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Season 2

40 :02x01 - Against the Law

On vacation, Maris and Weston get involved with a hunting lodge owner accused of killing his cheating wife.
Guest Stars: Lon Chaney, Jr. as Sheriff Davie | Steven Terrell as Joe Slade | Barbara Collentine as guest star
Director: Jack Herzberg

41 :02x02 - The Tee Off

Maris gets involved in a case in which the murder weapon was an exploding golf ball.
Guest Stars: Joanne Gilbert as Linda Dawes | Donna Douglas as Gloria Larkey | John Hudson (1) as Dan Grey
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Sidney Morse

42 :02x03 - Skid Row Story

When a skid row derelict is accused of stealing benefit money collected for a halfway house it's Maris who comes to his defense.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Corrigan as Barney Klein | Connie Gilchrist as Molly | Raymond Hatton as guest star | Harry Shannon as guest star | Hal K. Douglas as guest star
Director: Eddie Davis

43 :02x04 - Flying High

All the suspects in the murder of a stewardess have seemingly impeccable alibis.
Guest Stars: Mary Webster as Jean Davis | Dick Elliott as Bartender | Joan O'Brien as guest star | William Joyce as guest star | Esther Dale as guest star | Don Eitner as guest star | Ross Elliott as guest star
Director: Jack Herzberg
Writer: Gene Lesser

44 :02x05 - Beau and Arrow Case

The latest case for Maris involves a psychiatrist who was killed by an arrow.
Guest Stars: James Best as Roy | George Eldredge as Dr. Von Heisinger | Jack Ging as Tom Chambers | Connie Hines as Betty Chambers
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Robert Bloch

45 :02x06 - The Frame Up

The body of a gangster is found in a gift shop run by an ex-convict.
Guest Stars: Brett King (2) as Jimmy Davis | Barry Russo as Curt Baron | Susan Cummings as Janet
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Jack Rock

46 :02x07 - Seventh Hour

Maris defends a laborer accused of killing a racketeer.
Guest Stars: Robert Bice as Bill Donati | Frank Puglia as Al Curtis | Lori Nelson as Honey Evans
Director: Jean Yarbrough

47 :02x08 - The Sisters

Maris defends a woman caught in a quagmire of circumstantial evidence when her estranged husband is murdered.
Guest Stars: Mala Powers as Whitney Coleman | Diana Millay as Ellie Daniels | James Griffith (1) as Miles Turner | Greta Thyssen as Hilda Mueller | Juli Reding as Girlfriend | Edward Knight as Cop
Director: Jack Herzberg

48 :02x09 - Diamond Dupe

Union leaders hire Maris to defend one of their members who's been accused of selling stolen jewels.
Guest Stars: Steve Drexel as Fred Reynolds

49 :02x10 - Society Doctor

Maris defends a physician accused of murdering his wife.
Guest Stars: Clark Howat as Dr. William Stanhope | Jackie Coogan as Pinky
Director: Jack Herzberg

50 :02x11 - Top Secret

Maris defends a scientist who's accused of botching a top secret government mission.
Guest Stars: Charles Maxwell as Allen Decker | Andrea King as Mrs. Hunter | Nina Shipman as Alice
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: Gene Lesser

51 :02x12 - Number Please

After a blackmailing private detective is found murdered, Maris comes to the aid of a friend who's been arrested for the crime.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Lauren Bodray | John Litel as Harry Calder | Louise Lorimer as Helen Allison | Charles Fredericks as Jake Neal | James Bronte as Harry Bourne | Arline Hunter as Mrs. Bourne | Jean Carson as Alice Allison | Mike Sargent as Dispatcher | John Hackett as Detective Baker
Director: Fred Hamilton
Writer: Sidney Morse

52 :02x13 - Coins of Antiquity

After a Greek immigrant receives a shipment of rare coins from his mother in Greece, he is attacked and robbed of the coins.
Guest Stars: Nico Minardos as Alexis George | Burt Reynolds as Latcher Duncan | Sandra Warner as Jennie Johnson | Frank Scannell as Walter Fargo | Milton Parsons as Larry Garvey | Frank Warren as Officer Charlie | George De Normand as Pier Worker
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Jack Rock

53 :02x14 - Concrete Coffin

Construction workers discover a skeleton that has been buried underneath a highway.
Guest Stars: John Gallaudet as Janis | Ellen Corby as Amy Kraus
Director: Leslie Goodwins

54 :02x15 - Compulsive Killer

A professor's attempt to teach his wife a lesson backfires in his face.
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Professor Hasting | Patricia Medina as Mrs. Hasting
Writer: Jack Rock

55 :02x16 - Girls Wanted

Maris uncovers a scam involving domestic servants which places his secretary in danger.
Guest Stars: Barbara Luna as Angel Valdez | Olive Carey as Casey | Kasey Rogers as Laurie
Director: Jack Herzberg

56 :02x17 - His Brother's Keeper

Maris comes to the defense of a police patrolman charged with dereliction of duty because he helped the victims of a robbery instead of pursuing the perpetrator.
Guest Stars: Britt Lomond as Larry Wade | Joe Sawyer as Sgt. McEvoy | Sally Kellerman as Cubby Borden | Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Voltaire | Abigail Shelton as Mrs. Wade | Robert Christian (2) as Carl Norwood | Buddy Lewis as Pete Wade | Florence Lake as Penny Jackson | Leander de Cordoba as Voltaire
Director: Jack Herzberg
Writer: Malvin Wald

57 :02x18 - A Case of Arson

Maris comes to the aid of an old pal of his father who has been charged with arson.
Guest Stars: Cyril Delevanti as Sam Putnam | Barbara Lang as Elaine Denham
Director: Leslie Goodwins

58 :02x19 - Jennifer

A young girl who's mother is in jail on a murder charge helps Maris find the real killer.
Guest Stars: Gina Gillespie as Jennifer Vaughan | Angela Greene as Lisa Swanson
Director: Fred Hamilton

59 :02x20 - Abandoned Mine

Maris heads to Nevada to protect the mining interests of his clients and gets involved in the death of a prospector.
Guest Stars: Andy Clyde as Tom Henley | Gloria Jean as Laura | Robert Knapp as Fred Regren | Paul E. Burns as Nick Hawkins
Director: Buddy Agnow
Writer: Robert Bloch

60 :02x21 - A French Affair

Maris crosses the pond and lands in gay Paris--only to discover that his prospective client has been murdered.
Guest Stars: Richard Arlen as Ed Carner | Danielle de Metz as Yvonne | Louis Mercier as Armand Grandier | Gregory Gaye as Inspector de Walt | Marshall Kent as Ralph Trindle | Ted Roter as Paul | Adelina Pedroza as Christine Grandier | Vanda Dupre as Mrs. Carver
Writer: Gene Lesser

61 :02x22 - End of a Titan

Maris tries to prove a young damsel not guilty of the murder of an architect.
Guest Stars: Elaine Devry as Debbie Arnold | Carter DeHaven as Harry Frisbee
Director: Leslie Goodwins

62 :02x23 - Fugitive From Fear

There's an unusual object in the hand of a murdered woman--a letter addressed to Herbert L. Maris.
Guest Stars: Sue Randall as Peggy Tyler | John Burns (1) as Ken Tyler | Bek Nelson as Naomi Matson | Gail Bonney as guest star | Regina Gleason as guest star | Preston Hanson as guest star | Byron Morrow as guest star

63 :02x24 - Design for Murder

When a dress designer turns up murdered it's his assistant who gets charged with the dirty deed.
Guest Stars: Gage Clarke as Bruce Paulson | Emmaline Henry as Marion Green | Patricia Manning as Miss Webster | Patricia Corrigan as Betty Brown | Helen Wallace as Henrietta Wallace | Robert Gothie as Bob Green | George E. Carey as Harvey Pinkley
Director: Jack Herzberg

64 :02x25 - Like Father, Like Son

A man accuses his grandson of looting his safe since only the two of them supposedly knew the combination. Maris tries to get at the truth.
Guest Stars: Tommy Ivo as George Burkhardt Jr. | Robert Warwick as George Burkhardt Sr. | Stefanie Powers as Mandy Adams | John Bleifer as Pete | Harlan Warde as Dr. Horace Belden
Director: Leslie Goodwins

65 :02x26 - Red Confetti

Maris helps Lt. Weston investigate a series of hit-and-run murders and finds a clue that leads to a dance hall.
Guest Stars: Russell Arms as Douglas Manning | Neil Hamilton (1) as Mark Devlin | Nan Peterson as Flame
Director: Jack Herzberg
Writer: Kathy Blatz

66 :02x27 - Planter's Death

On vacation in the West Indies, Maris finds himself involved in the murder of a plantation owner.
Guest Stars: Lucienne Auclair as Marcela | Richard Aherne as guest star | Isabel Jewell as guest star
Director: Jack Herzberg

67 :02x28 - Two Wrongs

Maris participates in the investigation of the murder of a Broadway actress who was seemingly despised by everyone who knew her.
Guest Stars: Jack Cassidy as Vincent Gibson | Nancy Rennick as Joan Hammond | Walter Coy as Steve Ryker | Douglas Dick as Louie Lamark | Pat Healy (1) as Maxine Royce | Robert Swan as Foreman | H.E. West as Hired Killer
Director: Leslie Goodwins

68 :02x29 - Jungle Compound

After a murder at a zoo, Maris is taken hostage by a suspect in the case but is his abductor the killer?
Guest Stars: Larry J. Blake as guest star | Marvin Press as guest star | Nancy McCarthy as guest star | Don Haggerty (1) as guest star | Hank Patterson as guest star
Director: Jack Herzberg
Writer: Jack Rock

69 :02x30 - Mr. Sobel's Birthday Party

Did the nephew of a wealthy businessman spike the refreshments at an office party and steal the company payroll? Maris is hired to find out the answer.
Guest Stars: Percy Helton as J. Q. | Steve Franken as Wilby | Jonathan Hole as Sobel | Joyce Jameson as Coralee | Sara Haden as Nettie
Writer: Kathy Blatz

70 :02x31 - The Wildcatter

An oilman accuses a former employee of stealing a fortune in securities.
Guest Stars: Adele Mara as Norma Ames | Guy Stockwell as Bud Towns
Director: Fred Hamilton
Writer: Gene Lesser

71 :02x32 - The Accused

Maris isn't convinced when one of his clients is an apparent suicide.
Guest Stars: Audrey Dalton as Susan Carter | Anna Lee as Helen Lee

72 :02x33 - Leading Young Citizen

The police accuse a man with a long criminal record of a crime but he swears he's innocent. It's up to Maris once again to try and get to the bottom of things.
Guest Stars: Ray Hamilton as Joe Taner | Jeanne Bates as Catherine Taner | Karyn Kupcinet as Wanda Mather | Olive Carey as Mrs. Hines | Beverly Reed as Secretary | Charles Devin as Bar Patron
Director: Jack Herzberg

73 :02x34 - Hurricane

Maris gets a wire from a former chief witness in a murder case who says that the man convicted of the crime is innocent.
Guest Stars: Robert Knapp as Holden | June Vincent as Martha McKay
Director: Jack Herzberg

74 :02x35 - Court Martial

Lt. Weston's Army pal faces a court martial for murder.
Guest Stars: Reedy Talton as Sergeant Corey
Director: Eddie Davis

75 :02x36 - Sacrifice Play

A newspaperman is accused of murdering a fellow journalist.
Guest Stars: Bill Zuckert as Al Bingham | John Considine as Larkin
Director: Fred Hamilton

76 :02x37 - Face of Innocence

Maris is drawn into a case of robbery and murder after finding an envelope full of money.
Guest Stars: Faith Domergue as Marianne | Alan Hale, Jr. as Roger | Frank Ferguson as Captain
Director: Jack Herzberg
Writer: Kathy Blatz

77 :02x38 - The Intruder

Maris takes the case of a former showgirl who shoots an intruder to her home--who turned out to be her husband.
Guest Stars: Jan Shepard as Patrice Reed | Charles Quinlivan as Don Nichols | Francine York as Allison Conway | Mary Newton as Bernice | Mike Steele as Tony Conway
Director: Jack Herzberg

78 :02x39 - Photo Finish

A Laura Petriesque woman is charged with espionage after top secret microfilm is found inside her automobile.
Guest Stars: Charity Grace as Mrs. Havens | Mary Tyler Moore as Nan Havens | Penny Edwards as Laura | Brett King (2) as Stone
Director: Jack Herzberg
Writer: Leigh Jason
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1959
Ended: June 10, 1961
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