Season 4

34 :04x01 - I'm the Boss, Hunty!

A surprise proposal from Jonathan Antin. A new hire sparks trouble. Kim reaches her boiling point and someone gets fired! Kim styles Mary J. Blige.

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36 :04x03 - Nail'd by Naja

Naja's return drives a wedge between Kim and Leah; China leads a stylists' rebellion; Kim is irritated by Jonathan's extreme lateness; Dontay fights for his job; Kim styles Leela James.

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37 :04x04 - Wigs in the Wild

Kim styles Zendaya; Dontay tries to get his job back; a team-building exercise in the wilderness spirals into meltdowns; China goes ballistic; Jonathan is caught in Kim's VIP room.

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38 :04x05 - Lights, Camera, Meltdown

Kim confronts Jonathan about being in her VIP room; secret shoppers visit the salon; China storms out.

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39 :04x06 - Model Behavior

Angela approaches Jonathan; Kim makes Gocha project manager for a photo shoot; Kim styles Erica Campbell.

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40 :04x07 - A Hair-Raising Proposal

Kim and Jonathan move forward with their partnership; Anthony and Naja are suspicious of Gocha and Angela.

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41 :04x08 - TBA

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