Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

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Prev: 1x20 -- The Sentry (Mar/28/1975)

A prehistoric lizard is on the loose in a labyrinth of caves and tunnels under a research facility when its eggs, thought to be rocks, are taken for study.

Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Carl Kolchak
Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
As Tony Vincenzo
Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
As Tony Vincenzo

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1x20: The Sentry recap: Kolchak races down a seemingly endless corridor. As he looks over his shoulder the golf cart he drives veers from side to side. Finally, the arrow-straight hall ends at a triangular lobby. Rocketing through it, Kolchak finds an incomplete section of the facility – roughly circular tunnels carved from solid rock and sporadically lit by bare bulbs... read more.

1x19: The Youth Killer recap: A woman enters a room decorated as a temple. She is beautiful but age has begun to work on her, adding bags to her eyes and faint wrinkles to mar her complexion. She wears an off the shoulder gown of pure white. She begins to chant in Greek, repeating the name Hecate several times... read more.

1x18: The Knightly Murders recap: On a Tuesday at 11:15pm, Ward Captain Leo J. Ramutka returns home from a wake. He’d just given a sendoff to a loyal voter whom he expected to one day meet again. He had no idea how soon that day would come. Ramutka opens the door steps inside. He closes the door and turns, and only then notices the armored figure bearing a crossbow. Leo Ramutka barely has time to bark out a futile “NO!” before the crossbow fires and a bolt ends his life... read more.

1x17: Legacy of Terror recap: Lenny Strahan played with fractures, sprains, torn ligaments and bone chips. Some said he had the biggest heart in the game of football. On Monday September 22 he lost that big heart to a maniac with a very dull knife... read more.

recap: It was Goethe who said, “We love girls for what they are.” Well, even the great Goethe could have learned something from the tale that took place on the campus of Illinois State Tech... read more.

Creator: Jeff Rice
Producer: Cy Chermak
Music: Gil Melle
Music Supervisor: Hal Mooney
Costume Designer: Bill Jobe
Set Decorator: Claire P. Brown, John M. Dwyer, Frank J. Rafferty, Robert Freer
Director of Photography: Alric Edens
Story Editor: David Chase

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Recurring Guests

Craig R. Baxley as The Sentry (7 eps)
Carol Ann Susi as Monique Marmelstein (6 eps)
Dennis McCarthy as Security Guard Riley (6 eps)
Keith Walker (1) as Reporter (Brian) (5 eps)
Bill Deiz as Reporter (Ed) (5 eps)
Vince Howard as Policeman (4 eps)
John Fiedler as Gordan Spangler (4 eps)
Ramon Bieri as Captain Joe Baker (4 eps)
Bob Golden (1) as Police Detective (4 eps)
Mickey Gilbert as The Ripper (4 eps)

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