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Living Single: Swing Out Sisters

The girls decide to put aside their busy schedules and go out for a raucous evening on the town. Meanwhile, Kyle and Overton nearly come to blows while hosting a pay-per-view boxing telecast at their apartment.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x18
Production Number: 466016
Airdate: Thursday March 20th, 1997

Director: Chuck Vinson
Writer: Chuck Tatham

Guest Stars
Shashawnee HallShashawnee Hall
As The Eclipse
Shaun Baker (1)Shaun Baker (1)
As Russell Montego
Steven GilbornSteven Gilborn
As Jeffrey Higgins
Colin K. GrayColin K. Gray
As Terrell
Sherri ShepherdSherri Shepherd
As Comedienne

Co-Guest Stars

Emmy CollinsEmmy Collins
As Red Rash
Main Cast
Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
As Khadijah James
Kim ColesKim Coles
As Synclaire James Jones
Erika AlexanderErika Alexander
As Maxine Felice "Max" Shaw
Kim FieldsKim Fields
As Regine Hunter
John HentonJohn Henton
As Overton Wakefield Jones
T.C. CarsonT.C. Carson
As Kyle Barker


In the guys’ apartment, Overton notes that Kyle has eaten a lot after dusting all his shoe trees. Max knocks and enters, and Kyle asks what she wants. She tells Overton that her knob fell off her dresser. He heads off to get some crazy glue. After Overton is out of the room, Kyle asks why she really came over. She hands him a pair of boxer shorts, which he left folded under her pillow. Kyle admits he felt breezy crossing the street. He asks if they are still on for Tuesday. Max tells him the hotel and room number, warning that she will start without him if he is late. They kiss, but Overton comes out of his room, so Kyle shoves her out the door. Overton asks where Max is, and Kyle covers by insulting her. He says he needs to get to work, as he is trying to convince Jeffrey to give him a big account. He realizes he is still holding his boxers, so he tucks them into his front jacket pocket as he mentions trying to impress Jeffrey. Overton suggests inviting him over on Saturday to watch the fight. Kyle notes that Jeffrey is such a huge boxing fan that he took bets when two drunken janitors fought at the Christmas party. Overton declares that it is 20 dollars each, and he is serving a buffet with bologna pot pie...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)Club Nexus
Rick JamesSuper Freak, Pt. 1Cover version at Club Nexus.

Episode Quotes
Kyle: (to Max) What brings you out of your belfrey this God-forsaken morning?

Max: Last week, I gave a speech at the mayor's mansion about New York City sweatshops. Ha, ha, ha. Thank you.
Regine: Why would anybody wanna hear about your bedroom?

Synclaire: Look at us. Speeches and celebrity lunches and... (Looks at Regine, then looks away.) Acting. Pretty soon, we'll be so busy we won't even know each other.
Max: (looking at Regine) I can hardly wait.

Khadijah: Russell, if you gay, you've been doing a hell of a job hiding it.

Regine: Can you believe the ego? I mean, just hogging the spotlight while a roomful of people watch in admiration. I'm going out there!

Russell: Before you go, did you have a good time tonight?
Regine: Promise not to tell anyone?
Russell: Cross my heart. Or better yet, let me cross your heart.
Regine: See, I was about to say I didn't have the worst time in the world. And what did you do? What did you do? You ruined it.
Russell: "Not the worst time in the world." Where I come from, that's as good as saying, "I love you."

Max: Hey fellas, we girls were having a heated debate. The topic: does size matter?
Khadijah: Yeah, you know, we'd love for you to join in.
Kyle: I got a big day tomorrow.
Overton: Yeah. And mine's bigger. Good night.

Regine: If anybody knows how to get rid of men...
Max: It's me. Beat you to it.

Kyle: So, are we still on for Tuesday?
Max: Room 718 at the Paramount. And if you're late, I'm starting without you.

Max: They're showcasing female comics Saturday night at the cafe. I say we grab a table up front and let somebody else make fun of Regine for a change.

Russell: (to Regine) Let's dance. And Lord help you if you're not wearing a sports bra.

Max: You are all important to me. Really. And not just because of the free cable.

Cultural References
Max: Khadijah is sitting next to Terry McMillan at the Women in Media luncheon, and she didn't even tell me about it.

A reference to the author of books such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale.

Khadijah: Great. Lenny, Squiggy and Potsie are trying to mack us with snacks.

References to the duo played by Michael McKean and David Lander on the ABC sitcom Laverne and Shirley, and the character played by Anson Williams on the ABC sitcom Happy Days.

Kyle: (to Overton) You feeling squirrely, Kojak? Jump!

A reference to the police detective played by bald actor Telly Savalas in the 1970s series of the same name.

Episode Title: Swing Out Sisters

A reference to Swing Out Sister, the British pop group that recorded the 1987 hit "Breakout."

Regine: I guess I have forgotten the truly important things in life, like bragging about riding in a cab that Denzel just got out of.

A reference to actor Denzel Washington, known for films such as Glory and Malcolm X.

Comedienne: And what's with this "strong enough for a man, but made for a woman" crap?

This is a reference to the longtime slogan for Secret deodorant.

Kyle: Oh, look: Bob Vila.

Kyle tries to distract Overton and The Eclipse by invoking the name of the host of the home repairs show This Old House.

Russell: Frankie, cover for me. I'll get you Bette Midler tickets.

A reference to the sassy singer/actress known for songs such as "Wind Beneath My Wings" and films such as The Rose, Beaches and For the Boys. She rose to popularity in the 1970s as a performer in gay bathhouses.

Terrell: (to Synclaire) Girlfriend, you make me feel like dancing!

Terrell quotes the 1976 Leo Sayer hit "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing."

Kyle: If that's your way of saying "All's well that ends well," then I concur.

All's Well That Ends Well is the name of a William Shakespeare play from the early 1600s.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorYvette Lee Bowser
Executive ProducerYvette Lee Bowser  |  Roger S.H. Schulman
Co-Executive ProducerBill Fuller  |  Jim Pond  |  Jacque Edmonds
Supervising ProducerChuck Tatham
ProducerPatricia Rickey  |  Warren Hutcherson
Co-ProducerKriss Turner
Associate ProducerGrant Johnson (2)
EditorMike Cole
CastingKevin Scott (1)
MusicStu Gardner
Costume DesignerCeci
HairstylistJudith Tiedemann
Set DecoratorJoseph Armetta
Property MasterDan Beringhele
Script SupervisorKaty Dowdalls
Re-Recording MixerCharlie McDaniel, III  |  Craig Porter
Director of PhotographyBryan Hays
Story EditorChris Sheridan
Art DirectorLynn Griffin
Post Production CoordinatorCarla McNiel
Associate DirectorRita Rogers
Executive Story EditorEdward C. Evans  |  Arthur Harris
Costume SupervisorAida Swinson
Main Title Theme Written/performedQueen Latifah
Executive In Charge Of CastingBarbara Miller (2)
Stage ManagerMaynard Virgil  |  Paul Nelson
Technical DirectorKarl Messerschmidt
Makeup ArtistPhyllis Williams
Audio MixerLarry Stephens
VideoTom Weber (2)
Main TitleOtis Sallid
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