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Season 1
Khadijah attempts to keep her fledgling magazine afloat in the face of various obstacles. At one point, she is forced to turn to Max for financial help. She finds it difficult to be in debt to a friend until finally settling on giving Max a small stake of the magazine. Due to her work commitments, Khadijah's love life is virtually non-existent, save for a fling with visiting childhood friend Scooter. Scooter, who resides in Los Angeles, is unable to coax a confused Khadijah into a relationship. She later becomes involved with elementary school teacher Alonzo after interviewing him for the magazine, but maintains her friendship with Scooter. Just as Alonzo asks Khadijah for a commitment, Scooter arrives in town, unaware of Khadijah's situation. Alonzo and Khadijah break up, and she and Scooter decide to begin dating.

Synclaire annoys Khadijah with her various screw-ups as Flavor receptionist, and temporarily quits following an argument. She soon returns after Khadijah realizes how much she values her cousin's sunny disposition at the office.

Overton attempts a less-than-subtle romantic pursuit of Synclaire, but she remains oblivious for months. She finally becomes aware of her own attraction to him after seeing him with another woman, and plants a kiss on him. This leads the two to begin a relationship.

Regine works as a buyer for a boutique while dating various men, including a wealthy restaurant owner who turns out to be married, and a single father.

Kyle and Max enjoy successful careers and spend much of their free time engaging in a war of insults. Max faces unexpected adversity when she is suspended from work for advising a client about prenuptial agreements without permission. She seeks solace from her friends, but finds no one available. Max and Kyle awake the next morning naked together in his living room.
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Season: 1
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Name: Season 1
Broadcast Information: Sunday at 08:30 pm on FOX
Season 1 Cast
Queen LatifahplayedKhadijah James (44 eps)
Kim ColesplayedSynclaire James Jones (39 eps)
Kim ColesplayedSynclaire James Jones (39 eps)
Erika AlexanderplayedMaxine Felice "Max" Shaw (39 eps)
Erika AlexanderplayedMaxine Felice "Max" Shaw (39 eps)
Kim FieldsplayedRegine Hunter (39 eps)
Kim FieldsplayedRegine Hunter (39 eps)
John HentonplayedOverton Wakefield Jones (44 eps)
John HentonplayedOverton Wakefield Jones (44 eps)
T.C. CarsonplayedKyle Barker (43 eps)
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Season Ep # Name Started Ended Network Vote Revs Full Info
1 27 Season 1 Aug/29/1993 May/15/1994 FOX N/A 0 View
2 27 Season 2 Sep/01/1994 May/18/1995 FOX N/A 0 View
3 27 Season 3 Aug/31/1995 May/09/1996 FOX N/A 0 View
4 24 Season 4 Aug/29/1996 May/08/1997 FOX N/A 0 View
5 13 Season 5 Sep/11/1997 Jan/01/1998 FOX N/A 0 View
Network: FOX ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Romance/Dating
Status: Canceled
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 22, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1998
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