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Legit: Dreams

Jim and Steve deal with the fallout for breaking Billy out of his care facility.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Airdate: Thursday January 24th, 2013

Guest Stars
Nick DaleyNick Daley
As Rodney (Billy's ex roomate)
Sonya EddySonya Eddy
As Ramona (Caretaker)
Mindy SterlingMindy Sterling
As Janice (Billy and Steve's mom)

Co-Guest Stars
Pramod KumarPramod Kumar
As Proctologist
Jeff BowserJeff Bowser
As Stoner 1 (Leaving in the morning)
Edward HongEdward Hong
As Stoner 2 (Leaving in the morning)
Morgan SnyderMorgan Snyder
As Woman (Runner with the dog)
Main Cast
Jim JefferiesJim Jefferies
As Jim Jefferies
Dan BakkedahlDan Bakkedahl
As Steve Nugent
DJ QuallsDJ Qualls
As Billy Nugent


Steve's van pulls up to Shady Grove in the middle of the night, with loud music playing and smoke pouring out of the cracked windows. Jim and Steve walk Billy in until they find Ramona standing at the end of the hall, looking irritated. She angrily tells them that they're late and that Jim and Steve need to leave. As he rolls down the hall Billy takes a second to stop and turn back, giving them a sad look. Despite the sad feelings in the hall, Jim starts saying goodbye and mimicking the ends of movies, when the pet or friend goes off into the distance. When Steve gets confused by Jim's nonsense he explains that Billy is going off into the distance where he'll have more adventures and everything will be alright. He goes into a little monologue from the viewpoint of Lassie telling Timmy that she'll be okay. Still not seeing the humor, Steve tells Jim that Billy is not okay. Rodney pops out of seemingly nowhere and says hello to Steve, then walks away. Trying to jar Jim's memory Steve tells Jim that Rodney Billy's roommate and loves umpires and twinkies...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
B LloydCaliforniaOpening of the episode
Counting CrowsStart AgainPlayed when Jim finds Billy; with the credits

Episode Quotes
(Jim tries to handle Rodney who is about to ruin their plans)
Rodney: Ramona is an angry woman. Rodney don't like Ramona when she's angry!

Steven: (Standing over Billy) Come on Jim, what's Billy doing on the floor?
Jim: (Asks Billy) Why are you on the floor?
Billy: I have no idea.
Jim: (to Steven) He has no idea.
Steven: (to Billy) Are you alright?
Billy: Rodney just threw up.
(...Still trying to figure things out, they notice the hooker lying face down on the couch in her underwear)
Steven: Who the hell is this?
Jim: (takes a closer look at her behind) I have no idea.
Billy: Katrina.
Jim: Her names Katrina.
Steven: Who the hell is Katrina?
Billy: An Angel.
Jim: Turns out she's an angel.

(Steven freaking out because his mother is on her way)
Steven: She can't see him like this!
Jim: Why? What's wrong with him?
Steven: He's stoned and drunk.
Billy: (spins in his wheelchair, smiling) And trippin...
Jim: Oh yeah... he's also tripping.
Steven: Wait. What do you mean tripping?
Jim: There was some mushrooms at the party.
Steven: What are you serious? You gave him mushrooms? He can't even move!
Billy: (Stops laughing, looks panicked) I can't move? (starts laughing again)

(Janice berating Steven)
Janice: Even if I could believe you could take care of him, which I do not, I do not want him around that loser. (Talking about Jim)
Steven: What has he ever done to you?
Janice: Worst decision of my life. You wanted an exchange student.
Steven: I wanted a Swedish Female!

(On her way out, Janice has some last words for Jim.)
Janice: I am his legal guardian Jim.
Jim: Anyone can be a guardian. Elvis was Priscilla's guardian. And he was having sex with her!
Janice: (Cringes) I don't want to hear it!
Jim: She was so young.
Janice: (waving her arms) Ahh!
Jim: Just how talented do you have to be to have se:
Janice: No!
Jim: I don't want to do it, but.
Janice: That is sick! You're a sick man!

(Jim rants at a homeless disabled guy while looking for Billy)
Jim: When I was a young comic, all I wanted to do was get on stage once. I thought that if I did that, that would be really something. Then I did that. That wasn't enough was it? Then I wanted to get paid for it. Then once I got paid for it as a full time job, I started watching tv and I was like, "Hows that prick on tv and I'm not?" Eventually they put me on tv and that wasn't enough either. I come over to America and people are talking about me being a movie star! And if I'm not a movie star, you know I'm going to do? I'm going to kill myself! I've gotten further than anybody with my looks or intellect should have ever gotten, and I'm miserable because of my bloody dreams!

(Jim gets Billy to explain why he wants to kill himself)
Billy: ... I can't live with my mother. She's a freak!
Jim: Look, if everyone with a crazy mother killed themselves, there'd be very few people walking this earth. Or rolling, in your case.

(On the bridge talking to Billy about suicide)
Jim:I want to kill myself all the time.
Billy: Well don't, because I'd miss you. Plus, who'd wipe my ass?
Jim: Just to be clear, Steve. Steve wipes your ass.

Episode Goofs
When Rodney bowls his perfect game he gives Jim a high five with his right hand. From the next angle he does it with his left. It's easy to see if you track the wii controller on his right arm.

Cultural References
When Billy rolls away to have Ramona get him into bed, Jim starts to do a monologue from the perspective of Lassie, one of the most famous animal characters in television history. 'Lassie' was a show that ran for twenty years and involved the heroic adventures of the titular character, a collie.

Before they break into the facility where Billy lives, Jim says "We're on a mission from God", and puts on some sun glasses, even though it's dark outside and they're going inside. This as Jim says, is a Blues Brothers reference. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd started The Blues Brothers as a sketch for Saturday Night Live, moved on to make a movie, produced albums, and through multiple incarnations, developed a cult following that holds strong thirty years later. Dan Akroyd's character repeats it throughout the movie.

After Jim calls Rodney Donald Trump, Rodney continues to tell them, "You're Fired!" Rodney takes the phrase from Trumps reality show, 'The Apprentice'. The contestants were eliminated one by one by having Trump tell them, "You're Fired", at the end of each episode.

As they escape Billy turns the speed on his wheelchair from "Turtle" To "Rabbit". Rodney immediately starts saying "kill the Rabbit", then moves on to singing it. What he's singing is the song that Elmer Fudd from the Looney Tunes used to sing as he hunted Bugs Bunny.

While Janice takes Billy away and when Ramona shows up, 'Toddlers and Tiaras' is on the television.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorPeter O'Fallon  |  Jim Jefferies
Executive ProducerRick Cleveland  |  Peter O'Fallon  |  Jim Jefferies  |  Lisa Blum
ProducerPaul F. Bernard  |  James Scura
Co-ProducerLiz Brandenburg
Associate ProducerJason Neese
Production DesignerRandal R. Groves
EditorRick Weis
CastingWendy O'Brien
Unit Production ManagerJames Scura
First Assistant DirectorPaul F. Bernard
Second Assistant DirectorPeter Dowd
Music SupervisorMark Wike
Costume DesignerMynka Draper
Key GripLanden Ruddell
Camera OperatorGreg Bubb
Set DecoratorNya Patrinos
Location ManagerTerry Gusto
Transportation CoordinatorGlen Enzen
Property MasterChristopher Schultz
Production Sound MixerKelly Rush
Script SupervisorMonica Ochoa
Post Production SupervisorJamie Neese
Supervising Sound EditorHugh Waddell
Re-Recording MixerAndrew Garrett Lange
Director of PhotographyWalt Lloyd
Stunt CoordinatorKevin Jackson
Production AccountantSandy Sfeir
Chief Lighting TechnicianRon Newburn
Department Head HairJulia Papworth
Casting AssociateChris Gehrt (1)
Dept. Head Make-up ArtistKaren Toole-rentrop
A.P.O.C.Genna Sandler
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