Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Six teams battle it out for a chance to enter the temple and retrieve a hidden artifact from its chambers, where temple guards lurk and anxiously await the arrival.


Legends of the Hidden Temple is hosted by Kirk Fogg. As a usual game show host, he is responsible for explaining the rules to us beforehand. He also gives commentary during the challenges and the temple run.

Olmec is a talking stone head. At the start of the show, he announces what that day's artifact is. His primary role is the explanation of the artifact and its owner's story during the second task, the Steps of Knowledge.

There are six different teams, each consisting of a boy and a girl.

Blue Barracudas
  • Over the course of the three seasons, the blue barracudas made it to the end a total of 19 times, which is approximately 16% of the time.
  • Of these 19 temple runs, the teams were victorious 26% of the time.

Green Monkeys
  • The green monkeys made it to the end a total of 24 times, which is approximately 20% of the time.
  • Of these 24 temple runs, the teams were victorious 33% of the time.

Orange Iguanas
  • The orange iguanas made it to the end a total of 25 times (the most times of all six teams), which is approximately 21% of the time.
  • Of these 25 temple runs, the teams were victorious 16% of the time.

Purple Parrots
  • The purple parrots made it to the end a total of 11 times (the least number of times of all six teams), which is approximately 9% of the time.
  • Of these 11 temple runs, the teams were victorious 27% of the time.

Red Jaguars
  • The red jaguars made it to the end a total of 20 times, which is approximately 17% of the time.
  • Of these 20 temple runs, the teams were victorious 20% of the time.

Silver Snakes
  • The silver snakes made it to the end a total of 21 times, which is approximately 18% of the time.
  • Of these 21 temple runs, the teams were victorious 38% of the time.

There are three different tasks that the teams must complete. The weakest teams are eliminated with each successive level, leaving only one to compete in the final stage.

Task Number One: The Moat

The very first task is a challenge of strength and teamwork. The players must cross the moat, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Each show has a different way of crossing the moat. For example, let's say the teams have to get across using a raft. One team member lays down on the raft with a rope attached to it and must paddle with his arms across the moat. The other team member pulls the raft back and paddles across also. The first four teams to make it across and sound their gongs continue on to the next round.

Task Number Two: The Steps of Knowledge

The next task is a challenge of the mind. The four teams stand atop the Steps of Knowledge and listen closely as Olmec regales them with a particular tale pertaining to the artifact that must be retrieved from the temple. Following his story, he asks various multiple-choice questions to the four teams based on the story they just heard. Teams then ring in by stomping on the "ancient marking" on the ground beneath them. Answering a question correctly allows each team to advance one step down; there is no penalty for an incorrect answer, besides looking stupid on television. The first two teams to make it to the bottom of the steps, which means answering three questions correctly, move on to the next round.

Task Number Three: The Temple Games

The third task requires a combination of vigor and teamwork. It consists of not one, but three mini-games. The two remaining teams must collaborate quickly and efficiently in order to defeat the other two players in this series of events. These three games are very important to win. The victorious team of each mini-game gains a Pendant of Life, which will be vital in the temple (as explained later).

The first two games, each played by a different team member, are worth half a pendant each. The third game, played by both team members, is worth a whole pendent. Whichever team has the most pendant pieces gets to move on to the temple. In the event of a tie, Olmec asks a tie-breaker question. The first team to answer correctly advances.

Final Task: The Temple

For the final round of game play, one of the two victorious teammates enters the temple first. He or she must then navigate his way through a series of different locked rooms leading to the artifact, all in under three minutes. Only by solving the puzzle contained within the room will the door unlock, allowing passage into an adjacent chamber. However, sometimes no door will open, meaning he has entered a dead end and must try a different path.

Locked rooms and dead ends aren't the only things to worry about; there are temple guards hiding throughout the temple. If a temple guard grabs a team member, he must give up his pendant to continue on his way. If he does not have a whole pendant or he gets caught a second time, he is immediately removed from the temple and his teammate is sent in to finish. Luckily, the rooms that the first team member previously opened remain unlocked even upon his removal by a temple guard.

If either teammate can reach the artifact, all remaining rooms will also unlock. That person then has to carry it out of the temple and reach the host before the clock runs out.

Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Announcer, Olmec
Kirk FoggKirk Fogg
As Host

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