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Season 4

116 :04x01 - Trapped

Outlaw leader Hale Connors rides into Laramie and informs Dan that the stagecoach and the supply wagon won't be arriving... until the town pays him $150,000 from the bank.
Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Hale Connors | Vinton Hayworth as Oren Slauson | House Peters, Jr. as Joe Poole | Grady Sutton as Ben Toomey | Maxine Wagner as Mrs. Willock

117 :04x02 - The Juror

When an outlaw receives a change of venue and is brought to Laramie for trial, everyone is intimidated into staying off the jury. Only Lily will take a stand, ignoring Dan's objections.
Guest Stars: Harry Cheshire as Judge Trager | Jack Hogan as Bob Cawley | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Larry J. Blake as Mister Parker (as Larry Blake) | Jim Hayward as Adam Larkin | Karl Davis as Gang Member | Bruce MacFarlane as First Man
Writer: Ric Hardman

118 :04x03 - The Four

Four men ride into town and tell Dan that they're hunting a young boy who is a ruthless killer. Dan has no choice but to deputize them and join the hunt.
Guest Stars: Joseph Gallison as Lee Darragh (as Evan McCord) | Jack Elam as Herm Forrest | Norman Alden as Charley | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Grady Sutton as Ben Toomey | Dorothy Konrad as Mrs. Bangle | Richard Gardner (1) as Frank | Johnny Weissmuller Jr. as Willy |
Uncredited: Clyde Howdy as Onlooker

119 :04x04 - The Son

A father brings his blind son to Laramie to have him identify the man who killed his other son.
Guest Stars: Chad Everett as Cole Herod | James Westerfield as Zacharia Herod | Tom Reese as Bob Mengis | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Charles Irving as Eugene Thomas |
Uncredited: John Truax as Townsman in Birdcage

120 :04x05 - Owny O'Reilly, Esquire

The Governor's daughter Roberta runs away to Laramie and runs into Owny O'Reilly. The two soon become romantically involved, but Owny is unaware that Roberta robbed him earlier. Things get complicated when a prisoner escapes and takes Roberta hostage.
Guest Stars: Joel Grey as Owny O'Reilly | Roberta Shore as Millie Cotton aka Millie Johnson | Mort Mills as Jack Saunders | Barry Kelley as Governor Johnson | Grady Sutton as Ben Toomey |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Driver | Fred Carson as Barfly | Cactus Mack as Barfly | Jack Perrin as Barfly
Writer: Ric Hardman

121 :04x06 - The Substitute

When the town's schoolteacher leaves suddenly, Lily is the only person available to take her place temporarily. But the town's ladies object to having a saloonkeeper of low morals teach their children.
Guest Stars: Whit Bissell as Al Skinner | Kathleen Freeman as Mavis Martingale | Jan Arvan as Homer Martingale | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Dee Carroll as Trilby Johnson | Almira Sessions as First Lady | Anne Blake as Second Lady | Hank Stanton as Bobby Martingale | Anjo Stanton as Edith Martingale
Story: Robert L. Palmer | Teleplay: Ric Hardman

122 :04x07 - The Stalker

A fur trapper, a friend of Dan's, inadvertently kills a man and flees into the forest. Dan has no choice but to hunt him down and bring him back.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Alteeka McClintoch | Harry Lauter as Compton Schaeffer | Don 'Red' Barry as Jess Schaeffer (as Don Berry) | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Robert Gunderson as Masten (as Bob Gunderson)

123 :04x08 - The Catalog Woman

When a resident goes missing after his wedding to a mail-order bride, Dan decides to find out what's going on by posing as a lonely man and orders from the same mail-order company.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlyle as Agatha Wingate and/or Ida Creevey | Vinton Hayworth as Oren Slauson | Herb Vigran as Walt Perkins | William Fawcett as John | Charles Alvin Bell as Passenger | Lester Miller as Man |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Driver
Writer: Ric Hardman

124 :04x09 - The Cold One

Barbara Harris returns to Laramie seven years after turning her husband, outlaw King Harris, into the law. She married another member of the gang but King escaped from prison and killed the man. Now King is is coming to Laramie to kill Barbara.
Guest Stars: Joyce Meadows as Barbara Harris | Michael Pate as King Harris | Tom Gilson as Rio | Ric Marlow as Willis | Percy Helton as Thatcher | I. Stanford Jolley as Tom Carver | Sandy McPeak as Ed Lane (Sandy Kevin) | Dick Winslow as Bartender | Emile Avery as Stage Driver |
Uncredited: Cactus Mack as Slade | Jack Perrin as Barfly
Writer: Mark Rodgers

125 :04x10 - Porphyria's Lover

A lover from Lily's past comes to Laramie on a stormy night and stalks her, seeking revenge because of her testimony that sent him to prison.
Guest Stars: Lance Fuller as Galt Stevens | Benny Baker as Dave | Jeanne Vaughn as Eve

126 :04x11 - The Appointment

Johnny receives an appointment to West Point and must choose between his life in Laramie and the faith put in him by his sponsor, Major Leeds. Things get complicated when a failed cadet rides into town looking for revenge on Leeds.
Guest Stars: Kent Smith as Major Jason Leeds | John Kellogg as Bern Lochard | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Grady Sutton as Ben Toomey | Tom London as Pete | Zack Foster as Lieutenant

127 :04x12 - The Lords of Darkness

Dan travels to the town of Darkness to bring in a murderer, but the killer is one of the Lord family, which rule the town with an iron hand.
Guest Stars: Arch Johnson as Andrew Lord | Elen Willard as Caroline Lord | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Corey Allen as William Lord | James de Closs as Robert Lord (as Jim De Closs) | Damian O'Flynn as Sutter | Owen Bush as Bartender | Charles Maxwell as Marshal |
Uncredited: Clyde Howdy as Saloon Patron
Writer: Mark Rodgers

128 :04x13 - Tarot

A gambler and friend of Lily's, Joe Wyatt, comes to town. He reveals that he has a knack for telling fortunes and reads the futures of Lily, Dan, and Johnny... and also warns that one of the four of them will die.
Guest Stars: Robert McQueeney as Joe Wyatt | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Bill Zuckert as Luther | K.L. Smith as Jess | Fred Sherman as Line Agent (Fred) | Bruce MacFarlane as Ike Buford | Nick Pawl as Third Gunman | Emile Avery as Stage Coach Driver

129 :04x14 - The Prodigal Mother

A woman, Maggie Coleson, comes back to Laramie to recover the child that she left behind. He's now living with foster parents, who refuse to give him up, but Maggie's husband is wealthy enough to file a court order to let her take her son back.
Guest Stars: Catherine McLeod as Margaret Coleson | Billy Booth as Tad McCallan | Mina Brown as Ella McCallan | King Calder as Dave McCallan |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Driver
Story: Fanya Lawrence | Teleplay: Paul Savage

130 :04x15 - By the Book

An inspector for the territorial marshal comes to Laramie and accuses Dan of not keeping the peace.
Guest Stars: Lyle Talbot as Orville Luster | Walter Burke as Ernie | Sheldon Allman as Teakwood | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Richard Benedict as Lou Silk | John Cason as Brad Oliver | James Waters as Mr. Friendly |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Driver
Director: Irving J. Moore

131 :04x16 - Trojan Horse

Hijackers intercept a load of nitroglycerine being transported through Laramie and intend to use it to blow open the bank and escape with the loot.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Tobey as Clooney (Duncan Clooney, as Ken Tobey) | Richard Bakalyan as Eggers | Charlie Briggs as Falk (as Charles Briggs) | Emile Avery as Man

132 :04x17 - The Locket

Lily's friend Marcia is coming to Laramie for a visit. However, when the stage arrives the driver has disappeared and Julie is unconscious with a concussion. While Dan and Johnny try to find the driver, a man comes to see Julie claiming to be her husband.
Guest Stars: Robert Colbert as Breen | Julie Van Zandt as Marcia Smith | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Scar

133 :04x18 - A Friend of the Family

Three men ride into Laramie to rob a bank. One is captured... and Johnny realizes that it's Joe Henny, one of the men who raised him. Joe escapes and Dan wonders if Johnny is letting his feelings get in the way of his job.
Guest Stars: Frank Ferguson as Joe Henny | Vinton Hayworth as Oren Slauson | Don Kelly (1) as Grat Lowell (as Don O'Kelly) | Gertrude Flynn as Miss Selma | Ted Quillan as Gus Baker

134 :04x19 - The Vintage

An Italian immigrant and his grandson lose their wagon of grape vines that they are transporting to California, thanks to two men fighting a brawl in the streets. The immigrants set out to get revenge on the men who destroyed their livelihood.
Guest Stars: Ernest Sarracino as Lazaro Lazarino | Kevin Hagen as Kulp | Armand Alzamora as Antonio Lazarino | Richard Reeves as Joe | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Harry Cheshire as Judge Trager |
Uncredited: Sailor Vincent as Townsman

135 :04x20 - The Tarnished Badge

An old friend of Dan's, former lawman Jess Bridges, rides into Laramie to rob the bank. Dan and Johnny stop the robbery and Johnny sets off after Bridges, who takes him prisoner.
Guest Stars: Lon Chaney, Jr. as Jess Bridges (as Lon Chaney) | Jackie Searl as Slick | Marshall Reed (1) as Jake | Rex Devereaux as Posse Member

136 :04x21 - No Contest

Johnny's cousin Jeff arrives in Laramie, but his resemblance to Billy the Kid soon inspires him to learn how to use a gun... and how to use it to settle his differences.
Guest Stars: Richard Rogers as Jeff Allen | Dawn Wells as Elaine (Elly) Stratton | Guy Stockwell as Jib (Jib Willis) | Frank Watkins as Ames (Les Ames) |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Coach Driver | Fred Carson as Cowboy Walking | Jack Perrin as Barfly | Sailor Vincent as Bartender
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Berne Giler

137 :04x22 - Change of Venue

When outlaw Barron Shaw receives a change of venue out of Laramie, Dan escorts him via stagecoach to his trial, but discovers that Shaw has his men waiting up ahead.
Guest Stars: Philip Carey as Barron Shaw (as Phil Carey) | Jan Shepard as Madelyn Chase | Robert Adler as Stagecoach Driver | Roy Barcroft as Luke Tennant | Larry J. Blake as Parker (as Larry Blake) | Jack Williams (3) as Cay |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Townsman | Fred Carson as Townsman | Russ McCubbin as Gang Member | Ted White as Townsman
Writer: Mark Rodgers

138 :04x23 - The Holdout

Logan, a vigilante with aspirations to take over Laramie, has his men terrorize the town and intimidate anyone who'd stand gains them. While Johnny tries to convince an intimidated shopkeeper to testify, the town council tells Dan to turn in his badge rather than go up against Logan.
Guest Stars: Arch Johnson as Logan | Larry Ward as Blake Stevens | Harry Cheshire as Judge Trager | Addison Richards as Ben Thurston | Joseph Ruskin as Ed James | Tom Monroe as Bob Sherman (as Tom Munroe) |
Uncredited: Jack Perrin as Voting Committee Member
Story: OCee Ritch | Teleplay: Anthony Spinner

139 :04x24 - The Barber

Dan and Johnny get more than they expect when they go in to get a haircut from the new barber in Laramie.
Guest Stars: Pitt Herbert as Sylvester (Sil) O'Toole | Wendell Holmes as Frank MacStrowd | Vinton Hayworth as Oren Slauson | Dan Sheridan as Jake | William Fawcett as Ed Carruthers | Gail Bonney as Mrs. Wilson | Owen Bush as Will Puffin | Frank Watkins as Hank Koop | George Greco as Ren Herbert |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Driver

140 :04x25 - The Long Gun

A legendary marshal, Ben Wyatt, arrives in Laramie and takes a hotel room. However, Dan realizes that Ben is there to shoot two outlaws from ambush because he can't nerve himself to face them down and arrest them.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Ben Wyatt | George Dunn as Ed Love | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Grady Sutton as Ben Toomey | Robert "Buzz" Henry as 1st Bodeen Brother (as Buzz Henry) | Al Wyatt as 2nd Bodeen Brother
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

141 :04x26 - Clootey Hutter

A woman, Clootey Hutter, rides into Laramie and is forced to defend herself from two brothers. When she outdraws and kills one of them, no one believes that she killed the man in a fair fight.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gregg as Clootey Hutter | Jack Elam as Paul Henry | Jack Hogan as Earl Henry | Justin Smith (1) as Ed Cramer |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Barfly

142 :04x27 - Heritage of Hate

Laurie Kemper served three years in prison for manslaughter when she took a gun to a brutal husband. The dead man's father wants revenge, so Laurie sends away for a mail-order bride: an ex-con that she figures she can deal with her tormentors.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Laurie Kemper | Roy Roberts as John Kemper | William Joyce as Bill Fells | Frank Albertson as Henry Bildy | Harry Cheshire as Judge Trager | Ken Mayer as Moss | Baynes Barron as Burns | Grace Albertson as Sarah Bildy | Jerry Catron as Cowhand

143 :04x28 - Mountain Man

A mountain man, Lex Buckner, arrives in town and sets his sights on Lily. To deter him, Lily and Dan convince Lex that they're engaged... and Lex decides to eliminate the competition.
Guest Stars: Med Flory as Lex Buckman | Dan Sheridan as Jake | William Fawcett as Barber | Rusty Wescoatt as Blacksmith | Emile Avery as Stage Coach Driver | Jack Shea (2) as Wagoneer |
Uncredited: Clyde Howdy as Townsman in Saloon | Sailor Vincent as Townsman

144 :04x29 - The Bride

A conman and his female partner Melanie roll into town. They set their eyes on rancher Ollie Earnshaw, hoping to marry Melanie to him and get his money.
Guest Stars: Jo Morrow as Melanie Wells | William Mims as Frank Farnum | L.Q. Jones as Ollie Earnshaw | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Grady Sutton as Ben Toomey (credit only) | Frank Scannell as Saul (as Frank Scannell) | Bob Terhune as Haw | Harry Strang as Ed Lecky
Story: Berne Giler | Teleplay: John Tomerlin

145 :04x30 - The Wanted Man

Ben Jesse brings his pregnant mother to Laramie, and Dan soon learns that the father is an outlaw with a price on his head... and a bounty hunter ready to collect.
Guest Stars: Marie Windsor as Ann Jesse | Dick Foran as Frank Jesse | Alan Baxter as Joe Street | Jan Stine as Ben Jesse | Ralph Moody as Doc Greer
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

146 :04x31 - Sunday

An outlaw, Frank Boone, rides into Laramie to take a killer, Billy Deal, that Dan has in custody. If Frank can get the killer to Montana, he'll be granted amnesty. Dan refuses to turn him over and the only train leaving town is bound for Casper at 4 p.m.
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan as Frank Boone | Richard Evans as Billy Deal | Greg Benedict as Jim Young | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Wid Young (as Buzz Henry)
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

147 :04x32 - The Youngest

A card cheat draws on Dan and the marshal is forced to kill him. The man's wife and three children come to Laramie to bury the body and get revenge on Dan, and Johnny has to talk the youngest out of killing his friend.
Guest Stars: Joseph Gallison as Jim Martin Jr. (as Evan McCord) | Olive Carey as Ma Martin | Tom Gilson as Sam Martin | Charlie Briggs as Darrel Martin | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Gene Roth as Jim Martin Sr.

148 :04x33 - Cort

A dying man, Cort Evers, rides into Laramie and tells Dan to stay out of his way. Cort soon reveals that he's looking for his brother, Mitch, who betrayed six fellow soldiers held prisoner while Cort suffered from the fever that is now claiming his life.
Guest Stars: Kevin Hagen as Cort Evers | Harry Carey, Jr. as Mitch Evers | Ralph Moody as Jessup
Director: Burt Kennedy

149 :04x34 - The Doctor

Dan brings two reluctant witnesses from Saratoga to Laramie. However, the stage driver comes down with sickness and one of the witnesses, a drunken doctor, says that the man has plague. Dan confines the passengers at a rest station but one of them escapes and heads for Laramie.
Guest Stars: Eloise Hardt as Cissy Lawson | Whit Bissell as Alexander Burrell | Charles Lane as Morris Weeks | Sherwood Price as Will Evans | I. Stanford Jolley as Ed Sims | Harry Strang as Randy Whedon | Lyle Latell as Sheriff Parker |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Stage Driver

150 :04x35 - Man Behind the News

An overeager newspaper editor, Luther Boardman, sets up shop in Laramie. He soon provokes Dan with his demands for all of the news. When Dan shuts him out, Boardman writes up a false story claiming that Dan violated a criminal's rights.
Guest Stars: Clinton Sundberg as Luther Boardman | Hal Baylor as Mort Peters | Harry Cheshire as Judge Trager | Peggy Mondo as Flora | Bruce MacFarlane as Townsman |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Barfly

151 :04x36 - Get Out of Town

Banker Amos Hill tries to shut down a new saloon owner, Jim Bushrod, because he sold guns and whiskey to the Indians, leading to a slaughter. Bushrod was found innocent, but Amos has his own plan for justice.
Guest Stars: Bill Williams (1) as Jim Bushrod | Vinton Hayworth as Oren Slauson | Tim Graham (1) as Amos Hall | Dan Sheridan as Jake | John Hubbard as Sy | Tom London as Pete | Art Stewart as Remmy

152 :04x37 - The Actor

An elderly actor rides into Laramie and Lily soon learns that he's wounded and needs a job as an actor to pay his way.
Guest Stars: John Carradine as Geoffrey Hendon | Mary Anderson (1) as Martha Carson | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Warren J. Kemmerling as Bill Carson (as Warren Kemmerling) | Harry Harvey as Dr. Wilson (as Harry Harvey Sr.) | Raymond Mayo as George Carson | Harry Seymour as Piano Player

153 :04x38 - Explosion

A young man, Jess Billings, who received a head injury during a beating later kills an elderly couple who break a promise to give him land. The townspeople vow to hunt Jess down, and the man who beat Jess is eager to lead them.
Guest Stars: Gary Vinson as Jess Billings\ | Miranda Jones as Bobbie Desmond | Denver Pyle as Sam Brackett | John Qualen as Doc Shea | Milton Parsons as Mr. Murdoch | Gilman Rankin as Paul Dales (as Gil Rankin) | Blossom Rock as Mrs. Murdoch

154 :04x39 - Jailbreak

Johnny rides to Casper to testify against outlaw Pete Bole. He runs up against Little Britches, Pete's girlfriend, and she knocks Johnny out to keep him from testifying. However, Pete has hired a jailbreak expert to get him out, and the expert needs Little Britches to rescue Johnny so that the sheriff doesn't double the guard when Johnny fails to arrive.
Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Pete Bole | Pamela Austin as Little Britches | James Griffith (1) as Heracles Snead | Frank Ferguson as Howard Callaghan | Mickey Simpson as Murph | Dee Woolem as Man of the Street |
Uncredited: Fred Carson as Cutter
Director: Paul Landres

155 :04x40 - The Unmasked

Two bounty hunters come to Laramie looking for the man who killed John Wilkes Booth... and soon discover he's Joe Brockway, owner of the town hotel.
Guest Stars: Angela Greene as Marian Brockway | Dabbs Greer as Joe Brockway | Jack Albertson as Doc Peters | Vinton Hayworth as Oren Slauson | Barry Atwater as Carter Banks | Charles Maxwell as Samuel Davidson | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Henry Rowland as Riggs | Ted White as Barton |
Uncredited: Mike Lally as Medicine Show Spectator

156 :04x41 - The Witness

A local rancher is accused of murdering a woman in cold blood. The only reliable witness against him is a visiting sketch artist, but Dan isn't so sure the artist is telling the truth.
Guest Stars: John Agar as Jim Martin | Jay Novello as Beebee (Beebee Williams) | Morgan Woodward as Nathan Adams | Sarah Selby as Sarah Selby | Dan Sheridan as Jake | Harry Cheshire as Judge Trager | Bruce MacFarlane as Clerk | Don Dillaway as Judd |
Uncredited: Emile Avery as Barfly | Clyde Howdy as Juror | Jack Perrin as Juror
Writer: Jack Hawn
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1958
Ended: October 02, 1962
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