Season 1

1 :01x01 - I Said Bitch

In the premiere of this sketch-comedy series, President Obama expresses his true feelings with help from an anger translator; Lil Wayne gets used to life in jail; and two men tread carefully when it comes to talking about the women in their lives.

Source: Comedy Central

2 :01x02 - Black Hawk Up

A traffic reporter in a helicopter struggles to deal with turbulence; a community-theater crowd enjoys the show; an R&B singer shares a revelation with his partner during a performance.

Source: Comedy Central

3 :01x03 - Das Negros

A biracial man tries to impress his date; hoodlums run into trouble before a big job; slaves can't wait to leave an auction; two men hide from a white supremacist.

Source: Comedy Central

4 :01x04 - The Branding

Sketches include the black-college experience; celebrity entourages; a neighborhood's reaction to a mythical creature; controversial words; and President Obama's anger translator.

Source: Comedy Central

5 :01x05 - Gay Marriage Legalized

Sketches include mystics exercising their rights to dispense wisdom; Jaden Smith and his agent examining a script; a gay couple reacting to recent legislation; and President Obama taking on the Republican opposition.

Source: Comedy Central

6 :01x06 - Flash Mob

Sketches include a guest's requests for a DJ at a wedding reception; a barbecue with the finest food; and a trash-talking mixed-martial-arts fighter.

Source: Comedy Central

7 :01x07 - Bobby McFerrin vs. Michael Winslow

Sketches include the Tea Party's new hope; innovative military recruiters; and a duel between vocalist Bobby McFerrin and sound-effect expert Michael Winslow. Also: Jordan and Keegan discuss who is more black, and being the only black guy at a party.

Source: Comedy Central

8 :01x08 - Babysitting Forest Whitaker

The first-season finale features a babysitter dealing with a young Forest Whitaker; an apartment rented by a suspicious landlord; President Obama's desire to be treated like an ordinary citizen; and partygoers trying to liven up a bar mitzvah.

Source: Comedy Central

Season 2

9 :02x01 - Obama College Years

Sketches in the Season 2 premiere include a look back at President Obama in college; a Civil War reenactment; and Jesus' encounter with a pimp.

Source: Comedy Central

10 :02x02 - Dubstep

Sketches include President Obama and his anger translator, Luther, on Mitt Romney; the speaker after Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech; and two friends' thoughts on what happens to their bodily waste.

Source: Comedy Central

11 :02x03 - Puppy Dog Ice-T

Sketches include Ice-T as a misbehaving puppy; Steve Jobs' successor; and a Rihanna-Chris Brown reconciliation.

Source: Comedy Central

12 :02x04 - I'm Retired

Sketches include a bachelor party that takes an odd turn; and a child's confusing genitalia.

Source: Comedy Central

13 :02x05 - Bone Thugs-n-Homeless

Sketches include a news reporter terrorized by a dog; and Harriet Tubman on the move.

Source: Comedy Central

14 :02x06 - Michael Jackson Halloween

Sketches include a Halloween with racist zombies; a reunion for the cast of the Dutch horror film "The Human Centipede"; and a struggling public school for wizards.

Source: Comedy Central

15 :02x07 - Victory

Sketches include a man who goes to extremes while chasing his girlfriend; and a nonstop party for the electro-pop duo LMFAO.

Source: Comedy Central

16 :02x08 - Manly Tears

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17 :02x09 - Gangsta Standoff

Sketches include racist superheroes; gangsters' fondness for the "Twilight" franchise; and a place where names are spoken via intestinal gas.

Source: Comedy Central

18 :02x10 - Dueling Hats

Sketches in the Season 2 finale include a tutorial on female anatomy for an extraterrestrial; a game of one-upmanship; and the last two men on Earth.

Source: Comedy Central

Season 3

Best of / Season 3 Trailer

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19 :03x01 - Les Mis

Key & Peele's third season premiere.

20 :03x02 - East/West Bowl Rap

Sketches include college-football all-stars from the East/West bowl; a tale of two mobsters; and valet-parking attendants discussing Batman.

Source: Comedy Central

21 :03x03 - Slap-Ass

Sketches include the guys having a bad Skype connection; a "Django Unchained" fight; and a baseball player who likes to congratulate his teammates a bit too much.

Source: Comedy Central

22 :03x04 - LA Vice

Sketches include a boxer taunting his opponent; a thug refusing to get rid of his beer; and a man not allowed to board his flight.

Source: Comedy Central

23 :03x05 - Obama Shutdown

Sketches include a man getting too high; a soccer player going to extremes to get expelled from a match; and sex advice from a pair of experts.

Source: Comedy Central

24 :03x06 - Cunnilingus Class

Sketches include Mr. T teaching life lessons; Wendell needing a new bed; and an insult comic crossing the line.

Source: Comedy Central

25 :03x07 - Sexy Vampires

Sketches include a creepy ghost as a roommate; men trying to find a silver lining in being tortured; and a meeting with a house full of sexy vampires.

Source: Comedy Central

26 :03x08 - High on Potenuse

Sketches include a high-school student's rise to fame after stealing a joke from one of his peers; a football player penalized for excessive celebration; and a premiere of "Othello.

Source: Comedy Central

27 :03x09 - Tackle & Grapple

Sketches include the return of Meagan; a guy trying to look cool at a strip club; and a funk show for the ages.

Source: Comedy Central

28 :03x10 - Black Ice

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29 :03x11 - The Power of Wings

ketches include Keegan and Jordan eavesdropping on white women who love black men; Wendell making a music video; and Kareem and Jahar going to the gym.

Source: Comedy Central

30 :03x12 - East/West Bowl 2

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31 :03x13 - Pussy on the Chainwax

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Season 4

Shart Week

Key & Peele celebrate Shart Week!

Source: Comedy Central

Key & Peele Super Bowl Special

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele take the field for a tribute to pro football. In addition to offering commentary from behind the sports desk, the duo presents sketches sending up America's toughest pastime -- all in preparation for the big game.

32 :04x01 - Aliens Invade Earth; Gay Wedding; Racists Express Surprising Views

An alien invasion of Earth is featured and a family react to a gay relative's wedding.

33 :04x02 - Season 4, Episode 2

A parole officer uses a puppet to bond with a parolee; a man in a neck brace attempts to party; a soldier has an emotional reunion with his family.

Source: Comedy Central

34 :04x03 - Two Old Women Battle Satan; Dance Club Patrons Face Truth

Two women battle with Satan while things go awry when a man goes mattress shopping. Dance club patrons are forced to face the truth about themselves.

35 :04x04 - Baseball Player Addicted to Slapping Ass; Mobster Takes Vengeance; Steve Urkel Drives Man Insane

A baseball player deals with his addiction to slapping ass, a mobster takes vengeance on someone who crossed him, and Steve Urkel drives a man insane.

Source: Comedy Central

36 :04x05 - Concussed Football Player Inspires Team; Man Accuses Wife of Cheating

The Rhinos' quarterback takes a hit, a Macedonian cafe owner berates his customers, and a man suspects his wife of cheating on him with a dog.

Source: Comedy Central

37 :04x06 - Scariest Movie Ever

A vampire reveals himself, a child's wish is fulfilled.

38 :04x07 - Sex Detective

A detective enters the perverted mind of a perpetrator, a retro action hero infiltrates a crime boss's compound, and President Obama addresses the critics within his party.

Source: Comedy Central

39 :04x08 - Terrible Henchman

A henchman keeps interrupting his boss's torture session, a speaker at a school assembly discusses his colorful life, and a man tries to prove he's all grown up.

Source: Comedy Central

40 :04x09 - Aerobics Meltdown

Sketches in 'Aerobics Meltdown' include; Stan Lee pitching some new superheroes, a guy loses his reputation and a new device.
Guest Stars: Stan Lee as Himself

41 :04x10 - Sex Addict Wendell

Sketches in tonights show include: a teacher being terrorized by the class clown, performers willing to take a kick in the crotch for their art and a man trying to score at a sex addicts meeting.

42 :04x11 - Terrorist Meeting

A gangster desperately tries to prove he's loco, terrorists meet up to plan their next move, and a jealous older brother makes a family dinner awkward.

Source: Comedy Central

Season 5

43 :05x01 - Y'all Ready For This?

A football team gets hyped up before a game, President Obama and Luther meet Hillary Clinton, two guys prepare for potential threats on a flight, a band of pirates sings a chantey, and a cop is a bit too trigger-happy.

Source: Comedy Central

44 :05x02 - Airplane Showdown

A flight attendant deals with a passenger who won’t fasten his seatbelt, British explorers discuss their travels, two couples try to avoid spoilers on a double date, and a prayer group receives divine intervention.

Source: Comedy Central

45 :05x03 - A Cappella Club

A PSA helps prevent child soldiers in Africa, a college a cappella group gets a new member, Meegan and André go on their first date, a terror group runs a food truck, and two old men discuss popular music.

Source: Comedy Central

46 :05x04 - Severed Head Showcase

A gospel group must practice without their coach, a group of warriors celebrate a beheading, a prisoner tries to trick his guard, and a young man is confronted for only speaking in catchphrases.

Source: Comedy Central

47 :05x05 - Killer Concept Album

Sketches include a politician who denies sending lewd photos and a detective questioning a rapper.

48 :05x06 - The Job Interview

Judge Jessie has a new show. A couple of ladies catch up over drinks. The valets talk about Val Kilmer.

49 :05x07 - MC Mom

Sketches include a gangster taking part in a drive-by and a mother writing a song for her son.

50 :05x08 - Hollywood Sequel Doctor

A tickle game between two friends gets weird, a writers' room brainstorms for “Gremlins 2,” a man deals with an unruly office janitor, two thugs suspect their friend snitched, and Keegan and Jordan discuss Africa at a party.

Source: Comedy Central

51 :05x09 - The 420 Special

Neil deGrasse Tyson relaxes at home, Keegan must keep it together during a job interview, a tailor deals with a gassy client, the valets discuss “Game of Thrones,” and a telemarketer tries a new strategy.

Source: Comedy Central

52 :05x10 - Meegan & Andre Break Up

Sketches include a couple of friends arguing at a club and Meegan and André having a serious discussion.