Season 2

29 :02x01 - The World I Want

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Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Brody | Sal Mineo as Ernie | Jo Van Fleet as Hilda Hesse | Albert Dekker as Karl Hesse | Patricia Hyland as Fern | Richard Venture as 2nd Detective | Pat Renella as 1st Detective

30 :02x02 - Operation Greif

An American sergeant gives four GI's a lift but one of them is actually a German agent.
Guest Stars: Robert Goulet as Larry Brubaker | Linden Chiles as Buttel | Claude Akins as Sgt. Phil Henning | Claudine Longet as Marie Ange | Peter Helm as Cutler | Don Dubbins as Captain Shale | Charles Maxwell as German Colonel | John Bleifer as Farmer | Arlette Clark as Wife | Karl Held as German Captain | Nicholas Colasanto as 1st MP | Thomas Bellin as 2nd MP | Ray Montgomery as Captain | Michael Masters as German Sergeant | Ralph Thomas as Sentry | Bart Conrad as Interrogator
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Jerome Ross

31 :02x03 - A Lion Amongst Men

A retired Army officer thinks that the Nazi youth programs of the 1930's would be a good idea for American youth of the present.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Will Stanton | Robert Pine as Dennis Wentworth | Tommy Sands as Eddie Riccio | Ron Hayes as Sgt. Dave Willett | Arch Johnson as Charlie Morris | Peter Duryea as Victor Palchek | Quinn O'Hara as Billie | Linda Leighton as Peggy Stanton | Mimsy Farmer as Jean | Keva Page as Shirley

32 :02x04 - That He Should Weep for Her

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Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Sam Morris | Carol Lawrence as Marta Aviles | Alejandro Rey as Juano Herrera | Berkeley Harris as Pike
Director: Bernard Girard

33 :02x05 - The Kamchatka Incident

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Guest Stars: James Victor as American Radar Man | John Forsythe as Major William Livingston | Leslie Parrish as Susan King | Roger Perry as Captain Gordon Roberts | Malachi Throne as Nikolai Brovko | Frank Maxwell as Albert Perkins | Larry Kert as Captain Don Ferruzzi | Richard X. Slattery as Sgt. Wade Muller | Divima as Aline Permenter | Tsu Kobayashi as Mrs. Tano | Don Paulin as Lee | Glenn Turnbull as Pete Fields | Byron Keith as Colonel Gruen | Gregory Gaye as Russian Minister | Patrick Waltz as American Officer | Eddie Peterson as 1st Player | Ron Brown (1) as 2nd Player | George Dega as Russian Officer | Robert Rothwell as 1st Radio Man | Kenneth Lowry as Flight Attendant | Danny Klega as Russian Radar Man | Chris Nakasaki as Kenny
Director: Ron Winston

34 :02x06 - The Jack is High

A mild-mannered English professor pulls off multi-million dollar robbery with the aid of four unusual co-horts.
Guest Stars: Larry Storch as Perry Shields | Henry Jones (1) as Raymond Shipley | Edd Byrnes as Bill Kober | Pat O'Brien (2) as Inspector Dan Zarilla | Harry Bellaver as Fred Brennan | William Bramley (1) as Biff Mueller | Michael MacReady (1) as Joe Swerbul | William Boyett as Caulfield | CeCe Whitney as Tigra | Ken Mayer as Sheriff | Jay Douglas as Nugent | Indus Arthur as Lois Brennan | Sigrid Valdis as Ruby | Joe Finnigan as Theatre Manager | Owen Bush as Driver | William Keene as Captain | Edwin Mills as Cooley | Louis Cavalier as Buzzy | Don Kennedy as Policeman
Director: Ralph Senensky

35 :02x07 - Graffiti

Gestapo agents pick up a French Resistance leader but don't realize who he is. Then his co-horts arrange for an assassin to be arrested and placed in a cell with the leader so as to silence him before the Germans discover the value of their catch.
Guest Stars: Louis Jourdan as Colonel Bertine | Philippe Forquet as Jules Artaud | Richard Angarola as Savateau | Robert Ellenstein as Dendier | John Marley as Luzet

36 :02x08 - One Tiger to a Hill

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Guest Stars: James Gregory as Lieutenant Wade | Barry Nelson as Colin Neal | Diane McBain as Diana Weston | Warren Stevens as Sgt. Phil Hadley | Peter Brown (1) as Chris Forrester | Lou Byrne as Alicia Wainwright | Roger Til as Jacques | Thalmus Rasulala as Police Sergeant | John Crowther as Bellhop | Linda Burton as The Woman
Director: Jack Arnold

37 :02x09 - Threepersons

During Prohibition, a Texas lawman tries to get a Native American to join him in his battle against racketeers.
Guest Stars: John Gavin as Tom Threepersons | Ralph Meeker as Harly Clay | Linda Lawson as Gracia Hernandez | Vincent Gardenia as Charlie Raines | Rafael Campos as Alonzo | Perry Lopez as Candido Gomez
Director: Alex March

38 :02x10 - The Gun

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Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Dr. Bert Andrews | Dina Merrill as Jo Andrews | Peter Lazer as Rex Andrews | Isabel Jewell as Mrs Lyons | Michael Winkelman as Hank | Ollie O'Toole as First Patient | Edward Platt as Second Patient | John McLiam as Hobo | Michael Beirne as Airman | Francis DeSales as Passerby | George Mitchell as Burglar

39 :02x11 - The Wine-Dark Sea

A former professor, now an unemployed alcoholic, sets out to prove that a fellow derelict didn't commit a robbery/murder that resulted in his death.
Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall as Robert Benson | Myrna Fahey as Honora Malone | John Larkin as Foster Drake | David Sheiner as Martin Clay | Robert Ball as Blinky Hewitt | Grazia Narciso as Mama Coletti | Clegg Hoyt as Police Sergeant | Robert Hogan as First Cop

40 :02x12 - In Darkness, Waiting (1)

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Guest Stars: Hugh O'Brian as Detective Matt Lacey | Barbara Rush as Karen Lownes | Frederick O'Neal as Jacques Serac | Neil Hamilton (1) as Harkin | Harry Townes as Richard | Will Corry as Wally Pitt | Jan Merlin as Jon | Mort Mills as Victor Pelling | Eric Morris (1) as Tippo | Val Avery as Sergeant | Jeff Cooper (1) as Daniel | David Lewis (3) as Alan Brossanquet | Steve London as Bassett | Byron Morrow as Leith Houser | Gilchrist Stuart as Sandy
Director: Jack Smight

41 :02x13 - In Darkness, Waiting (2)

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Guest Stars: Hugh O'Brian as Detective Matt Lacey | Barbara Rush as Karen Lownes | Frederick O'Neal as Jacques Serac | Neil Hamilton (1) as Harkin | Harry Townes as Richard | Will Corry as Wally Pitt | Jan Merlin as Jon | Mort Mills as Victor Pelling | Eric Morris (1) as Tippo | Val Avery as Sergeant | Jeff Cooper (1) as Daniel | David Lewis (3) as Alan Brossanquet | Steve London as Bassett | Byron Morrow as Leith Houser | Gilchrist Stuart as Sandy
Director: Jack Smight

42 :02x14 - That Time in Havana

A woman and a reporter team up to find her missing husband who supposedly absconded with a million dollars.
Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as Mike Taggart | Victor Jory as Conrad Easter | Frank Silvera as Captain Santos | Dana Wynter as Ann Palmer | Val Avery as Colonel Velasquez | Adele Palacios as Chita | Clive Wayne as Tommy | Eve Marlowe as Sgt. Rodriguez | Ned Romero as Militiaman | Julian Rivero as Old Man
Director: Alex March

43 :02x15 - Four into Zero

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Guest Stars: Robert Conrad as Gary Kemp | Jack Kelly as Charles Glennon | Sue Randall as Jan Crane | Joe Mantell as Frankie Shields | Jesse White as Emil Glueck | Martha Hyer as Caroline Glennon | Annazette Chase as Maid | Tim Graham (1) as Janitor | Don Kennedy as Police Officer | Bobby Johnson as Porter
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Don Brinkley
Story: Milt Rosen

44 :02x16 - Streetcar, Do You Read Me?

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Guest Stars: Martin Milner as Lt. John Corby | Leif Erickson as General | Richard Long as Major Ben Dawson | Jack Ging as Mike Andre | Nancy Malone as Pat Corby | Harlan Warde as Colonel | John Roseboro as Radioman | Don Eitner as Tanker Pilot | Fred Holliday as Duty Officer | Donald Kunzler as Boom Operator | Randy Eccles as Jeff Dawson | Robert Anderson as Petey Dawson
Director: Leon Benson
Story: Alice Lent Covert | Teleplay: Hank Searls

45 :02x17 - The Last Clear Chance

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Guest Stars: Glenn Corbett as Lieutenant Christopher King | Susanne Cramer as Anna | Barry Sullivan as Major Victor Hanley | Otto Reichow as Sgt. Kurtz | Leslie Bradley as Sir Alec Bent | Bruce Bennett as General Adams | Alan Caillou as Captain Windermere | Jacques Foti as Arne | John Lodge as Commander Tarns | Ben Wright as German Commandant

46 :02x18 - Won't It Ever be Morning?

The mentally unstable manager of a jazz singer is accused of murdering a young girl.
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Ozzie Keefer | John Cassavetes as Peter Chandler | Gena Rowlands as Lois Baxter | John Anderson as Rankin | Ben Cooper as Sam Grayson | Carl Benton Reid as Judge | I. Stanford Jolley as Night Watchman | Douglas Henderson as Harry Grayson | Than Wyenn as Prosecutor | Jimmy Joyce as Piano Man | Barry Brooks as Court Reporter | John Hale as Medical Examiner | Charla Doherty as Shirley Rankin
Writer: Larry Marcus

47 :02x19 - Nobody Will Ever Know

A research scientist is being nagged by his ambitious wife to win himself a big promotion by any means available.
Guest Stars: Tom Tryon as Tom Banning | Pippa Scott as Marianne Scott | Myrna Fahey as Janet Banning | David Lewis (3) as Randolph Wetherill | Liam Sullivan as Alan Parsons | Robert Quarry as Bob Detweiler | Miguel Ángel Landa as Orlando | Nelson Olmsted as Dr. Oliver | Carl Crow as Billy | Gina Grant as Secretary | John Willis as Coogan | Frank McGinnis as McClory | Tracy Olsen as Alison | Bara Byrnes as Joe | Jackie Deslonde as Chuck | Frank Maxwell as Jackson Burnham | Robert De Coy as Joe
Director: Don Weis

48 :02x20 - The Green Felt Jungle

A district attorney's wife is killed by a bomb intended for him so he decides to resign and continue his fight against organized crime as a private citizen.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Paul Maytric | Richard Conte as Jack Salias | Macdonald Carey as Elmer Pike | Larry Pennell as Phil Scanlon | Indus Arthur as Elizabeth Pike | Michael Pate as Johnny Slato | Inez Pedroza as Conchita Rivera | William Phipps as Frank | Nick Alexander (1) as Marty | Ivan Bonar as Monroe | Ken Lynch as Larry Henderson | Roland La Starza as Bugs | Harold Fong as Bert | Webb Pierce as Prescott | Walker Edmiston as George Baird
Director: Irving J. Moore
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Howard Browne

49 :02x21 - Rapture at Two-Forty

A lawyer, upon learning that he has a terminal illness, decides to go jet-setting on the French Riviera.
Guest Stars: Ben Gazzara as Paul Bryan | Katherine Crawford as Leslie Thurston | Michael Rennie as Robert Thurston | Stella Garcia as Risa | S. John Launer as Dr. Manson | Louis Mercier as Stoss | Miguel Ángel Landa as Henri | Marcel Hillaire as Chauffeur |
Co-Guest Stars: Antoinette Bower as Gillian
Director: William Graham
Writer: Luther Davis

50 :02x22 - Jungle of Fear

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Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as General John Doe | Robert Fuller as Rory O'Rourke | Robert Loggia as Colonel Chauvin | Ann Blyth as Lady Mei | Warren Stevens as Alden Ritter | Charlie Briggs as Boone Trimble | Susanne Cramer as Elena | Tony Davis as Young Li | Harold Sakata as Ching
Director: John McGreevey

51 :02x23 - Kill No More

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Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Cowell | Lew Ayres as Dr. Thomas Clay | Julie Adams as Joanne Clay | Robert Webber (1) as Robert Burke | Morgan Jones (1) as Chester | Garry Walberg as Dr. Martin Sorbin | Michael Fox as Howard Link | Monroe Arnold as Dr. Duveen | Sue England as Helen | Thalmus Rasulala as Technician | Jason Wingreen as Savadow | Walter Woolf King as 1st VIP | Don Dillaway as 2nd VIP | Al Ruban as Guard
Director: Tom Gries

52 :02x24 - The Long Ravine

An ex-serviceman heads for a nearly abandoned mining town with hopes of striking it rich.
Guest Stars: Jack Lord (1) as Paul Campbell | Andrew Prine as Chris Sandoe | Broderick Crawford as Pop Tullett | Lisabeth Hush as Dorothy Campbell | Ken Drake as Moe Warnekenty | Thomas Browne Henry as Whipple | Rick Cosko as Bus Driver
Director: Leon Benson
Story: Halsted Welles | Teleplay: Antony Ellis

53 :02x25 - The Easter Breach

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Guest Stars: Richard Beymer as Werner Schiff | Katherine Crawford as Liese Schiff/Victoria Meinicke | Kaaren Verne as Inge | Ilka Windish as Julia Hauptman | Martin Kosleck as Rudi | Henry Cattani as Mucke | Pieter Bergema as Announcer | Walter Linden as Engineer | Frank Obershall as Schpeiset | John Bleifer as Old Man | Elsie Baker as Old Woman | Albert Szabo as Waiter | Stephen Lander as Vopo | Eric Forst as Doctor | Maria Schroeder as Nurse
Director: Ralph Senensky

54 :02x26 - The Safe House

A group of Israeli agents draw up a plan to capture a Nazi scientist who's wanted for war crimes.
Guest Stars: Francis Lederer as Jeremias Lipp | Dane Clark as Saul Baratseff | Albert Paulsen as Sif Barani | Eric Braeden as Gerd Hoffman | John Banner as Martin Rutke | Eva Soreny as Madame | Fay Wall as Edda Rutke | Henry Cattani as Karl Sturtz | Martin Priest as Rafe Adeen | Norbert Meisel as 1st Man | Larry Cole as Franz | Albert Szabo as Waiter | Rickie Sorensen as Edward | Peter Hellman as Bodyguard | Michael Paianeff as Ballet Instructor
Director: Tom Gries

55 :02x27 - Twixt the Cup and the Lip

A pooh boy who just got fired from his job at a museum ends up foiling a plan to steal an artifact on display there worth $2 million.
Guest Stars: Larry Blyden as Lester Pennell | Joan Blackman as Lucille Burnside | Ethel Merman as Clara Lovelace | Jean Hale as Lambie Lovelace | Charles McGraw as Nick Stacy | John Hoyt as Orbin | Lee Patterson as Sgt. Joe Davidson | Lane Bradford as Sgt. Kubek | John Harmon (1) as Pogo | William Tannen as Mike | Herb Bennett as Eddie | Ken Lowry as Policeman
Director: Leon Benson
Story: Julian Symonds | Teleplay: Don Brinkley

56 :02x28 - The Trains of Silence

A tycoon tries to uncover the secret behind a friend's multi-million dollar project in which he just invested.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Hunter as Fred Girard | Tippi Hedren as Lee Anne Wickheimer | Warren Stevens as Mark Wilton | Lloyd Bochner as Wolfe Hastings | Patrick Whyte as Medwin
Director: Douglas Heyes
Story: Ben Maddow | Teleplay: William Wood (1)

57 :02x29 - Kill Me on July 20th

Guilt stricken over the death of his brother, a race car driver hires a hit man to kill him so that the brother's family can receive the proceeds from his life insurance policy.
Guest Stars: Don Collier as Luke Adams | Jack Kelly as Tony Camion | Kathryn Hays as Terry Camion | Joan Staley as Maria | Stefan Arngrim as Nick Camion | William Mims as Tim Brenner | Sheldon Allman as Buddy Stipp | Frank Wilcox as Lassiter | William Fawcett as Robinson | John Crowther as 2nd Man | Frederick Draper as Mark's Father | Craig Huxley as Mark | Rory Stevens as Jeff | Gilchrist Stuart as 1st Man | Louis Cavalier as Jack Camion | George Kirgo as Killer
Director: Robert Douglas

58 :02x30 - The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew

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Guest Stars: Dean Jones as Eddie Carew | Sheilah Wells as Sally McClure | Jerome Cowan as Sam Becker | Stanley Adams as Pinky Ferguson | Alan Hewitt as Walden DeWitt | Barry Kelley as Charlie | Ian Wolfe as Ellis Stone | Ken Lynch as Officer | Eddie Hanley as Motorist | Roy Darmour as Prison Guard
Director: Joseph Pevney
Story: Robert Thom | Teleplay: Don Brinkley

59 :02x31 - Connery's Hands

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Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Wiley Bondesen | Gary Lockwood as Frank Connery | Shelly Manne as Hermy | Ric Marlow as George | Richard X. Slattery as Lester | Sally Kellerman as Jean Severin | Don Gordon as Millard Severin | Richard Angarola as Club Owner | Francine Pyne as Blonde
Director: Leon Benson
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 10, 1963
Ended: September 09, 1965
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