La Familia Mata

The series is about a disfuntional family. The name of the series "La Familia Mata" translated would be "The Family Mata" but the word Mata also means Kills so translated compleatly would be "The Family Kills".

The series starts when Pablo (Daniel Guzmán) and Susana Mata (Elena Ballesteros) are just about to receive the keys of their new apartment. Her father Arturo (Antonio Dechent) is in charge to give the money to the lawyer, but at the last minute, he arrives saying that he has invested. But since he is not a bad father and uncaplable of leaving them on the street, while he gets the money back, he will received them on his house.

This way, Pablo he will find himself immerse in a totally diferent world than his own, sorrounded by the peoples that doesnt have anything to do with him and uncapable to fulfill his independance. The Mata's will become his family by force. But not only Pablo will have a bad time also Susana will find out how really her family are suffering by her boyfriend. Pablo and Susana are the only more less the normal people in the family of crazy peoples. (Source:

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