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Season 2

31 :02x01 - The Legend of Midas Mantee

New Ranger Erik Hunter goes undercover to join the bank robbery gang of Midas Mantee.
Guest Stars: K.L. Smith as Sheriff of Porirero | Cliff Osmond as Midas Mantee | Maura McGiveney as Rita Silver | Rex Holman as Greevy | Howard Wendell as Winston | Jon Locke as Deputy | John Truax as Sheriff of Val Verde | Chuck Roberson as Rafer | Buddy Van Horn as Hutch | Rory Stevens as David

32 :02x02 - Dance of the Laughing Death

Native Americans are on the warpath and they have captured Winchester rifles and a Gatling gun among their weapons.
Guest Stars: Abraham Sofaer as Tohpay | Peter Dawson as Sheriff | Vince St. Cyr as Taslatch | Gregg Palmer as Sgt. Mason | Diane Roter as Lohray | Julie Edwards as Anita | Myron Healey as John Garth | Joe Haworth as Surly Man
Director: Jerry Hopper

33 :02x03 - A Double Shot of Nepenthe

An ex-convict wants revenge on Captain Parmalee for sending him to prison and gets a crooked doctor to inject Reese with a mind-controlling drug so that the Ranger will do the job for him.
Guest Stars: Bern Hoffman as Jailer | Richard Reeves as Farber | Shug Fisher as Prospector | Leonard P. Geer as Ward | Robert Williams (1) as Mapes | Warren J. Kemmerling as Jake Murdock | Will Kuluva as Dr. Duvain | Michael Kagan as Collins | Donald Reiker as Bob Dawkins | David Perna as Jack Slade | George Robotham as Bill Dawkins
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Gene L. Coon

34 :02x04 - Coup de Grace

When a pro-Juarez rebel is abducted from protective custody by a gang loyal to the French regime in Mexico, it's the four Rangers to the rescue.
Guest Stars: Barbara Luna as Carmella Alvarez | Arnold Moss as Captain Henri DeClair | John Hoyt as Juan Morales | Fabian Dean as Jean LeBec | Louise Lawson as Betsy | Harry Varteresian as Wrestler | Lenny Kahn as Norton | Steve Conte as Bartender | Roger Etienne as Lieutenant | Will J. White as Sentry

35 :02x05 - The Land Slickers

Reese's yearly enlistment in the Rangers is almost up and he uses reward money from the capture of an outlaw to purchase some ranch land. Then he discovers that the duo who sold him the land are con artists and that the land is under alkaline water.
Guest Stars: Leo Gordon as Wayne Emerson | Gene Raymond as Conrad Fletcher | Ahna Capri as Sally Fletcher | Ron Russell as Ed Emerson | Alan Dewitt as F. J. Wiggins | Russ Grieve as Sheriff | Connie Hunter as Hostess | Jimmy Joyce as Bellhop | Robert L. Goodwin as Man
Director: Sherman Marks

36 :02x06 - Finnegan

A Chicago gangster named Finnegan decides to begin organizing crime in Texas. He begins by importing name outlaws wanted outside Texas and teaches them his methods in various rackets. The Rangers get on the case when a stagecoach robbery by some of Finnegan's men goes awry.
Guest Stars: K.L. Smith as Tom Fox | Malachi Throne as Sean Finnegan | Budd Perkins as Greely | I. Stanford Jolley as Old Man | Fred Carson as Stacy | Bruce Todd as Gunter | Fred Scheiwiller as Ned | Ken Lynch as John Clayton | Stuart Anderson as Kid Case | Mort Mills as Muldoon | Roy Roberts as Kelly | John Harmon (1) as Jonas Kale

37 :02x07 - Any Way the Wind Blows

Erik goes undercover as a magician to get the goods on a group of circus performers who have been perpetrating a series of bank robberies.
Guest Stars: Melodie Johnson as Eve | Michael Evans as Edmond Tolliver | Tiger Joe Marsh as Hercules | Jay Della as Tope | Mike Wagner as Soames | Bill Quinn (1) as Warburton | Harry Harvey as Strother | Melville Ruick as Prentiss
Director: John English

38 :02x08 - The Sweet Gang

The Rangers attempt to get a mining payroll past a gang of hillbilly bank robbers.
Guest Stars: Deanna Lund as Cherry | Kathie Browne as Billie Lou | Robert Beecher as Abel Sweet | Ellen Corby as Ma Sweet | Lennie Weinrib as Bud Sweet | Michael Masters as Wes Sweet | Harry Swoger as Carter | Walter Woolf King as Doctor | Kay Michaels as Jenny | Donna Anders as Hostess #1 | Pat Dennie as Hostess #2
Director: Ezra Stone
Writer: Walter Black

39 :02x09 - One Too Many Voices

Reese changes places with a millionaire after the tycoon is the victim of kidnapping threats.
Guest Stars: Jim Goodwin as Emerson Whitby III | Bill Fletcher as Moran | Hal Baylor as Tattoo | Bart Burns as Jencks | Whitney Blake as Sabrina Lane | Lyle Talbot as Frank Nicholson | Robert Foulk as Virgil Porter | Foster Brooks as Harry Tyson | Steve Raines as Stage Driver | Howard Wright as Hotel Clerk | June Smaney as Magdalena
Director: William Witney

40 :02x10 - Road to San Remo

Flat broke, Rangers Joe, Chad, and Reese accept the offer of $10.00 apiece from a nine year old girl to accompany her to the town of San Remo where she's going to live with her uncle.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as Charlie Smith | Claire Wilcox as Gussie Smith | Dabbs Greer as Ira | Val Avery as Sheriff Daniels | Allen Jaffe as Indian Pete | Charlie Briggs as Woods | Jan Arvan as Dealer | Steve Raines as Stage Driver
Director: Irving J. Moore

41 :02x11 - Last of the Caesars - Absolutely

The four Rangers must discover who has been raiding settlements and kidnapping skilled workers in them.
Guest Stars: Jack Weston as Hannibal Rex | Joan Huntington as Celeste | Sid Haig as Brunning | E.J. Andre as Silversmith | Joanne Medley as Joan | Jack Grinnage as Mike Slattery | Mel Gallagher as O'Hara | Charles Horvath as Jomo

42 :02x12 - A Prince of a Ranger

Chad switches places with a European prince who's his exact double in order to foil an assassination plot aimed against the prince.
Guest Stars: Mimsy Farmer as Antonia | Peter Brown (1) as Prince Lazlo | Lisabeth Hush as Helena | Ivor Barry as Frollo | John S. Ragin as Karl | William Phipps as Spurs | Anne Hogan as Cindy Lou | Paul Micale as Martinez | Pat Tidy as Woman
Director: Charles Rondeau

43 :02x13 - Oh Careless Love

Captain Parmalee and the Rangers must negotiate with a tribe of hostile Native Americans to keep a wagon train from being massacred. Things get complicated when the chief's overweight and homely looking daughter falls for Reese.
Guest Stars: Thomas Gomez as Kicking Bear | Peggy Mondo as Lost Bird | Ken Scott as Jim Barnett | Larry Chance as Many Horses | Vinton Hayworth as Marcus Sullivan | Vince St. Cyr as Medicine Man
Director: Charles Rondeau

44 :02x14 - Leave It to Dixie

Reese enlists the aid of four young boys to capture the Sam Dixie gang.
Guest Stars: George Keymas as Mace | Peter Dunhill as Matt Dixie | Clint Howard as Midge | Paul Bryar as Sheriff | Barbara Werle as Molly | Norman Leavitt as McClory | Scott McCartor as Pete | Don 'Red' Barry as Sam Dixie | Michael Flatley (2) as Dave
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Martin Roth

45 :02x15 - The Seventh Day

When outlaw Clay Morgan runs a minister out of the town of Black River, Captain Parmalee sends Erik and Chad back to the town disguised as ministers in order to establish a church and get rid of Morgan.
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Clay Morgan | Wesley Lau as Reverend Thomas | Michael Vandever as Lacy Walsh | William Bramley (1) as Luke Bergstrom | Bunny Summers as Amy Bergstrom | Michael Fox as Bartender
Director: Irving J. Moore

46 :02x16 - Scourge of San Rosa

Reese develops amnesia after being thrown from his horse and believes that he's a wanted outlaw.
Guest Stars: Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as Liveryman | Stella Garcia as Marguerita | Roberto Contreras as Peon | Kathleen Freeman as Mio | Rodolfo Acosta as Luis | Robert Yuro as Johnny Rhodes | Maria Cove as Marie | Fred Krone as George McCord | Robert F. Hoy as Willie
Director: Joseph Pevney

47 :02x17 - Short, Happy Fatherhood of Reese Bennett

Reese assumes temporary custody of a young Native American boy whose traveling party was wiped out by an outlaw gang.
Guest Stars: Michael Greene (1) as Red Gully | Rick Natoli as Black Wing | Jan Arvan as Flying Cloud | Eileen Wesson as Cecile | Aleta Rotell as Mary | Lillian Field as Barbara | Lyn Peters as Nellie | Cindy O'hara as Rosie | Buddy Garion as Abner Gully | Buff Brady as Bud Gully
Director: Ezra Stone

48 :02x18 - The Bitter Yen of General Ti

Joe saves the life of a beautiful Chinese girl and must protect her from an opium lord who wants her to be his wife.
Guest Stars: Irene Tsu as Jem Sing | Philip Ahn as Wong Lee | Henry Hunter as Doctor | Henry Silva as General Ti | Lloyd Kino as Kam Yang | Allen Emerson as Tony Scarpito | Almira Sessions as Matron #1 | Ruth Thom as Matron #2 | Lawrence Montaigne as Rocco Calvelli
Director: Charles Rondeau

49 :02x19 - The Other Cheek

The Rangers get involved in a conflict between cattlemen and a group of pacifist sheep raisers.
Guest Stars: Barbara Anderson as Delia Snilly | Russ McCubbin as Harry | Malcolm Atterbury as Ernest Snilly | Robert F. Simon as Tinker | Ric Roman as Ace Brady | Clay Turner as Abe | Hoke Howell as Burt | Rudy Vejar as Jack | Leonard P. Geer as Ben | David Leland (2) as Clyde | William Henry as Sam
Director: Ezra Stone
Writer: Gene L. Coon

50 :02x20 - Enemies and Brothers

The Rangers discover that outlaw Bart Cutler is in reality Captain Parmalee's brother, Frank, whom he thought had died in the Civil War.
Guest Stars: Jack Kelly as Bart Cutler/Frank Parmalee | Olive Dunbar as Widow Morton | Mary Murphy (1) as Jessica Boyd | Troy Melton as Lester | Barbara Werle as Liza Curtis | Ned Romero as Captain Montoya | Charles Bail as Duke | Fred Scheiwiller as Homer Grunch
Director: Gene Nelson

51 :02x21 - Hey Diddle Diddle

A nursery rhyme holds the key to the murder of a printer carrying counterfeit money. Unfortunately, Ranger Cotton Buckmeister can't remember how the rhyme goes.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Cotton Buckmeister | Carl Ballantine as Lemuel Bemish | Marilyn Erskine as Milly Beamish | Regina Gleason as Betsy | Michael Keep as Yaqui | Jacques Aubuchon as Morgan | Michael Forest as Miguel
Director: William Witney
Writer: Gerry Day

52 :02x22 - The Small Chance Ghost

Erik rides into the nearly abandoned town of Small Chance in search of Reese who has disappeared and was last seen there.
Guest Stars: Ted Cassidy as Monte | Edward Binns as Sgt. Durgom | Jeanne Cooper as Kay Comstock | Shug Fisher as Charlie
Writer: Martin Roth

53 :02x23 - A Question of Guilt

Rangers Joe Riley and Cotton Buckmeister are picked to serve on a jury trying a Native American for the murder of a white woman.
Guest Stars: Robert Donner as Patrick Clancy | Claude Akins as Cotton Buckmeister | Walter Burke as Jake Taggert | Vaughn Taylor as Judge Lamprey | Lisa James as Adeline Foster | Ed Peck as Frank Foster | Claude Woolman as John Bright Star | Patsy Kelly as Abbie Heffernan | Harry Swoger as Cal Murdock | Olive Dunbar as Mrs. Morton | Marcelle Fortier as Annabelle Pitney
Director: Leo Penn

54 :02x24 - Like One of the Family

Captain Parmalee keeps sending Rangers out to evict a family from their land to make way for a railroad but neither the Rangers nor the family seem to want to leave.
Guest Stars: Russ McCubbin as Native American | Jeanette Nolan as Vita Rose | Parley Baer as Alcott | Robert L. Goodwin as Lionel | Don Beddoe as Colonel Willingham | George Robotham as Surveyor | Walter Coy as Merrill | Gillian Tomlin as Bliss
Director: Robert Gist

55 :02x25 - Walk Softly

Rangers Chad, Joe, and Cotton Buckmeister are promised a $50 bonus each if they will transport a bottle of nitro and the professor who invented it to an Army fort.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as Lyle | Claude Akins as Cotton Buckmeister | Joe Flynn (1) as Professor | Helene Winston as Woman | Barbara Pepper as Emma | George Furth as Carl Strade
Director: William Witney

56 :02x26 - Split the Difference

Captain Parmalee and a host of notorious outlaws are named as beneficiaries in the will of recently hanged Jake Ringo.
Guest Stars: Shelley Morrison as Linda Littletrees | Ralph Manza as Blue Dog | Fabian Dean as Smiley Hogg | Gerald Mohr as Gypsy John Fuente | Monica Lewis as Belle Bronson | Byron Foulger as Hollingsworth Morse | Myron Healey as Jake Ringo
Director: Alan Rafkin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1965
Ended: September 08, 1967
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