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Audric, played by John Hurt

Audric is an elderly historian living in France. At first his role in the situation is unclear but it soon becomes clear that he is connected to the Grail and the Labyrinth. He was a friend of Alice's aunt and makes contact with Alice after her first vision. He helps her to find her destiny and together they go to the Grail cave. Marie-Cecile shoots him and, dying, Audric tells Alice that he is in fact, Sajhe, blessed never to age and to act as the guardian of the Grail until a new Navigator arrives.
Will Franklyn, played by Sebastian Stan

A young European writer, Will makes the acquaintance of Marie-Cecile and the two soon have a torrid affair. However, he soon discovers that she is keeping secrest from him: she is the head of the Noublesso, a secret organization dedicated to obtaining the Grail and using it for their own selfish purposes.

When Alice Tanner comes seeking Marie-Cecile, she meets Will instead. They soon find fall in love and when Marie-Cecile discovers that Will is spying on her, captures him and takes him to the Grail cave. There she uses him as leverage to force Alice to give her the Labyrinth ring.
Alais Pelletier Du Mas, played by Jessica Brown Findlay

A young French woman living in 1209, Alais is the daughter of the widowed Bertrand Pelletier, Intendant of Carcassone, by his second wife. She marries Guilhem, a chevalier, when she comes of age. However, Alais soon learns from her father that she has a greater destiny: to become the Navigator, the one who passes on the history of the Grail.

When the Crusaders come to Carcassone, seeking to wipe out the Cathar heresy, Alais comes to the aid of her friends. With their help, they smuggles one of the three Books containing the secrets of the Grail out of Carcassone so that Alais' half-sister Oriane can't obtain it. Alais lives in peace for a time, giving birth to a daughter, Bertrande. However, eventually the Crusaders drive them to the fortress of Montsegur. When it is besieged by the Crusaders, Alais' friend and servant Rixende sacrifices her life to convince Oriane that Alais is dead.

Alais is eventually reunited with her husband Guilhem when Oriane uses Bertrande to find the Grail cave. Oriane kills Alais with a knife and she dies in her husband's arms.
Alice Tanner, played by Vanessa Kirby

An American post-graduate student, Alice has a bad breakup with a boyfriend and travels to France when an aunt she has never met leaves Alice a house in her will. At the invitation of her friend Shelagh, Alice participates in an archaeological dig and finds a cave and a golden ring with the insignia of the Labyrinth on it. Alice soon suffers from voices in her head and has visions of Alais, a young girl from the year 1209.

Alice soon discovers that mysterious forces want the ring, which she loses after one of her visions. She seeks out Audric, a friend of her aunt's, and he explains that she is destined to become the Navigator, the one who passes on the tales of the Grail and those who have protected it down through the ages.
Esclarmonde de Servian, played by Janet Suzman

An old woman skilled in the ways of healing, Esclarmonde lives in 13th century Carcassone. She has befriend Alais, the daughter of the Intendant, and is well aware of the destiny that await the young girl. Her grandson and only living relative is Sajhe. An experienced healer using Nature's herbs and plants, Esclarmonde is secretly the Guardian of the Book of Potions. Alais is initially unaware that her mentor is also one of the Guardians, but eventually deduces it. Francois tortures Esclarmonde for the location of the Book's whereabouts and she dies of her injuries after the evacuation of Carcassone.
Oriane Congost, played by Katie McGrath

Oriane is the only child of Betrand's first marriage. Conceived just before Bertrand sett off on the Crusades, she eventually learns that she is Bertrand's illegitimate daughter and that her mother had an affair with a wandering ballad singer. Oriane comes to believe that Bertrand learns of the deception and hates her for it, but in truth he loves her nonetheless.

Oriane schemes to gain further power, seducing her half-sister's husband Guilhem. When it is no longer convenient, she reveals the affair to Alais to drive a wedge between husband and wife. She eventually learns of the Books of the Grail and tries to acquire them for the power they possess. Oriane betrays her people and makes a deal with Guy: marriage to him in return for two of the Books and the location of the third. She never does find the third book, but learns that Alais has a daughter, Betrande. She uses the girl to find the Grail Cave. but a dying Guihem kills her as payment for her treachery.
Marie-Cecile de l'Oradore, played by Claudia Gerini

The CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, Marie-Cecil also leads the Noublesso, a secret organization dedicated to finding the Grail and obtaining true power once they are immortal. Obsessed with youth and beauty, Marie-Cecile stops at nothing to find the location of the Grail. her search eventually leads her to the Grail cave, where she forces Audric to reveal the secret of the Grail. He directs her to the Labyrinth but warns her that there will be a terrible consequence for entering it since she is not the Navigator. After she enters the Labyrinth, Audric reveals to Alice that Marie-Cecile wil be cursed with immortality but in an ancient body.
Guilhem Du Mas, played by Emun Elliott

A chevalier serving Viscount Trencavel, Guilhem is betrothed to Alais. However, her father Bertrand seemingly doesn't think much of Guilhem and constantly belittles him despite his prowess in battle. Driven by Bertrand's scorn, Guilhem eventually has an affair with Alais' half-sister, Oriane. When she attempts to use their affair as a weapon against Alais, Guilhem vows to kill her if he has the opportunity.

Guilhem battles the Crusaders during the siege of Carcassone and is captured during a parley. He eventually escapes and tries to find Alais, who bears his child, Bertrande. They are reunited at the Grail cave and Guilhem is mortally wounded defending Alais from a Crusader. A dying Alais forgives him and they die in each other's arms.
Bertrand Pelletier, played by Danny Keogh

The father of Alais and (seemingly) Oriane, Bertrand served nobly n the Crusades to the Holy Lands. While there, he met a wise man named Harif and was entrusted with the Book of Words, one of the three Books containing the secrets of the Grail.

Upon his return to France, Bertrand became the Intendant to Carcassone, serving as the viscount's adviser and confidant. A just and honest man, Bertrand agreed with Trencavel that the Cathars should be given sanctuary in Carcassone. When the Crusaders arrive, Betrand reveals the secrets of the Grail to Alais in case he should meet his death.

What Bertrand is unaware of is that Oriane hates him because she believes he hates her because she is not her biological daughter. In fact, Bertrand trusts his older daughter implicitly. That proves to be his downfall, when she poisons his bread and he dies in bed.
Paul Authir, played by Bernhard Schir

A ranking member of the Noublesso, Paul is secretly a stronger supporter of the Catholic Church. He has infiltrated the Noublesso so that when they find the Grail, he can destroy it as a blasphemous abomination against the Almighty. Despite the risk to his cover, he wears a small cross lapel pin when on Noublesso business. Like any fanatic, Paul justifies his actions by insisting that he is acting in Godf's name. Marie-Cecile shoots him dead when she realizes that he has betrayed her.
Rixende, played by Lena Dörrie

Rixende is a servant to Alais, and a loyal Cathar who refuses to hide her faith, although it may cost her life. She dies as a martyr to her faith, throwing herself into the flames while claiming to be Alais.
Shelagh O'Donnell, played by Erica Wessels

A friend to Marie-Cecile, Shelagh is a peripheral member of the Noublesso, assigned to the dig so that she can report any finds relating to the Labyrinth and the Grail. She is close friends with Alice Tanner, and invites her friend to join her on the dig. It is Alice who finds the Labyrinth ring and loses it. The Noublesso suspect that Shelagh has obtained it and is hiding it. Paul takes advantage of these suspicions to frame Shelagh for the theft. Eventually, Paul has Shelagh tortured to determine that she knows nothing of the ring, and then has her killed after forcing her to set a trap for Marie-Cecile.
Yves Diau, played by Patrick Rapold

A young French police officer, Yves is also a member of the Noublesso. He is secretly an undercover agent working for the Navigator, Audric. He obtains the Labyrinth ring from the Grail cave and sends it to Audric. Later, when checking in with Audric by phone, Yves is killed by two of Paul's men.
Sajhe de Servian, played by Matthew Beard

A young man living in Carcassone, Sajhe's only living relative is his grandmother, Escarlmonde. He works in the city doing odd jobs, dedicated to his grandmother. He secretly falls in love with her favorite pupil, Alais. When his grandmother is tortured by those seeking the Book of Potions, Sajhe protects her as best he can and eventually takes revenge on her tormentor, Francois.

Sajhe leaves Carcassone with Alais and Rixende and lives with them for a time after Alais gives birth to her daughter, Bertrande. They travel to Montsegur and live there until the Crusaders besiege the fortress. Sajhe tries to escape with Bertrande but the Crusaders believe he is a Cathar heretic and imprison him. He escapes and follows Oriane and Bertrande to the Grail cave. A soldier knocks him out and by the time Sajhe awakes, Alais is mortally wounded. With her dying breath she asks Sajhe to accept immortality and bear the tale of the Grail and the heretics that protected it. Sajhe accepts the burden and both ages several decades and then never ages again. He continues on down the centuries, taking the name Audric and working as a historian.
Simeon, played by Gawn Grainger

A Jewish bookbinder by trade, Simeon serves as one of the Guardians of the Grail, and protects the Book of Numbers. Guy eventually learns of his role as a Guardian, captures him, and tortures him for the location of the Book of Numbers. Simeon never reveals the Book's location and Guy flogs him to death.
Francois, played by Paul Hilton

A servant to Alais, Francois is apparently loyal to his mistress even in the face of rumors that she is the illegitimate child of Intendant Bertrant Pelletier. In fact he serves Oriane in all things, and betrays Alais to his true mistress. Sajhe eventually kills Francois when the latter tries to stop him from leaving Carcassone.
Guy D'Evereux, played by Tony Curran

A powerful Northern baron who joins the Crusades to increase his landholdings rather than religious beliefs, Guy is a sadist who enjoys wielding power as well as the perks that it provides. He has learned of the Grail and believes that it is the key to even greater power, and will do anything that he can to obtain it. In return for Oriane giving him two of the Books, Guy takes her as his wife. After years of searching, Guy eventually believes that the Third Book and believes that Oriane is obsessed. Guilhem finds him and breaks his neck in revenge for the sack of Carcassone.
Viscount Raymond-Roger Trencavel, played by Tom Felton

The young ruler of the city of Carcassone, Trencavel gives religious sanctuary to any who seek it despite the fact that he is a heartfelt Catholic. This openness comes at a cost when the Crusaders come seeking the Cathari heretics residing in Carcassone. Trencavel's beliefs in honor and chivalry fail him when the Crusaders, led by Simon De Montfort, refuse to play by the same rules. Simon breaks parley and captures Trencavel, and demands that he recant his people and his land. Trencavel refuses and Simon strangles him to death with his bare hands.
Classification: Mini-Series
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | History
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Premiere: March 30, 2013
Ended: March 31, 2013
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