Less Than Kind

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 13/Oct/2008 To Be A Man
02 01x02 20/Oct/2008 Top of the Class
03 01x03 27/Oct/2008 French Is My Kryptonite
04 01x04 03/Nov/2008 The Shel Game
05 01x05 10/Nov/2008 Note Perfect
06 01x06 17/Nov/2008 Insomnia
07 01x07 24/Nov/2008 Pakikisama
09 01x09 08/Dec/2008 The Daters
10 01x10 12/Jan/2009 Husky Boy
11 01x11 19/Jan/2009 Fun
12 01x12 26/Jan/2009 Careers Day
13 01x13 02/Feb/2009 Happy Birthday Sheldon

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x01 19/Feb/2010 Third Death's a Charm
15 02x02 26/Feb/2010 Terminus Ad Quem
16 02x03 05/Mar/2010 I Am Somewhere
18 02x05 19/Mar/2010 Party People
21 02x08 16/Apr/2010 Road Trip
22 02x09 23/Apr/2010 Coming Home
23 02x10 30/Apr/2010 First Nighters
24 02x11 07/May/2010 Spring Break
25 02x12 14/May/2010 Showtime
26 02x13 21/May/2010 The Deluge

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
28 03x02 15/Jan/2012 Play It Again, Sam
29 03x03 15/Jan/2012 I'm Still Me
32 03x06 05/Feb/2012 Lawyers and Cougars and Bankers, Oh My!
33 03x07 12/Feb/2012 Delirium
34 03x08 19/Feb/2012 Danger, Wrestling!
35 03x09 26/Feb/2012 The Fwomp
36 03x10 04/Mar/2012 Jerk Chicken
37 03x11 11/Mar/2012 The Promise Bone
38 03x12 18/Mar/2012 Not Weird or Awkward, Just Awesome
39 03x13 25/Mar/2012 March Fourth

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
40 04x01 02/Jun/2013 I'm Only Nineteen
41 04x02 02/Jun/2013 Female Trouble
42 04x03 09/Jun/2013 Liars
43 04x04 16/Jun/2013 Best Men
46 04x07 07/Jul/2013 Before the End Begins
47 04x08 14/Jul/2013 Finale, Part 1
48 04x09 21/Jul/2013 Finale, Part 2

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