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Living Single

Living Single

Living Single focuses on the personal and professional lives of six African American friends residing in New York City. Khadijah James (Queen Latifah) is the founder and editor of Flavor Magazine, an independent publication aimed at the young urban audience. She shares an apartment in a Brooklyn brownstone with her sweet-but-eccentric cousin Synclaire (Kim Coles), an aspiring actress who works as a receptionist at Flavor; and longtime friend Regine Hunter (Kim Fields), a materialistic woman with a knack for picking up gossip. The trio constantly receives unannounced visits from Khadijah's college friend Maxine Shaw (Erika Alexander), a strong-willed attorney who seems to have an aversion to purchasing her own groceries. Also occupying their fair share of time in the apartment are neighbor Overton Wakefield Jones (John Henton), a handyman who frequently offers homespun wisdom; and his best friend, Kyle Barker (T.C. Carson), a self-assured stock broker who is involved in a bizarre love-hate relationship with Max.

Following the fourth season, FOX failed to put the series on the fall schedule, but it was promoted from midseason status when the Scott Baio sitcom Rewind failed to impress and was cancelled before the first episode aired. T.C. Carson appeared in only a few episodes during this fifth (and final) season; and Mel Jackson joined the cast as Tripp Williams, an aspiring songwriter who moves in with Regine and Khadijah following Synclaire's marriage to Overton.

Episode Info

Prev: 5x13 -- Let's Stay Together (Jan/01/1998)

Overton invites Kyle to an impromptu New Year's Eve party after Max makes a stunning discovery about her sperm donor. Synclaire considers a career move.

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
As Khadijah James
Kim ColesKim Coles
As Synclaire James Jones
Erika AlexanderErika Alexander
As Maxine Felice "Max" Shaw
Kim FieldsKim Fields
As Regine Hunter
John HentonJohn Henton
As Overton Wakefield Jones
T.C. CarsonT.C. Carson
As Kyle Barker (episodes 1 - 107)
Mel JacksonMel Jackson
As Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III (S05)


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2x26: Talk Showdown recap: Regine enters the apartment with a sigh; tosses her keys onto the table; plops onto the couch and kicks off her shoes. Khadijah is applying lotion to her legs. "Rough day?" she asks. Regine groans that she knew she would ask that. "What's wrong?" Khadijah inquires. "I knew you were going to ask me that," she replies. She cuts off Khadijah, aware she will make a "flippant remark." She mutters that life is too predictable. Khadijah declares that life is predictable for her as well, as Regine is again sitting on the couch whining about herself. Khadijah loudly squirts lotion onto her legs. Regine complains that Khadijah is using her special condor egg moisturizer. There is a knock at the door, and Synclaire says that it's her. Regine predicts she lost her keys again, and Synclaire confirms this. "She's your cousin. You let her in," Regine sighs. Khadijah says she can't because she has condor egg on her hands. The door unlocks, and Synclaire thanks Max for letting her in. An annoyed Regine complains about Max having keys to the apartment, and hands them to Synclaire. Max says she has spares... read more.

2x25: To Grandmother's House We Go recap: Overton walks toward the stairs, talking into a video camera to his mother. He is making her a Mother's Day video card. He heads toward Synclaire's apartment and wonders aloud if she is home. Synclaire immediately opens the door and greets Overton loudly. He pretends it is a surprise to see her, and asks her to say hello to his mother. Synclaire pretends to shake hands with the camera and gestures for her to come inside, leaving Max and Kyle bewildered. Overton notes that everyone at the brownstone is doing something for Mother's Day. He asks Max what she will do for her mother. "Nothing," she replies. She explains that she and her mom have an agreement: Mrs. Shaw expects nothing for Mother's Day, and can forget Max's birthday. Overton tells the camera that beneath Max's "bitter exterior," she is actually sweet. "Aw, bite me!" Max bellows as she heads out the door. Overton decides to check on Khadijah and Regine to see what they are planning for their moms. He goes into the kitchen, where Khadijah urges Regine to sign a card, as their mothers will arrive shortly. Regine asks if they have everything. Khadijah shares that they have two plane tickets, reservations at the Radisson in the Bahamas and cocktails at the Tipsy Turtle... read more.

2x24: Raw Talent recap: Kyle, Max and Regine are eating in the kitchen when a disgusted Khadijah enters and hangs up the phone. She reports that she sold ad space based on TLC appearing on the cover of Flavor, but they are unavailable. Kyle is also in a bad mood, as he tried to get tickets for Naughty by Nature, but only nosebleed seats were available. Khadijah is excited to learn the group is in town. She believes she can get them for the cover because she knows Vinnie. Max doesn't believe her, and tells her to prove it by getting Max a date with Treach. Regine confirms Khadijah's friendship with Vinnie, noting that they "tortured" her as children. Khadijah advises her to let it go, but Regine cries that Vinnie made her eat flies. Kyle asks Khadijah to help him land front-row seats, and she agrees. Max points out that Vinnie is a celebrity now, while Khadijah is a "nobody." Khadijah tells a skeptical Max that she has Vinnie's home number, which she dials. She talks on the phone for a moment and agrees to call him back. After she hangs up, Max guesses correctly that the number was disconnected... read more.

2x23: Who's Scooping Who? recap: In the girls' kitchen, Kyle explains to Overton how he types information about his various dates, including name, phone number and location of the first date. Max adds that he should include how many pieces of candy it took to get her into the car. Kyle snaps that Max lures her dates with raw meat. Regine enters and proudly shows off a doll. She explains that it is called "The Sherine Doll," and believes it looks like her. Everyone laughs, and Max snorts that Regine said the same thing about Whitney Houston. Regine believes she does look like Whitney, prompting Overton to share that people confuse him with Montel Williams. Regine insists the doll is based on her, as she dated a guy from Wish Co, the company that makes it. Kyle is not convinced. Regine points out that Sherine comes with six interchangeable wigs, but her friends continue to laugh. Regine pulls a string, and Sherine says, "Smooches!" Everyone concludes that the doll is based on Regine... read more.

2x22: Another Saturday Night recap: Regine, Khadijah and Max are playing cards in the living room. Kyle knocks, then enters and asks Regine about some books. Max expresses surprise that Kyle is reading and makes a crack about Curious George. Kyle explains that he has a date with an investor, who is a princess. He wants to read up on the protocol of dating a woman of class. "Because Lord knows I've made some mistakes," he adds pointedly. Max claims she doesn't think about their night together. Khadijah remarks that an interview with an African princess would be great for Flavor, and wants to talk to her before the date. Kyle admits he doesn't know where she is staying, as her motorcade will pick him up for security reasons. Khadijah jokes that in America, a woman who isn't interested in a guy gives him the wrong number... read more.
Recurring Guests

Shaun Baker (1) as Russell Montego (18 eps)
Chip Hurd as Bar Patron (12 eps)
Cress Williams as Terrence "Scooter" Williams (10 eps)
Bumper Robinson as Ivan Ennis (8 eps)
Steven Gilborn as Jeffrey Higgins (4 eps)
Khalil Kain as Keith (4 eps)
Rita Owens as Rita James (4 eps)
Dorien Wilson as Rev. Leslie Taylor (4 eps)
Bobby Hosea as Lawrence (3 eps)
Heavy D as Darryl (3 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 29, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1998
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