Season 8

Laverne & Shirley Together Again

An Entertainment Tonight special in which interviews are held with the actors who appeared on the series.
Guest Stars: Penny Marshall as Herself | Cindy Williams as Herself | David L. Lander as Himself | Michael McKean as Himself | Eddie Mekka as Himself
Director: Miguel Enciso

157 :08x01 - The Mummy's Bride

Shirley falls in love with a man named Walter Meeney while at the Veterans Affairs hospital, and after a short courting has decided to marry him, which means she will soon be moving away from Laverne.
Guest Stars: Richard Stahl as The Chaplain
Director: Tom Trbovich

158 :08x02 - Window on Main Street

Bardwell's department store is hosting a "House of the Future" display in their window, and Laverne and Shirley have agreed to live there for the weekend.
Guest Stars: Norman Bartold as Mr. Hildebrand | Charles Thomas Murphy as Hal Dawson | Larry Breeding as Mike
Director: Tom Trbovich
Writer: Al Aidekman

159 :08x03 - The Note

Laverne is crushed and hurt when Shirley rushes off overseas to be with her husband and only left a short note after years of friendship. The gang try to find Laverne a new roommate and cheer her up to get her out of the depression which has set in.
Guest Stars: Julie Brown (3) as Patti | Kathryn Fuller as Bag Lady | Ronny Hallin as Maxine | Tom Trbovich as Tom
Director: Gabrielle James
Writer: Judy Pioli

160 :08x04 - Lost in Spacesuits

Laverne takes a job at Ajax Aerospace after running low on money. After becoming bored, Laverne puts on an experimental anti-gravity suit from the laboratory and can't seem to keep her feet on the ground.
Guest Stars: Robert Hogan as Bullets | Raleigh Bond as Bill Ajax | Charles Fleischer as Chuck
Director: Tom Trbovich

161 :08x05 - The Playboy Show

Laverne is asked to try out as a Playboy bunny while at the Playboy club, getting an application for Rhonda. After passing the first test, Laverne is asked to attend bunny training course which she finds is harder than it looks.
Guest Stars: Carrie Fisher as Cathy | Hugh M. Hefner as Himself | Marcia Rodd as Hillary
Director: Michael McKean

162 :08x06 - Death Row (1)

Laverne gets herself mixed up with bad company when her new friends bring her to a bank for what she believes is to pick up new dishes, unknown that they are bank robbers. Now she is arrested with them and taken to jail.
Guest Stars: Laraine Newman as woman | Gary Goodrow as Bank Manager | Doris Hess as Kluger | Ben Powers as Aaron | Timothy Stack as Bank Teller | Francis T. Perry Williams as Policeman
Director: Tom Trbovich

163 :08x07 - Death Row (2)

While waiting to be booked into jail, Laverne and her gang are mistaken for a group of murderers and are sentenced to be executed. With no one knowing she is in prison, Laverne's goose seems to be cooked. That is until Squiggy stops by the prison as he does every Saturday night and notices Laverne in there.
Guest Stars: Laraine Newman as Woman | Ernie Lee Banks as Priest | Doris Hess as Kluger | Tom Newman as Judge | Anne Ramsey as Killer
Director: Tom Trbovich
Writer: Neil LaRose

164 :08x08 - Jinxed

Laverne is sent to see a gypsy after breaking a chain letter and then going through a run of bad luck.
Guest Stars: Carol Kane as Olga | Jack DeLeon as Monty Shore (as Christopher Weeks) | Charles Fleischer as Chuck
Director: Tom Trbovich

165 :08x09 - Of Mice and Men

Laverne tries to restore her boyfriend's confidence, but her plan goes awry.
Guest Stars: Jim Belushi as Wheezer | Charles Bartlett as Wally | Murphy Dunne as Gonzague | Irwin Keyes as Lou | DeLee Lively as Suzi | Ian Rosenberg as Biff | Nicholas Worth as Lewis
Director: Paul Sills

166 :08x10 - The Gymnast

Laverne is dating a gymnast who's specialty is the flying trapeze. But she can't get passed a feeling that he is trying to kill her.
Guest Stars: Adam West as Edgar Garibaldi | Devera Marcus as Esmerelda | Patrick O'Moore as Arthur
Director: Tom Trbovich

167 :08x11 - The Monastery Show

Laverne can't shake her depression over the direction in which her life has been going and asks Mother Superior if she can move into the convent for awhile. But Laverne's big mouth may get her kicked out of the nunnery.
Guest Stars: Bill Morey as priest | Cristy Dawson (2) as Foot Nun | Louise Lasser as Sister Margaret | Fran Ryan as Mother Superior | Carol Williard as Sister Teresa | Dawn Jeffory as Sign Language Nun
Director: Garry Marshall

168 :08x12 - Defective Ballet

The Russian ballet is in town and a defector from the troupe is a dead ringer for Squiggy...except for the dancing part.
Guest Stars: Victor Barbee as Ivan | John Brent as Shasta | Wendy Cutler as Viviana | Louis Welch as Clarke Montana | Paul Willson as Kovitch
Director: Tom Trbovich

169 :08x13 - The Baby Show

Sgt. Plout is back, pregnant and needing a place to stay. So Laverne gives her a room as the two mothers-to-be contest and then head to a funeral for an old friend of Mr. DeFazio. While at the proceedings Sgt. Plout goes into labor and has her baby...right there.
Guest Stars: Lynne Marie Stewart as Marsha | Timothy Blake as Gail | Ted Chapman as The Doctor | Vicki Lawrence as Sgt. Alvinia T. Plout | Julie Paris as Third Mother | William Sumper as Morry | Neil Thompson as Funeral Director
Director: Phil Perez
Writer: Judy Pioli

170 :08x14 - Rock 'n' Roll Show

Laverne informs Chuck that if his band is going to make any money then they will need to learn to play rock 'n roll music. Unfortunately, they are going to need a lot of help.
Guest Stars: Charles Fleischer as Chuck | Jack Mack as Band | Bob Perlow as Promoter
Writer: Jill Gordon

171 :08x15 - The Fashion Show

Laverne's new boyfriend is a fashion photographer which makes her jealous over spending all day with beautiful models. So Laverne attends a fashion show in order to keep an eye on him and mistakenly ends up walking down the catwalk as a model.
Guest Stars: Robert Arcaro as Guard | Larry Breeding as Mike Bailey | Anjelica Huston as Miss Paris | Joanna Kerns as Monique | Kit McDonough as Speaker | Michael Pataki as Mr. Dressner | Mary Watson as Miss Rio De Janeiro
Director: Tom Trbovich

172 :08x16 - Short on Time

Frank seeks condolences from Laverne after finding a note from Edna stating that she is leaving him. Because Laverne is in a hurry she asks her pop to watch Little Chucky, unaware that he is a chimp.
Guest Stars: The Spinners as Themselves | Charles Fleischer as Chuck | Jo Ann Harris as Jane | Harry Waters, Jr. as Lamar
Director: Tom Trbovich
Writer: Jack Lukes

173 :08x17 - Ghost Story

Laverne believes her apartment is being spooked by a ghost and holds a seance along with the gang in order to exorcise it off her residence.
Guest Stars: Jeanetta Arnette as Marianne Vimvoli | Richard Karron as The Ghost
Director: Tom Trbovich

174 :08x18 - Please Don't Feed the Buzzards

Lenny and Squiggy believe they have found a treasure map and go searching for the riches along with Carmine and Frank.
Guest Stars: Wayne Powers as Gus
Director: Tom Trbovich

175 :08x19 - How's Your Sister?

Squendelyn, Squiggy's weird sister has arrived in town for a visit and falls in love with Carmine.
Guest Stars: Jineane Ford as Terri | Catherine Gilmour as Patti | Ivana Moore as Sheila | Kelbe Nugent as Judy
Director: Tom Trbovich

176 :08x20 - Do the Carmine

Carmine's singing career seems to be headed no where, until his record is heard by a record executive and offer's him a shot to appear on popular music show.
Guest Stars: Jay Leno as Bobby Bitts | James Gallery as Dr. Knibble
Director: Tom Trbovich
Writer: Jay Grossman

177 :08x21 - Councilman DeFazio

When a councilman decides that a new high rise building should be built on the site of Cowboy Bill's, Frank DeFazio decides to through his hat in the ring and run for the job himself.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Clayton Pike | Dottie Archibald as Reporter | Francine Kessler as Leonetta | Wayne Powers as TV Anchorman | Connie Sawyer as Mother Pike
Director: Tom Trbovich

178 :08x22 - Here Today, Hair Tomorrow

Carmine has faced the realization that his career in California is dead and decides to head to New York and try out for a part in a Broadway show.
Guest Stars: Patricia Kimmel as Juanita | John Lansing as Director | Ben Powers as Rick West
Director: Tom Trbovich
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 27, 1976
Ended: May 10, 1983
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