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Living Single: Woman to Woman

Max is stunned to learn that her college roommate's upcoming wedding is to a woman. Kyle regrets sending Overton to his tailor.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x22
Production Number: 457372
Airdate: Thursday March 21st, 1996

Director: Rae Kraus
Writer: Bill Fuller, Jim Pond

Guest Stars
Tanika RayTanika Ray
As Chris
Main Cast
Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
As Khadijah James
Kim ColesKim Coles
As Synclaire James Jones
Erika AlexanderErika Alexander
As Maxine Felice "Max" Shaw
Kim FieldsKim Fields
As Regine Hunter
John HentonJohn Henton
As Overton Wakefield Jones
T.C. CarsonT.C. Carson
As Kyle Barker
Episode Notes
Karen Malina White played the best friend of Erika Alexander's character on the final two seasons of The Cosby Show.

Episode Quotes
Max: You know, back in school, she bet me I'd be the first one to jump the broom.
Regine: So she drank pretty much around the clock.

Max: One minute I'm waiting to meet Mr. Right, and the next I'm wondering how she handles PMS.

Shayla: I tried to tell you for years, but every time I called, I just couldn't find the words.
Max: "I'm gay" is a real toll-saver.

Synclaire: I'll admit I'm not up on lesbian etiquette. It's not like I've ever known any before.
Khadijah: Mmm-hmm. Aunt Gladys was gay.
Synclaire: Aunt Gladys was not gay. She just never found the right man. Like her roommate, Aunt Hazel.

Khadijah: What the hell is this?
Regine: I'm thinking of our guests. You know I'm cute. And you know how enticing I usually look. Why put out the banquet if they can't eat?

Max: But you knew I was straight, right?
Shayla: Well, I did wonder. Every time you'd rant about how men were like snorting warthogs without the charm.

Shayla: Fine, Max. Don't come. The reception hall doesn't allow children anyway. And by the way, those volleyball shorts? They weren't all that.

Synclaire: Well Max, I don't claim to know everything about homosexuality.
Regine: Yeah, well, that will come as a big relief to the gay community.

Kyle: A good pleat should gallop down the thigh, not stagger out of the gate and collapse.
Synclaire: Are we still talking about clothing?

Kyle: Should you require a tour of our fair city, I am the ultimate guide to Gotham.
Chris: Great. You can show us all the lesbian hangouts.
(Max snaps in a circle.)

(Overton wears suit after consulting Kyle's tailor.)
Synclaire: Oh, Overton! You look good enough to bury.

Synclaire: Oh my goodness. She had a forbidden love for you. It's like that paperback I once found on my father's nightstand, Secret Sorority.

Cultural References
Synclaire: (to Shayla and Chris) So Peppermint Patty...is she or isn't she?

An inquiry into the sexuality of the character from the Peanuts comic strip and TV series and specials. (This line is cut in syndication.)

Max: Synclaire, it's time for you and Lamb Chop to sing a little night-night song.

Max, not taking kindly to Synclaire's advice, compares her to the ventriloquism duo of Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.

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