Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 21/Sep/1995 The Return
02 01x02 28/Sep/1995 The Hanging
03 01x03 05/Oct/1995 Fear
04 01x04 19/Oct/1995 Badlands
05 01x05 09/Nov/1995 The Alliance
06 01x06 16/Nov/1995 The Nature of the Beast
07 01x07 23/Nov/1995 Providence
08 01x08 30/Nov/1995 Thicker Than Water
09 01x09 07/Dec/1995 Redemption
10 01x10 14/Dec/1995 Day of the Dead
11 01x11 21/Dec/1995 The Bride
12 01x12 11/Jan/1996 Lover's Leap
13 01x13 27/Jan/1996 Angel
14 01x14 08/Feb/1996 Bounty
15 01x15 07/Mar/1996 Cattle War
16 01x16 14/Mar/1996 Betrayal
18 01x18 Unknown/Unaired Partners
19 01x19 18/Apr/1996 The Robbery
20 01x20 25/Apr/1996 When She Was Good
21 01x21 02/May/1996 Medicine
22 01x22 16/May/1996 Love and War