Kraft Suspense Theatre

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
29 02x01 01/Oct/1964 The World I Want
30 02x02 08/Oct/1964 Operation Greif
31 02x03 22/Oct/1964 A Lion Amongst Men
32 02x04 05/Nov/1964 That He Should Weep for Her
34 02x06 19/Nov/1964 The Jack is High
35 02x07 26/Nov/1964 Graffiti
37 02x09 10/Dec/1964 Threepersons
38 02x10 24/Dec/1964 The Gun
41 02x13 21/Jan/1965 In Darkness, Waiting (2)
42 02x14 11/Feb/1965 That Time in Havana
43 02x15 18/Feb/1965 Four into Zero
44 02x16 25/Feb/1965 Streetcar, Do You Read Me?
45 02x17 11/Mar/1965 The Last Clear Chance
46 02x18 18/Mar/1965 Won't It Ever be Morning?
47 02x19 25/Mar/1965 Nobody Will Ever Know
49 02x21 15/Apr/1965 Rapture at Two-Forty
50 02x22 22/Apr/1965 Jungle of Fear
51 02x23 29/Apr/1965 Kill No More
52 02x24 06/May/1965 The Long Ravine
53 02x25 13/May/1965 The Easter Breach
54 02x26 20/May/1965 The Safe House
55 02x27 03/Jun/1965 Twixt the Cup and the Lip
56 02x28 10/Jun/1965 The Trains of Silence
58 02x30 24/Jun/1965 The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew
59 02x31 01/Jul/1965 Connery's Hands

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