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Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Youth Killer

Kolchak believes the owner of a computer dating service is sacrificing her clients to achieve eternal youth when four of their bodies turn up as the corpses of elderly people.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x19
Airdate: Friday March 14th, 1975

Guest Stars
John FiedlerJohn Fiedler
As Gordy "The Ghoul" Spangler
Dwayne HickmanDwayne Hickman
As Sergeant J. Orkin
George SavalasGeorge Savalas
As Cab Driver (as Demosthenes)
Eddie FirestoneEddie Firestone
As Conventioneer
Michael RichardsonMichael Richardson
As Lance Mervin
Penny StantonPenny Stanton
As Lance's Mother
James MurtaughJames Murtaugh
As Landlord
James IngersollJames Ingersoll
As 1st Young Man
Reb BrownReb Brown
As 2nd Young Man
Joss WhiteJoss White
As Secretary
Kathleen FreemanKathleen Freeman
As Bella Sarkof
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Carl Kolchak
Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
As Tony Vincenzo


A woman enters a room decorated as a temple. She is beautiful but age has begun to work on her, adding bags to her eyes and faint wrinkles to mar her complexion. She wears an off the shoulder gown of pure white. She begins to chant in Greek, repeating the name Hecate several times...

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Episode Quotes
Carl: (opening narration) Nowhere in man's history does he display more tenacity, more perseverance, than in his search for eternal youth. Halting the relentless process of aging has been a constant dream of man's...and of woman's. Eternal youth – is it really a dream, or is it possible that someone, somewhere, found the secret? The following experience gave me a whole new attitude on the subject of youth and aging.

Carl: William Cubby, age 22, deeply concerned with retaining his youthful vigor, his trim physique. This concern had made him a dedicated jogger. Cubby would never know if the jogging really helped. He was the first in a series of Chicagoans who were spared the ordeal of seeing their youth slip away… slowly.

Bella: Is there something you wanted to tell me? Something you’re ashamed of?
Carl: No, no, you see – I’m a newspaper reporter.
Bella: Oh, well, that’s not so bad. I’ll find you a girl anyway…

(Carl has promised the morgue attendants a television set.)
Gordy: If I’m not watching “Let’s Make a Deal” by the end of next week, there will be no more deals down here…

Manager: She’s probably right here in the building, in another apartment.
Carl: What, for two whole days?
Manager: Guess you haven’t been single for a few years.
Carl: I was never that single!

(Preparing to break into a suspicious site)
Carl: It seemed to me that such mysterious origins warranted what we in the press call… the midnight interview.

Tony: Carl, do you mind if I read the copy? After all, I am the bureau chief here.
Carl: Yes, absolutely, Tony, absolutely. Tomorrow morning, first thing I’ll spitball a few ideas at you…
Tony: Spitballing a few ideas is when you start a feature, not when you’re polishing it!!
Carl: No, no, that’s the way I work, Tony. See, I spit and polish at the same time.

Carl: Well, your temple’s ruined. According to Kaz, Hecate ought to be destroying you about now!
Helen: I don’t think you’re qualified to speak for Hecate. It’s you she’ll destroy. You had the stupidity to put on that ring. Imagine the feeling when your heart ages decades in a matter of seconds. And finally jams up like an old clock!!

Carl: (closing narration) I took some pictures, but it seemed pointless. The destruction of the room would be labeled vandalism or a faulty sprinkler system. I don’t need any photographs of Helen. (Carl walks to the center of the room, where a statue now stands where Helen stood.) You see, she would always be as she always was… cold, and beautiful, and unchanging. As a postscript I offer this bit of advice, should you ever find a ring, no matter how pretty or valuable, consider well before you slip it on your finger. You may never get it off again…

Episode Goofs
Kaz' knowledge of the gods seems to be roamin'
Kaz mentions that Diana petrified a shepherd for sacrificing a diseased lamb to her. Diana is a Roman goddess; her Greek counterpart was Artemis.

Ah, the magic of youth
Hecate is not traditionally the Greek goddess of youth, she is the Greek goddess of magic. She is associated with the moon (as were many magical beings), so Helen's sacrifices beneath that pale orb are appropriate.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJeff Rice
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