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Kolchak: The Night Stalker: Legacy of Terror

While investigating the deaths of four men whose hearts have been cut out of their chests, Kolchak uncovers ties to an Aztec cult and a 500-year-old mummy in the basement of a hotel.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x17
Airdate: Friday February 14th, 1975

Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Arthur Rowe

Guest Stars
Ramon BieriRamon Bieri
As Captain Webster
Pippa ScottPippa Scott
As Tillie Jones
Sorrell BookeSorrell Booke
As Mr. Eddy
Victor CamposVictor Campos
As Professor Jamie Rodriguez

Co-Guest Stars
Scott DouglasScott Douglas
As Major Taylor
Cal BartlettCal Bartlett
As Officer Lyons
Carlos RomeroCarlos Romero
As George Andrews
Erik EstradaErik Estrada
As Pepe Torres
Ernesto MaciasErnesto Macias
As Andrew Gomez
Gene LeBellGene LeBell
As Officer Olson
Mina VasquezMina Vasquez
As Rita Torres
Robert CasperRobert Casper
As Professor Jones
Ron SteinRon Stein
As Officer Smith
Udana PowerUdana Power
As Capt. Madge Timmins

Craig R. BaxleyCraig R. Baxley
As Sgt. Rolf Anderson
Mickey GilbertMickey Gilbert
As Nanautzin (The Mummy)
Alma BeltranAlma Beltran
As Mrs. Torres
Pitt HerbertPitt Herbert
As Medical Examiner
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Carl Kolchak
Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
As Tony Vincenzo


Lenny Strahan played with fractures, sprains, torn ligaments and bone chips. Some said he had the biggest heart in the game of football. On Monday September 22 he lost that big heart to a maniac with a very dull knife...

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Episode Notes
Captain Webster:
Actor Ramon Bieri who plays "Capt. Webster" previously appeared in episode #8 "Bad Medicine" also cast as a police captain only in that episode he was called "Capt. Baker." Some fans believe this is a simple scripting error and that the actor was meant to play the same character in two episodes, as did Keenan Wynn.

Nanautzin (The Mummy):
This is Mickey Gilbert's second appearance as a Kolchak monster. The first time was as the "Ripper" in the first episode.

Episode Quotes
Carl: (opening narration) Among the philosophers, the great thinkers and the common Joe's of this world, no question is more controversial than truth. Remarkable as it may seem, I can attest that the following events did occur, whether you believe them to be true or not.

Carl: (voice over on his unkept promises to Tony) I promised I'd show up with a haircut, new hat and pressed suit...but I lie a lot.

Carl: What do you mean, no press? You can’t keep the press out of here Lyons! Lyons… I know you! I was down at the ceremony where you were awarded the medal of valor, right? Yeah, you wasted two bank robbers, right?
Lyons: But you’re not getting in. And it was three bank robbers.
Carl: Yeah, well, I know it was three. I just… uh… I thought maybe I could do an article on you… A series of articles! Maybe a two-parter!
Lyons: You’re still not getting in.

(Kolchak is skipping out on an event Tony asked him to attend.)
Carl: Listen, Tony, I’ll see you later! I got to check out this homicide!
Tony: (Yelling after a departing Carl) There’s gonna be a homicide right here if you don’t get back here.

Tony: You see why credibility is so important to a newsman? And your credibility is zilch!

Carl: What businessman keeps a mummy in the basement, and a dummy in a key staff position?!?
Tony: Carl, you yourself said that the mummy vanished. And that you had a terrible hit on the head and you saw things. And as for having dummies in key staff positions… I’m as guilty as the next...

Carl: (closing narration) Well, officially the case was closed. They never found Anderson or Pepe, although I did hear that Pepe was working in a supermarket downstate. Nanautzin was dormant again, and I urge that he be destroyed. Without his fifth sacrifice, will he still rise up, fifty-two years from now? The police who found me didn’t understand what I was talking about. They felt that Nanautzin was a valuable museum piece and nothing more – just dead antiquity. Well, all I know, is I won’t be around fifty years from now for the millennium. Will you?

Episode Goofs
If 9/22 is a Monday, then 9/29 would also be a Monday and not a Wednesday, as Carl says it is.

At the very end of the episode, the supposedly inactive mummy opens an eye. Look closely for this just before the fade to credits.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJeff Rice
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