Episode Four - Recap

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Slum-born millionaire thriller writer Gwen Gregson (Imelda Staunton) visits Horton Library.

Geoff Torville, keen for promotion, must somehow conceal the fact that Gwen's life-size cardboard cut-out has been defaced with the word 'TIT' by the lurking vandal.

Sue tends to agree with the sentiment and her rage and jealousy at Geoff's misplaced attention culminates in a catfight with the celebrated writer.

Elsewhere, Bill Taddler's folk group are to give a concert but Bill has forgotten to pick up the key to the venue; the concert may be cancelled and his group are livid – unless he can come up with a cunning plan to save face.

Unable to meet her that evening, Denise Taylor has a shock visit from Carol Gomez in the library – passions boil over into a hot row and their night-time 'activities' are under threat.

Norman Thompson has breached his parole and is back inside – but he hates prison food and his devoted mother Eenie must somehow break through to take him a pie.