknown
Director: Ken Whittingham

56 :04x08 - Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (1)

Kenan and Kel take a trip to Hollywood in search of fame, stardom and David Alan Grier!
Guest Stars: Debbie Lee James as Herself | Steven Gamage as Unknown | Darlene Mann as Unknown | Daniel Lynch Miller as Unknown | Yolanda Snowball as Unknown

57 :04x09 - Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (2)

Kenan and Kel meet up with Britney Spears, David Alan Grier and end up making and unexpected appearance and the Julie Brown show.
Guest Stars: Bill Bellamy as Himself | Julie Brown (1) as Herself | David Alan Grier as Himself | Britney Spears as Herself | Edward James Gage as Unknown | David Permenter as Unknown | Oliver Pookrum as Unknown | Laurence York as Unknown

58 :04x10 - Oh, Brother

Chris' brother comes to Chicago for a visit, bringing with him sibling rivalries and a ghoulish adventure for the Rockmores.
Guest Stars: Caleb A. Burk as Unknown | Tad Glauthier as Unknown | Piper Henry as Unknown | Julie Shimer as Unknown
Director: Kim Fields
Writer: Wayne Conley

59 :04x11 - Futurama

Kenan & Kel want the show to last forever so they make a show for the year 2099. Kel plays with the magic vacuum cleaner and makes Rodger disappear. Kenan and Kel try to fix the problem.
Guest Stars: Ann Marie Lee as Mrs. Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh | Frederick Lawrence as Technician | Maria Quinones as Customer | Bill Smillie as Antique Store Owner
Director: Kim Fields

60 :04x12 - The April Fools

Kenan and Kel become masters of practical joking, until it starts making them suspicious of everything and everyone.
Guest Stars: Alexis Fields as Sharla Morrison | Biagio Messina as Marc Cram | Paul Parducci as Unknown | David Douglas as Unknown | Mike Griff as Unknown | Gunther Jensen as Unknown | David Keith Anderson as Unknown | Billy Villegas as Unknown

61 :04x13 - Tales From the Clip

While reminiscing over clips of all their great memories from the show, Kenan and Kel get into a huge fight. Can the two stay friends long enough to get through this series finale?
Guest Stars: Bill Bellamy as Himself | Joel McCrary as Unknown
Director: Kim Fields
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 15, 1996
Ended: April 01, 2000
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