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A hush-hush government project tries to keep Kolchak from reporting a story of a self-aware android who is killing those who would try to shut him down.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x12
Airdate: Friday January 10th, 1975

Guest Stars
Bruce PowersBruce Powers
As Peters
Craig R. BaxleyCraig R. Baxley
As Mr. R.I.N.G.
Vince HowardVince Howard
As Policeman
Bert FreedBert Freed
As Capt. Akins
Corinne CamachoCorinne Camacho
As Dr. Leslie Dwyer (as Corinne Michaels)
Gail BonneyGail Bonney
As Miss Barham
Henry BeckmanHenry Beckman
As Senator Duncan Stephens
Julie AdamsJulie Adams
As Mrs. Walker
Maidie NormanMaidie Norman
As Librarian
Myron HealeyMyron Healey
As Colonel Wright
Robert EastonRobert Easton
As Bernard Carmichael
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Carl Kolchak
Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
As Tony Vincenzo


I don’t know when exactly I was in this office last. In some ways it seems like I never left. But no…that’s not right. For at least a few days I was away…far away…in the hands of men with no faces and no names. They broke me down, broke my story down, told me it hadn’t happened the way I claimed. At least I think that’s what they did…between injections. Memories fade fast enough without chemical help. If I don’t tell the story now I don’t think I ever will…..

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Episode Notes
Mr. R.I.N.G.:
Craig Baxley joins an exclusive club of actors playing Kolchak monsters, with his appearance as "Mr. R.I.N.G." here and then as the "Sentry" in the final episode.

The other actors with two "monsters" each are Richard Kiel and Mickey Gilbert.

Episode Quotes
Carl: (opening narration) I don't know when exactly I was in this office last. Someways, it seems like I never left. But, no, that's not right. For at least a few days I was away, far away, in the hands of men with no faces and no names. They broke me down, broke my story down, telling me how it hadn't happened the way I claimed. At least, I think that's what they did, between injections. Memories fade fast enough without chemical help, but if I don't tell this story now, I don't think I ever will.

Carl: (to Leslie Dwyer) I went up to the Tyrell Institute, and I got the feeling that if I mentioned R.I.N.G. up there, I'd spend this weekend in a concrete room with a giant joy buzzer strapped to my temple. So I thought I'd mention it to you instead. You know, just sort of drop it down the well and see if it made a splash... (noting shock on Dwyer's face) Yeah, it made a splash.

Miss Emily: Mr. Vincenzo wants to see you.
Carl: Oh? Oh...well, here I go, into the Valley of Death.

Tony: What you're trying to say is you spent the day thought as long as you were up there, we could do without you. Be careful, Kolchak - one day we'll realize we can.

Episode Goofs
The first murder takes place on April 2, and Carl spends April 3 investigating. But the next day he says is April 3 again when he goes to Dwyer's apartment. Later that day, he learns that Mrs. Walker has sold her house and collected her insurance (and is preparing to move on). Anyone who has actually sold a house or collected insurance knows it takes far longer than a day.

Ron is dispatched to cover the Mendenham trial in San Franciso. “The Vampire” established that INS has an office in Los Angeles – wouldn’t they be the logical choice for a California assignment? Even if they were all still incapacitated from the automobile accident that happened during “The Vampire” it seems likely INS would move staff to the office to cover their assignments – a great number of newsworthy events happen in that city.

Cultural References
Tony: Leave the jokes to Charlie McCarthy
Charlie McCarthy was a wooden ventriloquist’s puppet, the wisecracking alter-ego of Edgar Bergen. The pair became famous on the strength of McCarthy’s wisecracks and insults, against which Bergen played the ostensible straight man. McCarthy could utter things Bergen could never have got away with saying himself, including ribald humor and double entendres.

Carl: ...this will make Watergate look like a pie fight.
On June 17, 1972, burglars broke into the Democratic Party offices in the posh Watergate Hotel. They sought the Democratic strategies for campaigning against Richard Nixon. They were discovered, and the scandal eventually cost Nixon his presidency and his reputation. One of the most far reaching political scandals ever, it generated tremendous amounts of news coverage. Only a very significant story could eclipse it.

Carl: I'm not exactly Jimmy Olson, cub reporter.
In the Superman comic books, Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet. Jimmy Olson is a young and very raw reporter who is also a member of the Daily Planet staff, and a major supporting character in these comics.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJeff Rice
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