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Living Single: Thanks for Giving

Khadijah is intrigued when Scooter says that he plans to ask her something important at the gang's Thanksgiving gathering. Regine's date, an overweight package delivery guy, surprises and impresses everyone.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x12
Production Number: 456562
Airdate: Thursday November 24th, 1994

Special Guest Stars
Deion SandersDeion Sanders
As Himself

Guest Stars
Cress WilliamsCress Williams
As Terrence "Scooter" Williams
Heavy DHeavy D
As Darryl
Richard LyonsRichard Lyons
As Michael Janson

Co-Guest Stars
Lisa Butler (2)Lisa Butler (2)
As Josephine
Main Cast
Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
As Khadijah James
Kim ColesKim Coles
As Synclaire James Jones
Erika AlexanderErika Alexander
As Maxine Felice "Max" Shaw
Kim FieldsKim Fields
As Regine Hunter
John HentonJohn Henton
As Overton Wakefield Jones
T.C. CarsonT.C. Carson
As Kyle Barker


Synclaire talks on the kitchen phone while writing down a recipe that involves marshmallows. She feels emotional about her mother giving her a family recipe, so she hangs up. Khadijah is not excited about the fact that Synclaire now knows how to make "yamallow." Max enters, and she and Synclaire wish each other a happy Thanksgiving. Max tosses a bag of chips onto the counter. Regine points out that she was supposed to bring a side dish, so Max stresses that they are corn chips. Khadijah notes that Regine wants everything to be perfect for her new man. Regine claims they are just hanging out. She admits she wasn't really into Darryl until he said he wasn't attracted to her, leaving her intrigued. Synclaire is happy that they all have someone special, but realizes she isn't sure who Max is bringing to dinner. Max first says she doesn't have a date, but Khadijah reminds her that she is bringing Michael. The phone rings, and Khadijah answers it. She is pleased to hear from Scooter. She tells her friends that he has something to give her and something to ask her. Regine is certain that Scooter is going to propose. Khadijah dismisses the idea. Max wonders why Scooter would ruin the relationship with a proposal. Synclaire asks Khadijah what her answer would be if he did propose. Khadijah isn't sure. Max advises her to follow her example by saying no. Regine doesn't believe anyone has proposed to Max. Max insists it happened twice, screamed out by men "at that critical moment." The girls laugh...

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Episode Notes
For this episode, director of photography Bryan Hays received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction (Electronic).

Guest star Heavy D made an appearance on Queen Latifah's 1993 album, Black Reign, performing on the song "Rough."

Episode Quotes
Synclaire: My mother just told me how to make her special marshmallow and yam casserole.
Khadijah: Not that crap you call yamallow.

Regine: Max, you were supposed to bring a side dish.
Max: These are corn chips. Maize. The Indians served these to the pilgrims.

Synclaire: But what would you say if he did propose?
Khadijah: I don't know. I'd say...I don't know.
Max: Say no, girl! I always do.
Regine: As if anyone has ever proposed to you.
Max: Twice, thank you. Sure, they were screaming their proposals at that critical moment; but technically, I had 'em!

Regine: (loudly) Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you two were in here. What's this? (Picks up box.) A ring box? (Opens box.) No, it's not! I'm gonna go now! Buh-bye!

Kyle: First mistake, my brother. Never ask a woman anything. She'll either give you an answer you do not want or she'll answer your question with a question.
Michael: Oh my God. That's Max's m.o. Answering a question with a question. And it's always the same question: "What the hell's wrong with you?"

Scooter: Thank you for the love that binds us no matter where we are. No matter how far apart in the world.
Khadijah: Thank you for the fact that we can all be here, together, where we belong. Together.
Synclaire: Thank you for all of these wonderful people. And all of this wonderful food, highlighted by yamallow! And the turkey expertly carved by my Obie.
Overton: Thank you for that compliment delivered through your child and my girl, Synclaire.
Josephine: And I'd like to give thanks for not having to eat hospital cafeteria turkey cubes.
Kyle: I'd like to give thanks for all the love in this room. And for my date, the doctor.
(Smiles at Max.)
Max: I thank God for all this food of great variety and quantity. And for the opportunity to share it with my very special man...for the evening.
Michael: Thank you for the gift of meditation.
Regine: I give thanks for my family and my friends, old and new.
Darryl: At Thanksgiving, it's a tradition to give thanks. Me, I'd like to offer thanks for giving. 'Cause you see, giving teaches us something that receiving doesn't. It allows us to look deep within ourselves. And so, thank you. Thank you for this special day, when we can turn to those who are closest to us and give them what they need most. Amen.

Overton: Wow. Relationships are tough. Pass me them taters!

Scooter: Khadijah should understand. It's not like I'm trying to leave her.
Overton: Yeah, well, you would be getting on a plane and leaving for six months. If that's not leaving, it's an incredible simulation.

Max: Khadijah, you've got a good relationship. You're having good sex. Why would Scooter wanna wipe out all that happiness with a proposal?

Scooter: Yeah, but I'm not taking the job. Because someone said it's not a good idea for me to go.
Khadijah: Well, someone just sprung this on someone.
Synclaire: We all know who you're talking about. Next time, use pig latin.

Cultural References
Max: Khadijah, remember in The Godfather, when Diane Keaton asked Al Pacino if he had his brother-in-law killed, and he looks her dead in the eye and says no, even though he did? That's men!

Max uses a scene from the 1972 film to make her usual point about men.

TV Announcer: Deion Sanders is fading way back...

In the opening scene, All-Pro cornerback Deion Sanders, then of the San Francisco 49ers, makes a cameo. He drifts so far back in pursuit of a kickoff that he ends up in the guys' kitchen and snags a pig in a blanket.

Episode References
Khadijah: (to Max) Wait. I thought you was bringing Michael.

Max's date, Michael, was first introduced in the first season Christmas episode, "Living Kringle."

Scooter: I've been meeting with the group Jasmine, and they've asked me to manage them.

Jasmine was first mentioned in "Trick or Trust," when the Halogen Records Halloween party featured a bin of foul-smelling perfume that was used to promote the group.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorYvette Lee Bowser
Executive ProducerYvette Lee Bowser
Co-Executive ProducerRoger S.H. Schulman
ProducerPatricia Rickey  |  Becky Hartman Edwards
Co-ProducerNastaran Dibai  |  Jeffrey B. Hodes
Associate ProducerJanet Grushow
EditorHenry Chan
CastingGeraldine Leder
MusicStu Gardner
Music SupervisorGregory Sill
Costume DesignerCeci
HairstylistMelonie Cleric
Set DecoratorLeon A. King
Property MasterDan Beringhele
Director of PhotographyBryan Hays
Story EditorWarren Hutcherson
Art DirectorLynn Griffin
Executive ConsultantTom Anderson (1)  |  David Steven Cohen
Associate DirectorRae Kraus
Executive Story EditorRobert Horn (1)  |  Dan Margosis  |  Eunetta T. Boone
Costume SupervisorYolanda Braddy
Main Title Theme Written/performedQueen Latifah
Post Production SoundCharlie McDaniel, III  |  Craig Porter
Executive In Charge Of CastingBarbara Miller (2)
Stage ManagerEsther Bekhore-Sjodin  |  Leon Robinson (2)
Technical DirectorKarl Messerschmidt
Makeup ArtistLorraine Polak
Audio MixerLarry Stephens
VideoTom Weber (2)
Main TitleOtis Sallid
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