Leave It to Beaver

Season 1

Season 1
Season one introduced all the main characters and several secondary characters including Ward's boastful coworker Fred Rutherford, June's very proper Aunt Martha, Wally's trouble-making pals Eddie Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford, and Beaver's friends Whitey Whitney, Larry Mondello, and Judy Hensler. Burt Mustin appears as Beaver's confidante Gus the fireman. Beaver is seven when the show opens and Wally is twelve. Wally has his first girlfriend in the season and, and unlike Beaver, would have several girlfriends over the course of the show's run. The season reportedly brought the first on-screen toilet to television in the second episode, "Captain Jack" when the boys place a baby alligator in their toilet tank. Diane Brewster plays Beaver's teacher Miss Canfield but is replaced in the second season by Sue Randall as Miss Landers. Randall played Beaver's teacher for several seasons. Doris Packer appears as school principal Mrs. Rayburn and remains with the show for several seasons. Most episodes find Beaver getting into some sort of problematic situation such as selling bottles of a pungent perfume to neighbors, developing a crush on his teacher, or breaking a window with his baseball. Beaver then faces his parents for an understanding lecture at episode's end and sometimes disciplinary measures. The series only Christmas-related episode, "The Haircut", aired during the first season: Beaver gives himself a bad hair cut and is forced to wear a stocking cap at a Christmas concert in the last scene. The first season aired on CBS; remaining seasons aired on ABC.
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Season: 1
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Season 1 Cast
Barbara BillingsleyplayedJune Cleaver (36 eps)
Hugh BeaumontplayedWard Cleaver (30 eps)
Tony Dow (1)playedWallace "Wally" Cleaver (31 eps)
Jerry MathersplayedTheodore "Beaver" Cleaver (32 eps)
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