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Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Knightly Murders

Carl Kolchak is the Knight Stalker, as a haunted suit of armor goes on a killing spree when there are plans to turn the museum that houses it into a disco.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x18
Airdate: Friday March 07th, 1975

Guest Stars
Hans ConriedHans Conried
As Mendel Boggs
John DehnerJohn Dehner
As Capt. Vernon Rausch

Co-Guest Stars
Alyscia MaxwellAlyscia Maxwell
As Freshman Reporter
Sidney CluteSidney Clute
As Bruce Krause
Lieux DresslerLieux Dressler
As Minervo Musso
Jim DrumJim Drum
As Leo J. Ramutka
Bryan OBryan O'Byrne
As Charles, The Butler
Don CarterDon Carter
As Lester Nash
Gregg PalmerGregg Palmer
As Sgt. Buxbaum
Ed McReady (1)Ed McReady (1)
As Reporter #1

Paul BaxleyPaul Baxley
As Rolf Danvers
William OWilliam O'Connell
As Brewster Hocking
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Carl Kolchak
Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
As Tony Vincenzo


On a Tuesday at 11:15pm, Ward Captain Leo J. Ramutka returns home from a wake. He’d just given a sendoff to a loyal voter whom he expected to one day meet again. He had no idea how soon that day would come. Ramutka opens the door steps inside. He closes the door and turns, and only then notices the armored figure bearing a crossbow. Leo Ramutka barely has time to bark out a futile “NO!” before the crossbow fires and a bolt ends his life...

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Episode Notes
In this episode we see a reporter who might be a kind of “anti-Kolchak”. He wears the same sort of “rode hard and put up wet” clothing as Kolchak, but his battered hat is black, his coat the color of new rust and complemented by a burnt lawn green shirt and purple tie. Whatever else is true of Kolchak, at least his clothing matches most of the time.

Episode Quotes
Carl: (opening narration) Tuesday, 11:15pm. If you know anything about Chicago politics, you'll understand why a sixty-three year old ward captain was braving the ungentle hour and less gentle streets. You see, Ward Captain Leo J. Ramutka was returning home from a wake, an auf Wiedersehen to a loyal registered voter he knew would one day meet him in that great polling station in the sky. What Ward Captain Ramutka failed to foresee was just how soon that meeting would be.

Tony: (on his state of confusion in the newsroom.) Why do I always feel like I don't belong here?

Carl: If Leo Ramutka’s popularity, or lack of it, was born of ballots and political patronage, Rolf Danvers got his more directly. His was the allure of ready cash and the deeds to several square blocks of prime Chicago real estate. However, within seconds the only real estate that would matter to Rolf Danvers would be a small plot he owned in a memorial park near Old Town…

Carl: We’re thinking of brightening up the office! You (points to Ron) are going to be replaced by a Boston fern, and you (points to Tony) by a snapdragon!

Rausch: A knight. In armor. Make me believe that, Carl, because if I find you’re shooting me through the grease it’ll have a definite detrimental effect on how we interface!
Carl: You know what? I intuited that.

Carl: How do you account for what I saw?!?
Rausch: I account for it thusly. You are a man who has resorted to lies and chicanery to the point of being pathological. I believe that you suffer from autosuggestion, and in an obsessive desire to win approval expressed through the need for a big story, you convince yourself that what you want to be true, is true. In short, I believe your brain has turned to onion dip!

(Carl gave Mendel Boggs’ name to the police, causing the curator trouble, and then Carl tries to ask Boggs a question...)
Boggs: I wouldn’t give you another piece of information if you held me down and let a pack of rats run through my clothes willy-nilly! Not if you made me drink the oil slick off Lake Michigan would you get anything out of me! Now please leave here. And take that sickly stench with you!!

Carl: (closing monologue) A blessed battleaxe and an iron suit full of thin air. I knew I’d have a lot of explaining to do to the owners of the Hydecker Museum, to Captain Vernon Rausch, and of course to my own beloved bureau chief, A. Vincenzo. There wouldn’t be much I could tell them, except what I’ll tell you: it all really happened…

Episode Goofs
In his monologue about Brewster Hocking, Carl says the letters KACL, as an initialism for the "Canadian American Leisure Corporation." Moments later he uses the initialism CACL. The former has an incorrect letter, and the two do not (of course) agree.

A grazing mace
Carl describes the spiked ball on a chain as a mace. This weapon is more correctly referred to as a flail. A mace is a club with a heavy metal end, sometimes equipped with spikes, and is much easier to use than a flail. The spiked ball on the flail used by the ghost is called a morningstar, and a flail of this sort is sometimes referred to as a morningstar flail or simply a morningstar.

I've grown unaccustomed to his face.
The picture of Guy de Mettencoeur in Roger’s book does not match the armor Carl sees at Minerva Musso’s apartment and later at the Hydecker Museum. The helmet is distinctly different. Yet Carl recognizes it right away.

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