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Episode Five - Recap

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Bill is dreading playing host to Bob (Sam Battersea), Sheila's right-wing brother who emigrated to Canada 20 years ago.

Sheila refuses to listen to Bill's protests until they discover that it's a make-or-break holiday for Bob and his Canadian wife, Muffin (Emma Kilcoyne), who has just discovered Bob's been playing away.

Bob must suffer the consequences; so too must Bill and Sheila, as long as their guests stay.

Geoff Torville needs glasses. He gets some temporary frames, much to the scorn of Sue McCardle. Their passion is obscured and nearly destroyed.

Eenie, Norman and Big Pete are keen to win at the track – by bloating greyhounds with cherryade – only it's not a tried and tested theory.

Behind closed curtains, Carol Gomez, now a world-famous film star, is a guest of Michael Parkinson – well, as represented by her ever-devoted friend, Denise Taylor.